Megan vs Daddy with a Vuvuzela - Round 1

    What's plastic, a metre long, brightly coloured and sounds like an elephant?

    It's the vuvuzela - the noise-making trumpet of South African football fans.

    We're gearing up for 2010 Soccer World Cup in our home with a competition between Megan (my six year old) and her Daddy and a very noisy blue Vuvuzela.

    The deal is this... all started on Sunday night when Megan was playing with her vuvuzela and I mentioned that it would be a good wake up call for someone who doens't  have a regular alarm clock.  Hmmmmm somehow I regret putting thoughts in her little mind. Nevertheless, it was decided between Megan and her Dad that whoever gets up first in the morning gets to "Vuvuzela" the other one awake with this annoying trumpet. 

    Daddy has won the game since Monday morning and Megan is not too amuzed by it all.  Okay, so who wants to wake up by a vuvuzela being blown in your face when you are slumbering so sweetly?

    But the game continues...

    Last night Megan calls me into her room just after she'd slipped into bed and says to me: "Mum, you must wake me up early tomorrow morning so that I can get Daddy with the Vuvuzela".  She promptly stuffed her Vuvuzela under her pillow and put her finger over her lips to tell me it was our little secret.   I nodded in agreement knowing that Daddy would get his own back. 

    Well, I couldn't bear to wake her when I went into her room this morning.  She was snoring so nicely so I just left her.  Next thing I knew, my Boerewors was looking for the Vuvuzela and he snuck into her room looking for the dreaded horn.  He eventually found it and blew Megan awake.  Poor wee thing.

    They giggled and Megan is determined to get her dad back tomorrow morning.  This time I will help her otherwise I'll be in the bad books again.  I am already in grave trouble for not waking her this morning.  I had the pouty face all the way to school. I'm such a bad mother...

    Man! is that thing damn loud!!!

    Stay tuned for Vuvuzela at the Hefer House - Round 2.Source URL:
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My Anorexic Piggie Bank

    This time of year our schedule is always so incredibly busy which leads to additional expenses.

    To tell you the honest truth my money tree is not producing notes like it used to. In fact, that frikken tree has shrivelled up and died on me. And just when I needed it too! My green fingers have lost their touch (not that I ever had green fingers, I kill every pot plant that is carried through my threshold *shrug* I still don’t understand what I do wrong).

    Anyhoo…here is just some of my schedule until the end of the year.

    5 October – National Teacher’s Day. The girls’ school is having a braai (aka barbeque) for all the Teachers. The parents, who are NOT invited may I just add, have been added to a list and have to bring something.

    9 October – My sister’s birthday. I know what I want to get her but I can't afford it. She’s never been to a spa in her entire life!!! How sad is that?

    16 October – Megan’s Bakerman at nursery school. Each child in the class gets a turn to be “backerman” and they have to bring party packs for all the kids in her class (32 children at this stage) and they set up a little shop and all the kids come and buy her goodies. It’s a fund-raising for the school.

    16 October - Boss' Day.  And I have 6 of them!

    21 October - Final School Readiness Test. This normally costs us too, even though she’s been tested already, and has been given the A-OK to start Grade One. Why a 2nd test I ask?

    10 November – Graduation Photos and Certificates. This normally includes a set of photos wearing her graduation gown and cap. Can’t skip on this occasion as it only happens once in a life time.

    26 November – Megan's Graduation. The actual graduation is normally a huge event with the renting of a venue, a mini concert and prize-giving. Their school wants all the girls to wear white dresses. Firstly, my tomboy girl-child doesn’t "do" dresses. Secondly, why would any mum in their right mind let their 6 year old wear white? Especially my very active little tree-climbing tomboy? Honestly! Very practical indeed and when will she wear this pretty little outfit again?

    4 December – 10th Year Anniversary. I have booked a romantic overnight get-away celebration which cost me a small fortune. But I am very excited about this one. I can’t think of what I’m going to buy him as a gift…it’s a special anniversary after all.

    9 December – Parents Morning receiving of Final Reports – no money on this one but its on my diary to attend.

    14 December – Riaan’s Birthday. I am not sure what he wants, but my Boerewors has expensive taste when it comes to his “gadget" hobbies. Who knows where I’m going to scratch the money out from for this one. My arse already looks like the bloody Japanese flag from all the stuff I’ve been trying to pull out there. Besides, it is just as fucked as my money tree.

