Caption My Freaky Photo Competition #3

    It's one of my newest and favourite blog games and I just love all the comments I get when y'all play it. 

    It tickles me to no end....

    Here's the next one in the "Caption My Freaky Photo" series. 

    See #1 and #2 if you missed them.

    Enjoy writing for this one and, as usual, you might just win a wee something....

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South Africa at the 2011 ICU International Cheer Union World Championships

    Team South Africa you did us proud!! Well done Justin and Sam!

    Co-ed Partner with Justin Spotting

    All Girls Group

    Congratulations to Canada for winning this Co-Ed Elite Team section! Here's some highlights

    Got to to view all the team's performances under Varsity TV. Enjoy!

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The Royal Wedding Photos

    I sat in my armchair all day, glued to BBC Knowledge on telly watching the Royal Pomp and Ceremony.  I followed the #royalwedding on Twitter all day, tweeting at the same time. It was brilliant!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I got all sorts of skeef looks from The Boerewors for being such a Royal Geek.  He doesn't understand!  I surrounded myself in royal history and high fat snacks.  Oh I know I'm terrible. 

    Kate's Gown by Sarah Burton had a very Grace Kelly feel to it covered in French Lace.  She looked breath-taking.

    Princess Beatrice and Eugiene.  What was Bea thinking?

    Kate and Pippa

    Her Carriage awaits!
    Kate in the RR with her Daddy
    Putting in Ring on It

    The Flower Girls and Paige Boys
    Prince and Princess of Cambridge in the 1902 carriage waving through the crowds.
    The Queen and the Bishop
    Prince Willy and Prince Harry
    Twitpic From the Crowd

    The Happy Couple

    James Middleton (Kate's brother) who did the reading
    I guess this is not the shot The Queen has on the mantlepiece.

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Royal Fawk You Friday and Bridal Shoegasm

    BWS tips button

    Boobies, Babies and a Blog hosts Fawk You Friday.  Go link up and bitch to your wee hearts content.

    This week's Fuck You goes out to Kate Middleton.  Today she nicks Prince Willy away from anyone else...

    Seeing as The Royal Wedding is happening today, I have kept the Shoegasm this week in the bridal theme.  Go and link up at Peace Love Appelsauce.

    Wedding Heels Christian Louboutin

    Jimmy Choo Wedding Heels

    Cole Haan's new bridal line of Nike Air Heels.  I shit you not.

    Dazzling Report Signature heels with elastic sling back
    Gorgeous Georgina Goodman.  I love stripey soles!
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Are you Ready for The Royal Wedding? This Plonker certainly is...

    With his trusty sleeping bag, two carrier bags and a Union Flag hat, this is the first Royal Wedding fan to stake out a place in front of Westminster Abbey for the big day.

    Dedicated John Loughrey, 56, slept out on the pavement last night as he began his week-long vigil to ensure a prime position.

    He was dressed in a Kate and William T-shirt, emblazoned with the words 'Diana Would Be Proud' with the images of Kate and William tied round his waist and a Union flag hat.

    Dedicated: Royal Wedding fan John Loughrey has already begun camping out to get a good spot for the big day

    John Loughrey believes William and Kate will be together forever

    The former assistant chef, from Wandsworth, south west London, a self-confessed "super fan" of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, said he planned to stay in his position until Saturday.

    He said: "I have always been loyal to the Royal Family."

    "I think they are good for Britain and good for tourism. We have had them for more than 1,000 years and they make a great contribution to the life of this country."

    Mr Loughrey said he had attended every single hearing of the inquest into the death of Diana, camping for three days outside the Royal Courts of Justice in central London.

    He became so well-known at the inquest - with 'Diana' and later 'Dodi' painted on his face - that he was even given a special mention by the coroner, Lord Justice Scott Baker.

    Mr Loughrey, whose partner Marion died of skin cancer in 2003, also spent four days camped outside following the death of Diana in 1997.

    He said he believed Miss Middleton and William would be together 'forever'.

    'They have taken their time over marriage, unlike the Prince's late mother - she got married maybe far too young,' he said.

    'The Prince has learned from his mother to take his time.'
    Construction Workers set up a platform for camera next to the Abbey

    Wedding Fever :  Union Jacks decorating London's Regent Street in a scene that could almost come from 1945 as the wedding approaches this week

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Overlord for a Day. Bow and Worship!

    Thanx to Lost in Idaho for this brilliant award!  What more could I want?  Being the powerful, dominant one and to be worshiped like a Goddess.  How appropriate!

