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  • MacCoaster
    Sep 22, 07:37 AM
    Originally posted by wilburpan

    Here's the link to their rating of an iMac 800MHz G4 and a 1.8Ghz P4, which puts the two within shouting distance of each other.
    I stand corrected, however, they are still 7 percentiles apart. So yes, shouting distance. But what would the 55-percentile Pentium 4 speed be? 1.5-1.6GHz? Maybe less?

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  • thisisahughes
    Apr 14, 01:24 PM
    A good hire, Apple deserves him;)

    i-Phone? i-Pad? your opinion is worthy.

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  • kingtj
    Jun 16, 04:24 PM
    officially supporting the iPhone requires a little custom work on the part of the carrier. People have been unlocking iPhones for years now and putting them on T-Mobile, but the Visual Voicemail feature is non-functional when you do that.

    If T-Mobile isn't expressing any interest in changing things on their network just to support this one phone, that could be a sticking point right there?

    The larger carriers like Verizon or Sprint have more resources available to do things like this.

    It took a "research firm" to figure this out? I don't know why people were expecting Verizon to get it before T-mobile. All carriers will get it eventually but it makes only sense that the one also using the GSM network will get it first.

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  • Psilocybin
    Apr 20, 10:44 AM
    I'll second that, no intel 3000 will be entering my house
    And I doubt that there will be a backlit keyboard again. As I said in the last thread apple took it out for a reason not for fun


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  • AppliedVisual
    Oct 22, 12:31 AM
    That is idiotic, there are plenty of low power graphics solutions that blow the doors off Integrated garbage, Almost like saying I hope they use the least expensive cheapist solution they can find that uses no power. A computer is a tool and for you to say 97 % dont need a GPU is a lie. In that case they could be using G3s with rage 128's. More spin from the fan club of crapo graphics. What they should do is offer a option for those people who expect a modern computer to be just that.


    Apple using the integrated GMA950 is a bunch of crap... They just went cheap, it has NOTHING to do with power savings. Even an old Radeon Mobility 9700 would be better. I can't understand why Apple chose to do this seeing how they don't support it with some of their own software (FCP, Motion). They should have at least offered an upgrade option or put the GPU option in the blackbook only or something.

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  • MikeTheC
    Nov 11, 05:38 PM
    Oh, I know it's sort of off-topic, but check this out:

    How to Fold a Shirt (

    And for those among us here who speak Japanese, what is the woman saying exactly?


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  • levitynyc
    Apr 1, 10:36 AM
    Ditto! Slingbox rocks! And it's even more fun when you have a friend or two in other states that allow you to use their Slingbox to watch events that are blacked out in your own area. :)


    Yup. If I ever switch providers I'm putting a Slingbox in my dad's house so I can watch the NFL Sunday Ticket.

    You can pay the 100 bucks to watch the Yankees online at work, or I can watch for free on my Slingbox.

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  • Manic Mouse
    Jan 7, 02:22 PM
    I got the 3.1 update yesterday, and I was getting push notifications with badges and alerts but not sound or vibration. I am positive that my silent/ringer switch was set to allow sound.

    This morning I got the new 3.1.1 update. Immediately, I noticed that I started getting sound alerts and vibration in addition to the badges and alerts. Yay!

    Oooh, what sound does it make? I'm always intrigued by new push notifications. I hope it's the noise the website makes. Pop!


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  • fifthworld
    Feb 25, 08:41 AM
    Agree 100% - as I said in my original post, I don't think Apple are in any way culpable here: It's not their job to set prices for apps or in-app purchases. I also think Parents need to accept responsibility and watch their kids more carefully.

    My only issue with this is the exploitative behavior of the publishers of the Apps - I can't think of any reason for charging the huge prices they do apart from someone thinking "Some parents are dumb and won't know how to stop their kids spending huge wads of cash on in-app purchases. We can make loads of money by using this to our advantage".
    That shouldn't be what in-app purchases are used for: even if it doesn't break any rules, it's not at all ethical.
    I know businesses exist to make money, but they shouldn't do it in an unethical and immoral way IMO.