    And then lets not forget its only 75 days until Christmas!!! Oh joy – the dollar signs rapidly scroll up and down in front of my eyes like a blinkin’ one arm bandit. Ding! Ding! Ding! Jackpot…fork out more money, Mummy!!! More I say! *sigh*

    I wish I could win the Jackpot so I could cover the costs for all these fun-filled events that I have NOT budgeted for.

    I will simply have to dig down deep into that cookie jar to find the cash. Either that, or break my anorexic piggie-bank and hope for the best.

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What Claire Wore

    Mick was kind enough to email me some updated pictures of Claire Jane.

    My wee niece is now 3 months old and isn't she just the most gorgeous little person?

    Claire in her wee denim frock

    Claire and Mummy Janie

    Claire showing off her big blue eyes in her hooded bath towel

    A Tender Moment

    Claire Loves Her Daddy outfit

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What Janie Wore

Cabbage Soup Diet starts again on Sunday

My Trip To Brussels ...

    ... had to be awarded to someone else as I couldn't take advantage of it by end November and the prize is not transferable.

    I know the competition stated all these conditions from the beginning, but I never thought for one second I'd win. 

    All the best to Karen who can take the prize and enjoy.  Karen, I hope you at least bring back some Belgian choccies which you can send to me - and of course truck loads of pix.

    I'm devastated...Source URL:
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Only in Africa

Sunday Pool Fun

Cannon and Ball

    Wish I could find this 80's film starring Cannon and Ball (brilliant slapstick comedians).  Apparently it is on DVD now.  It wasn't a great film but dead funny. 

    I just LOVED Bobby Ball...

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Some More Connolly

Back from an Afternoon of Shopping

    ....and I'm frikken knackered!!!

    Normally I relish at the opportunity to go to the shops and scour the twinkling racks full of brand new garments but today was totally different.  I had no money to spend on myself but I so enjoyed helping my sister spend her hard earned doe.  It was great to see her so excited about clothes shopping and getting new things and venturing into unknown territory...

    Let me give you a little background...

    My sister loves black! No I mean she LOVES black and that goes for her wardrobe too. Everything she wears is either solid black or contains black.  She's just had a baby and with the few extra kilos she's carrying, she thinks black makes her look slimmer.  Well, I generally stick to that rule too and I tend to agree with her that it does work.  However, sometimes you need to break your habits and step out of your comfort zone. 

    We slogged around the many lovely clothes shops at The Glen for 5 hours!!  My feet are still throbbing and the loud music in some of those stores would make your ears bleed... 

    However, my sister got some really awesome things for summer including two pairs of shorts, a pair of smart pants, a pair of really funky three quarter jeans and some really spiffy t-shirts and tops.  We even got  two pairs of summer shoes - a pair of practical flat pumps and pair of dead cute wedges for work (which I had to buy as well because they were on sale.  And you know how much a mean Scot loves a bargain!)

    I tried to convince her to buy a skirt and a pretty flowing dress but she wasn't biting at all.  At least she gave me the benefit of the doubt and tried them on.  I thought she looked really pretty but I guess you can't expect someone to change their habits overnight.  Anyhooo, the stuff that she did buy wasn't ALL black and it was quite different to what she would normally buy.

    I thoroughly enjoyed spending the afternoon with my sister.  It actually didn't even matter to me what we were doing.  She's awesome - and I can't remember the last time we did something like this together.  It was so brilliant to share this with her.  We giggled lots and what girl does NOT enjoy shopping for new stuff??

    All-in-all a fun afternoon and a successful shopping spree.Source URL:
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Are you a Bloggoholic?

    When I started this wee blog almost two years ago, I never thought that I would get this hooked. 

    Look at me now....a total Blog Addict. 

    I think and talk about my blog constantly to my family and friends.   I say things like "thats one for the blog" and I even talk about posts I've read and topics discussed to people who don't even know what a blog is?!   I need serious help, don't I?