    And now the part that I hate.

    The Rules.

    The rules for this award are as follows:
    1. List 3 things you would change with the world, if you were in charge (which, now, you are)
    2. Pass this award out to others who deserve world domination, and
    3. Tell them they're in charge now.
    Not that I'm qualified to change the world, but I will impose my will on others and have you bow down to me and quiver like the worms you are.  Okay, I maybe getting carried away with this power but seeing as I'm Overlord for the day, I'll slip into character. 

    Just remember that the three I pass it on to SHALL obey The Daft Scots Overlord, otherwise serious punishment will be obligatory and be swiftly enforced.
    Rule #1:  To show you Plonkers there is no set path to life.  There is no such thing as fate or destiny.  You create your own life!  If everyone took more responsibility for their own choices and actions, there would be a lot more happy people, striving and ultimately achieving their goals.  There would be a lot more people putting more thought into their choices.  More of those choices would be made towards success and amibition. We can't leave it up to fate.  There is no such thing.
    Rule #2:  Stop our country, well government actually, from financing other country's Fuck ups.  Our government should stop worrying so much about the rest of the world's problems and the shit they are going through. We have plenty of our own troubles internally that we can focus on.  If government stopped worry so much about the rest of the world we would be able to spend more time and finances on our country's many problems.  Crime, poverty, rape, corruption, HIV/AIDS, electricity crisis, regulation burdens.

    Rule #3:  Better paid Teachers, Nurses and Policemen.  These public service jobs are drastically underpaid and yet they have the most important jobs. 

    We put our children's education in Teacher's hands every day to pave each stepping stone towards their future. We put our families in the Nurse's hands to care for our ill and injured.  They save lives daily and the doctors get all the glory.  Policeman put their lives in danger daily to allow us to have safe and peaceful neighbourhood.

    Pay them what they fucking deserve!  Stop our overpaid cabinet members who sit on their fat arses and talk shite and make empty promises.  They very rarely carry out what they blab about anyway.  Shut the fuck up you lazy, stupid Fuckers and hand over your cash and the keys to your german luxury cars to the people who do the REAL work.  
    Now I get to pass on the Overlord Award to three other deserving leaders who could change the world and kick proverbial ARSE!

    Kelley at Magneto Bold Too

    David at Brits in the USA

    Make Daddy a Sammich

    Enjoy being Overlord for a day!
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    I got this idea from Vanilla Blonde. Thanx Bailey!

    I wanted to share with you some of my favourite perfumes or fragrances.

    Back Row from Left to Right
    Calvin Klein's Euphoria
    Amarige by Giveanchy
    Little Black Dress Avon
    Pearls Avon
    Front Row from Left to Right
    Fantasy by Britney Spears
    DKNY's Delicious Night
    Fire Me Up Avon
    I also wanted to share with you one of my favourite reads of all time, which just happens to be entitled Perfume.  It is the story of a serial murderer who happens to be a Perfumer with the keenest sense of smell.

    I wanted to share Perfume Lab with you. where you go and create your own fragrance and design a label for it. How cool is that?

    A Daft Scots Lass wants her own fragrance!

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SA National Cheerleaders head to USA for International Cheer Union World Championship

    We went to Bryanston High School yesterday afternoon to watch our South African National Cheerleading team perform.  They are heading off to ICU International Cheer Union World Champions being held in Disneyland USA on Thursday and Friday this week.

    My best friend's son and his girlfriend are part of the elite team and we couldn't be prouder.  They leave on their flight to the states tonight and we are so excited for them, as this is the first time that South Africa is part of this major event.  The sport in SA is still fairly new but they are still pretty frikken awesome!

    What an opportunity for both Justin and Sam to go to Disneyland together as a couple and take part in this HUGE event.  YouTube is riddled with cheer videos from last year's competition:  USA TeamMexican Team and the Chinese Team.

    We'll be hosting a Cheerleading party at our house on Thursday night to watch the live feed of the Championships on ESPN.  We'll be supporting the South African Team 100%.   Bring out the popcorn, candy floss and hot dogs.

    Go SA, Go Green and Gold.  Go Team Go!!!

    Here's the schedule - be sure to watch Team Green and Gold!

    [video removed until after the competition]

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Monday Male - El Jefe Goes to Vegas Part 2

    Another Guest Post by El Jefe

    Here is "El Jefe goes to Vegas" Part 2.  

