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  • fatjoe
    09-06 01:41 PM
    Somewhat the same situation happened to me, and my attorney advised this in order to avoid the filing:
    You may call your bank and hold the checks that you sent second time. If INS finds that the check is not 'withdrawable' they will not file your application.

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  • Jipjap74
    04-23 01:14 PM
    I haven't received it yet. I was looking for anyone who had a similar situation. Why would they require more evidence for a 3 year old boy??? They approved the rest of my family yesterday and sent cards for production notice but my 3 year old got an RFE.

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  • bipin
    03-17 05:53 PM
    I was working with a company until November 2007. I went to India in Dec and came back in Feb and was out of project until April 2008. During this time my relation with my employer gone bad and he threatened to cancel my H1 & I140 application. I transferred my H1 to the new company and is on project and is working with them from May 2008 till now. For the 8 months I worked in 2008 I got a total salary of 50,000 based on annual salary of $75K. This is less than the prevailing wages. Since my W2 is only $50,000 I'm worried about my immigration prospects. I’m in my 6th year and just started my Labor process with the new company.

    My current company is ready to help me, but they cannot run any payroll for last year, but can provide bonus for last year to make the total of last year up to $60k. They are a small co. and have never done this before.

    How can we include this bonus in my W2 (I haven't filed my taxes so far, the company also hasn't filed their 2008 taxes)

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  • chintu25
    07-12 12:21 PM
    Here is an email address for emailing letters to USCIS. Please send only approved formats from IV




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  • sdeshpan
    08-05 07:27 PM
    It auto-converts all H1Bs and EADs into Green Cards effective immediately. :)
    Do you really think H1-B folks (or even those waiting for PD to be current) will be considered "Long-term conditional residents"?

    Not questioning, just wondering...there has to be a catch! But alas, someone is trying for some relief...let's see of this bill ever sees the light of day!

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  • alforever
    04-04 02:11 PM
    Hello Everyone, I have one specific issue.
    My Priority date is May 2007, and i am under 3rd category h1b 3-years extension at the moment in the USA. I140 has been approved and i am waiting for priority date to be current so i can apply for i485. but its taking too long because of the backlog. What are my overseas travelling options during this LOOONG waiting period.
    Can me and my wife (holding h4) travel overseas while waiting for the priority date to be current? like i said we have an approved i140 and h1b 3-years approval notice, but have not yet applied for i485 as we are waiting for priority date to be current. please help? anyone is the same situation?


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  • crazyghoda
    06-02 03:38 PM
    If he buys a ticket with a return date AFTER 6 months from date of initial travel into the US, the officer at the POE (if he looks at the tickets) may not allow them into the country. Do not choose any date more than 6 months from initial date.

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  • peer123
    07-19 07:43 AM
    Read my posts on this subject in the archives and do not start new threads on the same topic. It helps keeping information in one place.

    papu can you please add the link to that thread.


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  • veni001
    06-18 01:54 PM
    Once you are able/eligible to use AC21 you are safe!

    Thanks Veni001. Yes, I did file for AC-21 when I changed my employer. Are there chances of my old I-140 cancelling even after fillinf for AC-21?


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  • sathyaraj
    11-14 01:16 PM
    My opinion is not to waste to get the replacement EAD as it is already approved. As per my understanding most of the employers do want only the copy of the EAD card for verification purposes. My wife was never been asked EAD card when she was attending interviews. They needed only copies.

    Also if you still want to apply, see whether you can apply for renewal card so that you would atlz get an extra year from your current card's expiry date.

    It is better to inform USCIS though just to prevent any possible identity theft.

    P.S. I am not a lawyer. This is just my thoughts!


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  • vin13
    03-06 02:45 PM
    What are the document are required while travelling on AP?
    Please let me know what kind of question they ask at POE?

    All other kind of information will help me prepare in advance


    Please read the first couple of posts on this thread for your answer.

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  • ksircar
    04-28 10:57 PM
    Can someone confirm if finger printing required for both paper (by mail) and on-line AP application? Somewhere I read that finger printing is required only for on-line applicants. Is that true?

    It will save me lot of trouble as my nearest INS office for finger printing is about 150 miles away.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • KbK
    07-20 04:38 PM
    Hi eagerr2i,

    Can you give some details about, how to get the certification. My wife is also doing her teaching credentials in the community college and we live in california.
    Thanks buddy for your help.

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  • amulchandra
    11-04 04:41 PM
    The title of the thread is misleading. Please change it.



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  • hoolahoous
    11-11 09:08 PM
    there is no law/rule saying that you need to stay with employer after getting GC. However, GC is for future employment, so some people have been asked in past (just read on internet, so take with grain of salt) at citizenship as to why did they apply for GC for an employer they didn't want to work for. IF you get asked that question, you need to have a valid answer (layoff etc.). Also that question alone may not decide the fate of citizenship.

    PS: I am not a lawyer, so this is not a legal opinion.

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  • redelite
    08-20 01:33 PM
    Okay so here is my first draft of the YA RLY owl..


    I think I tried to be a little too detailed though :-/


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  • longq
    03-29 11:09 PM
    Your lawyer is right. People are taking advantage of portabilty of PD in multiple 140s. However, they are forgetting fundamental of 140 sponsership. Your employer already filed a 140 for a higher level position (EB2) and now requesting again USCIS to approve a 140 for a lower level position (EB3) for same employee with in a months. How will you justify? Howmany job offer your employer can give you? Is there any logic involved, for a person already given a higher level position, to take a lower level position. In the eyes of USCIS, it will defintly looks like your employer is doing fraud and there is no genuine job offer to you. If it is otherway, it may not look bad. If your first I-140 was EB3 and second one is EB2, then there may be a logic.

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  • surabhi
    08-11 10:39 AM

    You may already be knowing this. But a note of caution, after hearing few horror stories on H4 going out of status involuntarily.

    Extension of renewal on H1 does not mean H4 is automatically renewed. Your new H1b is valid until 2009. Unless you have filed I-539 along with your H1b renewal application, your wife is not going to get new I-94. So if her I-94 is expiring december 2007, she will be out of status after that date, not withstanding your H1B validiity.

    It doesnt matter if her visa stamp has your latest employer listed. The single most important thing that will determine her legal status is the validity of I-94 stamp

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  • lvinaykumar
    04-22 05:02 PM
    For me to even think of getting a GC i might have to atleast move to EB2 from EB3 :mad:

    11-12 03:44 PM

    I am on H1B in USA and now I am planning to set up a company in India. Will I be violating any laws by doing this.

    Can I operate the company from USA and still get payed in India. My clients will be paying my company in India.

    Will I have to pay taxes in USA.

    Thank you for your time.

    You can set up a company in India, while you are on an H1B. Are your clients in the US or India ? India & US have a double taxation treaty. If you get paid in India and keep the funds in India, you dont have to pay US taxes on that income. But you will have to pay taxes in India and report in the US.

    03-27 04:20 PM
    So what do I do.
    I am looking to buy a SUBWAY franchise outright costing 200 K

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