    My Blog has become my third child - my clumsy toddler in stinky training pants that I embrace in my arms and help it grow and develop.  Blogging feeds my mind and my soul. Its a never-ending source of information, thoughts, feelings, opinions and bloggers communicating with one another.

    I love prowling other people's followers lists and finding interesting and original blogs to read and explore.  Picture this :  a humongous book with millions of pages and thousands of chapters that you will never complete in one life time.  How awesome is that?  A book that never fucking ends! 

    You know that feeling you get when you are reading the last chapter of an engrossing, brilliant novel - a novel that you haven't been able to put down from the very beginning.  You can't wait to get to the last page.  You read the last chapter like lightening.  You scan over the words on the page faster and faster to find out how it will all end.  Then when you get to the final sentence and all is revealed, its like a such an has all ended. 

    Its a bitter-sweet moment.  I always wish I could re-read the book without knowing what is going to happen. 

    With blogging you don't have that feeling...its NEVER ends...(unless the information super-highway that we call the interwebs crashes and is no more) Like THAT is ever gonna happen?!?!

    I love learning more and more about a person by following their blog and reading old posts. I love going back to their archives and seeing how they're blog has come about and how its has evolved. 

    If you think about your own Blog and what you say in each post - its quite a personal thing.  Its like my blog's name - its  A Peek Into Our Lives...Perhaps is a secret voyeristic fettish I have.  Hmmmm will have to look into that one..

    Blogging is my way of expressing myself and I'm sure most bloggers feel the same.... Its my very own wee Soap Box.  My platform to share my shit and swear if I wanna!  People's opinions facinate me - how they express themselves facinates me, what words they choose facinate me and social networking and communication in general facinate me.

    Well Hi there, I'm A Daft Scots Lass and I'm a Blogohoic...Source URL:
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Face Painting

I won! I won!

    Fresh Eyes on London and we are social just named little ol' moi as their winner of their Win a Trip To Brussels competition.

    I don't think I've won anything like this in my life! Apart from the odd school raffle and free samples, like everyone else, but certainly nothing as big and as exciting this!!!

    I'm thrilled and gob-smacked all at the same time.. When I saw my name on Mo's blog my eyes went all saucery and starry and a massive grin curled across my face. I never thought that I would win when I entered just for fun.

    What do I do now?

    If only someone else would sponsor me tickets from Johannesburg to London, I could take my wonderful Boerewors-of-a-husband on a trip of a life-time for our 10 year wedding anniversary which coming in a few months time.  My ultimate dream is to see Europe and visit my family in Scotland while I'm there (I haven't seem any of them in almost 30 years!)

    Now wouldn't that be an awesome surprise for him!!!

    *sigh* Like they say....pie in the sky

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Happy Heritage Day!

    And in true "Souf Efriken" style we had a braai (aka barbeque) with friends we haven't seen in way too long. It was a lovely bright sunny day, we had the fans on full blast and even the children got to swim.

    Well, we are in the process of filling up the pool after having it re-coated this week, so the kids were in a "paddling pool" and had a ball playing with the hose-pipe.

    There's nothing like a South African Summer Day...

    Happy Heritage Day, fellow bloggers!

    The girls in the pool

    Megan playing fire-fighter

    Rudi and Tania playing the fool

    Rudi lookin buff

    Tania showing us her big bicep and tiny sausage...

    The girls (Kaylin and Tiane) relaxing on the bed

    Kaylin and Tiane hit the pool

    Rudi grabbing Riaan in a "titty twister"

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For all Those Tredmill Junkies

I am a Finalist!!

    No !I didn't enter Britian's Got Talent... karaoke certainly has not improved ten-fold overnight...

    ...I recently entered a competition on Fresh Eyes on London and you'll join me in my elation to know that I am one of the six finalists that will be put into a hat and drawn by we are social.

    So pending that my life-long shitty luck miraculously takes an up-turn and I win, then I will have to find some extra cash lying around to buy a couple of tickets to London.  Either that or donate the prize to my Brother In Law who lives in London and he can pay me back by sending me truck loads of Mars Bars and Penguin Biscuits the UK...

    Hold on to your hats, Ho's, I may have a holiday coming up VERY soon.Source URL:
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Yours Truly has Been Recruited as a Personal Shopper

    My older sister wants to re-vamp her style and go on a bit of a shopping spree and spend some of her hard-earned cash on clothes. 

