Let me wash yer mouth out with Jagermeister...

    Jaysus, was there some fucking ugly fashion on the Red Carpet at The Grammys this year.  I'm sure you'll agree with me when you see these Plonkers

    Now that HotAss-Daddy-of-Twins Ricky Martin,  is out of the closet he thinks he has free reign to wear ridiculous skin tight silver trousers and suffocate his poor nuts. 

    Lady Gaga didn't disappoint me by showing up looking like a primary school solar system science project with fuckin' yellow hair!!!  I love my heels but those shoes are just plain bizarre.


    Then to put the cherry on the top, she encased herself in an egg for her Grammy performance.  Could she get any more Loopy?

    Justin Bieber arrived in a fugly white tuxedo.  You'd think with all his success and being really rich, he could choose a suit that fit him properly.  A pair of tennis shoes with a suit just looks daft.

    Nicki Minaj looked like she swallowed an african safari and is that her real hair? did they spray paint it?  is it a hat?  what the fuck is it?

    American Idol's Crystal Bowersox looks like a giant booger.  Its impossible to look glam with dreads, gurlfriend.  You may have an amazing voice but that'll never buy you style...

    Another American Idol find, Adam Lambert is my favourite AI of all time (yeah, that includes the awesome Will Young).  He is a brilliant singer and performer and super hot too but he was wearing more make up than some of the girls there. Och, I still love ye, Adam but easy on the eyeliner and lipgloss, dude!

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