    Be sure to read Part 1 HERE first.

    My friend shall remain anonymous (you know who you are!)

    My friends and I had been up all night, at the clubs and then in the casinos. It was about 5am and we ended up in the Golden Nugget Casino Restaurant. At 5am, there are alot of old people eating the buffet breakfasts that are served in the casino restaurants. We were definitely the youngest people there.

    One of the girls in the group was pretty gullable and pretty drunk. We convinced her to walk over to a table with an older couple and start dancing like Michael Jackson (She was actually a great dancer and did choreography for the Austin Ballet.) I forgot to mention that "Thriller" had just started playing on the speakers in the restaurant.

    She walked over and broke out the moonwalk. She then started doing the whole Thriller dance routine. The old guy at the table started yelling at her to get away from them. Thing is, when she starts to dance, she does not want to stop. She ignored him and just kept dancing. We are cracking up at the table. It was hilarious. You have to picture a drunk girl dancing Thriller for old people who do not want her dancing it! 

    She continued, nailing the Thriller dance step by step (pretty impressive given that she had been drinking for about 8 hours straight). The old man, about 80 years old, clutched his butter knife and raised it. I was the first to see it and I yelled "KNIFE!" It didn't phase her. She kept dancing. All of a sudden, he took a swipe at her with his dull butter knife, glancing her leg. He stood up and swung the knife a second time, hitting her in the arm. That is when she finally stopped and walked away, all the while the old guy is cussing up a storm.
    She comes back to the table, mad at me because she thinks she almost got killed. She actually had a big butter swipe on the front of her pants. I had to explain to her it was just a butter knife.

    Now, more hilarity ensues as she tells me, "I don't care what kind of knife it was, they all can kill. He could have punctured a vein or something in my leg and I would have bled to death." Everyone is cracking up again as she is ranting and raving about her "near-death" experience. The girl is actually getting mad because she thinks we do not care about her.

    This is when I take the butter knife sitting on the table and show it to her. I show her that there is no serrated edge, no point, nothing that could puncture the skin. Unless he stuck it in her eye, nothing was going to happen. The table is cracking up so much that we are asked to leave the restaurant. Partly for the dance display and partly for the fun that we are having. 

    Anyway, we head out and she just starts crying and crying.  Mumbling about how we were going to let her die.  Then, she passes out in the lobby and we carry her to the elevator and up to the room.  But the fun is not done yet. 

    We grab some packets of ketchup and swipe a butter knife from the restaurant.  When we get her up to the room, we put ketchup on her pants and shirt so it looks like blood.  We put the butter knife in her hand.  Everyone sleeps.

    We are staying in a suite.  There are 8 of us in there and we all are woken up by a shrill scream at about 10am.  Our friend is freaking out, thinking she had been stabbed.  She runs out of the room with ketchup everywhere.  I really wish I had a video camera!!!  

    Needless to say, she was a little upset with us and did not talk to us until the next day.  Looking back, she laughs at it more than we do - But at the time, I think she wanted to take the butter knife and poke our eyes out!!!


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Easter Egg Hunt

    Easter Sunday at our house means an Easter Egg Hunt in the front garden.

    Both Megan and Kaylin get a basket and I let them loose to collect as many chocolate easter eggs that the Easter Bunny has left behind.

    This year was a little different as Megan now knows that the Easter Bunny is fake, so she helped me plant the chocolate eggs and "pretended" to have seen the Easter Bunny just leaving as Kaylin arrived with her basket to see catch him.

    The loot was found, the loot is in the process of being consumed, the loot was smeared all over their faces but the loot won't last long.

    The sugar high will last longer I'm afraid!

    Happy Easter Everyone!

    Easter Bunny has been!!!

    Searching for Easter Eggs

    Found One!

    Sister checking out their stash

    My Boerewors had to get in on the action of course

    The Easter Loot

    check our baskets full of eggs!

    Oh Yeah lets go munch them!

    Megan tucking in.
    Kaylin getting HIGH on sugar

    My favourite!
    This weekend we've been having competitions with Kaylin's Paddle Balls.  We have four of them and so far I'm the Paddle Champion!  I have whacked that sucker 45 times in a row so far, so I'm the undefeated Paddle Ball Queen.  Whoohooo! 

    Do I win a prize?  Oh God, just not another easter egg.  I'm gonna pop!

    I caught the girls playing.  I didn't ask what the game was.  An axe and Goggles?  Must've been pretty rough

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