I'm Forever Blowin' Bubbles

    Donovan turned 25 on Saturday and we celebrated by having a Bubble Pool Party at Norman's. 

    Happy Birthday Donovan!

    The men added 15 litres of bubble bath to Norman's swimming pool and then the ladies showed the men how it was done and all jumped in together.  Norman's pool will never be the same.

    A great time!

    One, Two, Three - Go!
    And we're in!  The water was freezing!
    Among the foam
    The Group
    Let the dancing commence
    Some of the group
    more of the group and Norman with the cake
    Me and Megan
    Fiona and me threw poor Norman in - shoes and all.
    A great party!Source URL: http://gotobeskinnybitch.blogspot.com/2010/10/i-forever-blowin-bubbles.html
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