    Agree. Doesn't matter if parents are at fault or not, like most of the post are establishing, exploitative behavior should not be tolerated.

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  • SevenInchScrew
    Jul 22, 11:08 PM
    This evening at Comic-Con, Bungie announced that they will be releasing a "Halo Reach" limited edition bundle. It will be available on September 14th, the same day the game releases. It is essentially the same as the new 250GB "S" version, just with a different color and design on the outside. Plus it comes with some extra stuff, like most bundles...


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  • Jason Beck
    Jun 18, 04:46 PM
    And this is just the front�


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  • Sined
    Apr 21, 01:28 PM
    4S. I like the name, and it makes sense to keep continuity with the previous naming scheme (3GS). I guess we'll see a true iPhone 5 next summer.

    Hopefully Samsung doesn't sue for the name:rolleyes:


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  • Goldinboy17
    Mar 24, 04:35 PM
    I'm debating this as well. I think I'm just going to end up buying the Ipad 2 16gb for $100 more. I don't need 32gb.

    Well if anything I could stream all of my content from my PC with Zumocast. the 32 would be a convenience since I could store movies onto it when I travel. If I were to purchase the 2 I would definitely purchase the 32, about $680 with taxes. It's a $240 savings but I'm not sure if it's worth it?

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  • Dagless
    Jan 19, 10:17 AM
    27th in US. We even get the new Pokemon game a few days earlier too, how odd of Nintendo! My preorder is down now.


    One friend code per user.

    3D video content from Aardman, Sky and Eurosport.

    Gameboy/Gameboy Colour download shop. Has the option of buying with real money too and not e-points.


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  • chrfr
    Mar 29, 09:53 AM
    did you read it? it is exactly what I have been saying all along.
    No, it's exactly opposite of what you wrote.

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  • h1r0ll3r
    Apr 12, 01:35 PM
    They actually confirmed that one. Turns out you can polish it :D

    Yes. Jamie got his to a mirror shine. Almost looked like a marble :p

    But back to Office. I still prefer the Windows version however the Mac version is starting to grow on me. Were it not for MS CRM that I use at work, I could finally be rid of Windows once and for all. But, alas, no dice. Love how CRM works ONLY with IE.


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  • plastictrees
    Mar 27, 10:38 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    Anything new to report guys?
    Went to bestbuy at park lane and got mine!!

    Did you reserve it? I hate that apple guy that works there. He's always rude to me.

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  • michaelsviews
    Feb 24, 05:06 AM
    What a waste of taxpayers money. Here is a great idea, learn to be a parent!

    I'll second that, maybe if Mommy and Daddy were doing there parenting duties Tax payers dollars would not be wasted because of the bad parenting.

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  • *LTD*
    Apr 22, 04:33 PM

    Mac vs. PC: The stereotypes may be true

    By Brandon Griggs, CNN
    April 22, 2011 -- Updated 1915 GMT (0315 HKT) | Filed under: Web

    (CNN) -- Remember those Apple ads that cast the Mac as a 20-something, self-satisfied hipster while the PC was portrayed by an older, square-looking guy in a brown suit?

    Well, those characterizations, unfair as they may be, appear to have some truth to them.

    An unscientific survey by Hunch, a site that makes recommendations based on detailed user preferences, found that Mac users tend to be younger, more liberal, more fashion-conscious and more likely to live in cities than people who prefer PCs.

    Of the 388,000 Hunch users who responded to a question about computer loyalty, 52% identified themselves as PC people as opposed to 25% who said they are Mac devotees. Hunch then cross-referenced those responses with answers to other questions to draw cultural distinctions between the rival Mac and PC camps.

    The results suggest Mac users can be seen, depending on your perspective, as bolder and more creative -- or elitist and more pretentious.