    She phoned me up this week and asked me to help me with choosing some new items that she wouldn't normally choose because she feels like she's stuck in a time-warp and needs a bit of "trendying" up.  I asked her if skirts and dresses are on the menu because I don't think I've seen my sister in a dress in about ten years!  I think she needs a bit of feminine glam in her life - not to say that I'm glam or feminine.  Hell No! You'd probably find me 99% of the time in jeans, cargo pants or shorts.  Its only over the past year that I've added some really nice frocks and skirts to my wardrobe..

    Okay, wait.... "frocks" sounds soooo old fashioned and tired.  When I say the word "frock" out loud it actually makes me think of images of a sickly pale green crimpoline frock with seventies paisley pattern splashed all over the calf-length skirt. Blagh!  No! That ain't pretty at all.

    The dresses I purchased to hang on my body are really are pretty nice and I wear them to work.  I feel so pretty and feminine when I wear them and everyone always comments on how different I look.  I thinkit's only coz I'm forever in pants.

    I still stick to whats comfortable to me over the weekend.  Nothing glam about me at all...

    I am flattered that my sister thinks I'm a snappy dresser but I choose things that suit my body type and I know what works for my short, plump body.  Classic stuff.  She and I are similar body types so I guess I'll be successful.  Just have to show her what I've learned over the years.

    Some rules!

    Don't go for the latest trendy fashions.  Go for things that work for you - specific shapes and styles.  Hell, I don't watch The Style Network for nothing...

    Watch this space for Things-I-Bought-For-Janie pix.  Its gonna be nice spending someone else's cash and who knows, I might just find a couple of summer things for me too while I am at it.

    I'm on standby for Saturday Shopping.  Whooohooo!!!Source URL:
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You Know You Blog Too Much When... walk into your three-year-old's room and this is what you find... ask her:  "What are you doing?"

     and she replies:  "On Da Blog!"
    (Just to let you know I don't blog in the nick - but she clearly does)

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15 things women can do that men can't

    Here's a light-hearted (but true) list of things that women can do but men can't. Enjoy!.....written by Jane Van Velsen

    Women can multi-task

    Ask your partner/husband to clean up and get the kids ready for school, cancel the dentist and book supper all before 10am and you'll go to work knowing you'll have to double check or do it yourself. Women can multi task, men are hopeless at it.
    We can chat on the phone whilst putting together school projects, keeping an eye on supper and paint our toenails all at the same time. We're faster and definitely more organised.

    We live longer

    It's a fact that, on average, women live longer than men. In fact women do indeed live five to ten years longer than men in most countries of the world.. By 2031 life expectancy is expected to rise to 81 for men and 84.9 for women.

    Women can wear dresses

    Well they could, but they'd look a little silly. (Kilts don't count)

    We can have multiple orgasms

    Women are capable of experiencing orgasm within seconds of the previous one, unlike men who really need a good recovery time in between each orgasm to perform sexually.

    Women can get pregnant

    The only pregnant man I've ever seen was Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie "Junior" and that wasn't nice! (and of course Thomas Beatie but he used to be a woman)

    Women are more physically active

    Recent surveys show that women are physically more active throughout life; women do more of the 'physiotherapy of daily living', such as getting the shopping in and doing the housework, and exercise protects against many age-related conditions.

    Women are tougher than men

    Fact: There is growing evidence that women are biologically tougher than men. Scientists now know that female hormones protect women from heart disease and they believe that the reasons for women's biological resilience have to do with the way women have evolved to play their reproductive roles.

    It's about gene survival. The mother needs to survive longest to care for her young until they are able to fend for themselves whereas the men are expendable earlier - having done their bit!

    We can grow breasts (real ones)

    I'm not talking about those droopy fat pecs that some men acquire with age. Women nurture their young and mammary development is essential to the growth of the young.

    Women can acquire a new surname

    We can alter our whole identity through marriage and retain the surname even after divorce. We can double barrel our own surname with that of our new husband too!

    We can blame PMS

    A much used 'out' for women from our teens to our late forties when menopause usually kicks in and serves as a better excuse!

    We smoke less

    Statistically, men are more likely than women to smoke, with the result that more die before their time of lung cancer, other smoking-related cancers, and heart disease.

    We can become aroused without anyone else noticing

    It certainly helps to have discreet sexual parts!

    Women can cover up pimples and blemishes

    No man looks good in make up except maybe Boy George

    Women can wear G-strings

    Let's face it, a man in a thong just doesn't cut the mustard.

    And last (but not least) we ask for directions

    GPS aside, men hate asking for directions. Women, on the other hand, prefer to get directions before setting off.

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My Blogs of Note

    Thought I’d update you on some of my 100+ personal blog reading list that I follow and read regularly. Perhaps you might like to visit and follow some of them too. Here goes My Blogs of Note

    A very trendy blog called Magneto to Bold is written by a side-splittingly funny chick who swears like a sailor who’s writing is incredibly witty and smart. She never fails to cheer me up when I’m feeling crappy.

    Visit Jeanette’s Photo Blog if you enjoy Modern photography. She is an incredible photographer, woman and mother who sees ordinary things through her extraordinary lens.

    Fresh Eyes on London written by a daily photo-blogger, Mo, who is a woman just by the way and posts awesome pix of hip happenings in and places to visit around London.

    Give Angels Mind a read too. Its a feel-good blog with some very interesting reading. I get a lot of voguish ideas from her. Thanx gurl!

    Bridget is hysterical woman who writes some hilarious stuff about life in general. I love reading her Blog Because I Can when I need some merriment when I’m taking life too seriously.

    Female2Female is a fairly new blog written collectively by an awesome group of women who write articles on any thing woman-related from sex and masturbation to parenting and men…girl’s stuff, you know…

    His Boys Can Swim is a day-to-day diary of a new dad aka Tarzan and his wife, Jane who got famous when they Tweeted their entire birth online via #twitterbirth.

    Check out this sweet little blog called 3 Little Flowers for original design ideas for stationery, invitations, etc. A very creative mum indeed!

    Visit Laura’s Blog Harassed Mom for insightful posts about life, dating, relationships and being an awesome single mom.

    A cute blog about sex, drama and intrigue called Spindrifting SouthAfrican SeaMonkey….NOT! Po is a totally uncool gal who is addicted to coffee, is a self-confessed nerd and loves doing hand stands.Source URL:
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Renovations to our Pool

    Before *yukaroo*


    Johan from Ceramic Rubber Flex Pool Coatings aka Superflex arrived with his efficient team and fixed our pool. 

    Thanks Johan it looks terrific!

    The girls can't wait to swim!  But we have to wait three days before filling it and 7 days after that before we start the pump and add the chemicals.  So we'll be able to swim in a couple of weeks...

    Can you say "Pool Party!!!"

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Conversations between Megan and Kaylin

Kaylin Sings Baa Baa Black Sheep

The Hilarious Billy Connolly

    Growing up in the 70s, my dad used to own stax of Billy Connolly's comedy LPs and played them constantly.  He even made his poor friends listen to them at our parties.  He used to play them so often around the house that we all knew the records word for word.  I stumbled across his stuff on YouTube and thought I'd share one of them with you.  I enjoyed actually watching his comedy instead of just listening to it.  His manerisims are funny too and I still love him.  He's hysterically funny.  All the Scots slang comes swimming back into my head...

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Only In The Movies

    I got this from fellow blogger Hanlie... and I enjoyed thinking about this and had fun doing it.

    "If they were to make a movie about your life, who would play the part of you, your true love, your best friend, your mother/parents and your worst enemy?"

    The part of me would be played by Julianne Moore because, not only is she a brilliant actress, but she is a natural red-head, like me, and some people say I kinda look like her (I'm the chunky ugly version of course)

    The part of my true love would be played by none other than the handsomely rugged and soopa sexy
    Ryan Phillippe

    My best friend would be played by the quirky and beautiful Cameron Diaz

    My Mother would be played by the talented, strong yet cuddly and incredibly gorgeous Helen Mirren

    My dad would be played by the filthy-mouthed and incredibly witty and funny Billy Connolly.

    My worst enemy would be played by the fake and slutty Paris Hilton

    So tell me - who would your five be??

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