    The report found that 67% of Mac users have a college or advanced degree, as opposed to 54% of PC users. Mac loyalists are 80% more likely than PC users to be vegetarians, and, unlike PC fans, would rather ride a Vespa scooter than a Harley.

    PC users' tastes trend towards casual clothes, tunafish sandwiches, white wine, Hollywood movies, USA Today and Pepsi. Mac users prefer designer or vintage duds, hummus, red wine, indie films, The New York Times and (we're not making this up) San Pellegrino Limonata.

    Mac users also are more likely to describe themselves as computer-savvy and "early adopters." PC users tend to describe themselves as better at math and less likely to throw frequent parties.

    "I fit the typical Mac user on every count. Guess I'm not as unique as I thought. Depressing," wrote one commenter on Hunch's blog.

    Since Hunch's first survey of Mac vs. PC users in November Apple has ridden the success of such high-profile products as the iPad and iPhone 4 to become the world's most highly valued tech company. Despite that hot streak, Hunch found that slightly more people in its new report -- 52%, up from 50% a year and a half ago -- now identify themselves as PC users.


    San Pellegrino Limonata rocks.

    Tunafish sandwiches? LOL!! Losers. ;)

    Smoked salmon pita all the way, with a hot cup of Fukamushi sencha. First flush. Imported!

    Apr 20, 06:32 PM
    Multifl0w is one of my favorite, if not my no.1 jailbreak app.

    Here's hoping that the next iOS has Expose built in.

    Oct 10, 09:17 AM
    They are both based on the Core architecture, that was my only point.
    I thought you were saying that they were completely unrelated.

    Of course they are branded differently, they have different uses.
    Historically Xeon is for high-end workstations and servers, people know and expect this.
    i definitely agree with you that they have very similar underlying technology, but i was just saying that Xeon and Core 2 Duo are two different brand names, Xeon is NOT part of Core 2 Duo

    heck, macbook pro and macbook has very similar technology, but hopefully nobody will say macbook pro is part of macbook or visa versa

    Apr 29, 12:26 PM
    Are your APN entries correct, or your carrier file installed?
    Settings > General > About - what is the value for "Carrier"?

    Might be worth a reset of your network settings.
    Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings
    This will also wipe all stored WiFi entries and their passwords and reboot the phone.

    Carrier is Starhub 10.0. The phone was perfectly working before. I've never jailbroke this phone before. I'm still under contract with Starhub.

    I've tried to reset the network setting already. Also reset the phone as well. Nothing is working. :(

    Mar 25, 10:16 AM
    I agree with some previous posts but I'll expand upon them...

    If Apple infringed, they should pay, but the better alternative would be to buy Kodak, slowly shut them down (they're already slowly shutting down), then make RIM pay Apple! HAHA!

    And in the process, Apple gets tons of patents, plus they can once again sell Apple branded printers and digital cameras again, something they haven't done for quite some time. The original Apple digital cameras were made by Kodak anyway. Then Apple could drop some other brands from Apple Stores and keep almost the entire purchase an all-Apple purchase.

    Jun 19, 10:39 AM
    Is Apple thinking that SD cards are going to become the new "floppies"?

    Many people who exchange files by 'sneaker net' use CDs, but don't need the capacity of a CD. Plus while rewriteable CDs exist, they are pricey and most people don't use them. Most files are exchanged a barely used CD that then gets shelved and collects dust.

    Imagine if people started exchanging SD cards. Initially lower capacities only will be available, but soon CD equivalent SD cards will be available, and soon after that the 1 and 2 TB cards.

    If Apple can create enough demand for cards, then economies of scale will bring prices down as they become a standard commodity.

    As others have mentioned the bigger capacity ones would have all sorts of uses besides the exchange of files. Wow.


    ? Most people use thumb drives not CD Roms.

    Also SD cards and thumb drives have been available in sizes much much larger then CD Roms.

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