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  • scelzifan
    Dec 5, 11:49 AM
    I would bet by the time Apple gets done with him he will probably be broke. Assuming that is where the stolen goods are coming from, i would assume it's their property he is selling. To bad.

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  • skunk
    Sep 13, 09:32 AM
    I know -- just a few minutes with them and they'll have you in stitches.

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  • fpbecker
    May 5, 09:35 AM
    Microsoft asks consumers to �do the math� before buying a Mac

    Microsoft has launched a new Mac vs PC site.

    The new site, �Do the Math�, launched in Canada recently and aims to compare Mac based computers to several PC counterparts. Microsoft has put together comparison charts for the following Macs:

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  • bbydon
    Feb 18, 10:54 AM
    Everyone is dressed up but Steve....awesome.

    He did wear a tux to the oscars at least.


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  • samiwas
    Apr 9, 10:27 AM
    Something just hit me while doing my taxes, and getting drilled with self-employment tax.

    Some of the major things many are talking about cutting are Medicare and Social Security. Self-Employment tax is in place to cover payments into each by self-employed individuals (or those like me who just happen to be paid 1099 for a portion of work). So, you make major cuts to those two programs, would they not also then cut the self-employment tax, thus reducing revenue? So wouldn't it all be a moot point? Or would we still be paying the same out of our checks and taxes towards the programs, just not getting as much out of them?

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  • triceretops
    Apr 12, 08:14 PM

    I use Office for work stuff, but Numbers, Pages and Keynote for all my personal stuff. I like the latter better.

    Anyway, I don't think I will attempt to download this on the 300 kbs connection I have here at the hotel that drops out occasionally. Think I will wait until I get home later this week to get this.

    15" MacBook Pro i7, G4 400, G4 867, Apple TV, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 1G, iPod 1G


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  • beethovengirl
    Feb 21, 09:50 PM
    A very sad video of Steve Jobs has been posted online. I already feel like an evil voyeur for viewing it, so I don't want to link to it...but I'm almost in tears.

    Actually, I see it's already being discussed on MacRumors:

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  • ready2switch
    Nov 2, 09:26 AM
    Just from my observation (I have no hard data or anything), it seems that at least 25% of new mac buyers are switchers. And from conversations I've heard around my office, I think that number will continue to grow. Apple is really turning heads with this transition to Intel. People like to know what they're getting in a machine (even if they don't really understand the components themselves) and Intel is a household name for the windows world. Good stuff. ;)


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  • FF_productions
    Sep 22, 07:46 PM
    the iMac's are the best deal apple has, I don't know how much better Apple can make that machine.... :confused:

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  • OllyW
    Mar 11, 03:02 PM
    I struggled for a while to think of anything I own which is made in the USA but just remembered my mountain bike has a titanium frame made in Washington (though it's Canadian branded) and forks made in California. :)


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  • jav6454
    Feb 23, 04:15 PM
    Parenting fail. People should learn how to use the device and check if the device has parental controls.

    Truly, parents have become dependent on Uncle Sam to do the parenting work for them....

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  • sand0s
    Jun 10, 04:51 PM
    it is strange that they added a fourth band (VIII - 900 frequency) which is for more of europe, asia and also vodaNZ but doesn't open up anything in the US... even stranger is that i was just in NZ and my 3G[S] (which doesn't support VIII / 900 apparently) was on the vodaNZ 3G network the whole time. anyone with knowledge of this whole UMTS / HSDPA band and frequency thing, please tell me how this worked then?

    answer this myself... apparently they use I / 2100 as well.


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  • andiwm2003
    Sep 13, 07:44 AM
    got about 5 general anesthesias in my life. there is nothing to worry about. you go in, they give you an IV. they turn it up, you wake up in your room. you don't even really remember how you fell asleep. you think 1 min has passed, you're tired and a little dizzy. the fact that you urgently need to pee now tell's you it's been much more than 1 min.

    good luck with the surgery.

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  • MacRumors
    Apr 19, 09:38 AM (

    Engadget points ( to a new video posted ( on Vietnamese site apparently claiming to show a white iPhone 4 running a "test version" of iOS offering Expose-like multitasking that allows users to select running apps from a grid of nine screenshot thumbnails.You can tap on a window to expand it (replete with animation) to fill the screen or long-press on it to bring up the familiar "x" button for shutting it down. This is all accompanied by a new "Search iPhone" dialog at the very top, which sends you into Spotlight search that looks very much the way it currently does (though it seems to no longer be accessible with a left swipe from the first homescreen as on previous versions of iOS).While the apparently all-white home button and a passing similarity of the multitasking feature to the jailbreak tool multifl0w ( suggest that this could simply be a customized iPhone 4 running jailbreak software.

    But a second video posted to the same YouTube account and noticed by 9 to 5 Mac ( offers more detail of what may in fact be a prototype iPhone. The device in the second video may be different than the one in the first video, as the second one seems to have a more standard white home button with black square inside.

    The second video clearly shows an "XX GB" marking on the back along with a number of "X" placeholders in model identifiers, common for prototype devices. A walkthrough of the "About" screen in iOS shows, however, that the model carries 64 GB of storage.

    Interestingly, a partial glimpse of the iOS build number can be seen as the "About" screen is shown, and the device appears to be running iOS 4.0 with a build number beginning with 8A as would be expected. Consequently, this does appear to be a test version of iOS 4.0 rather than an upcoming iOS 5 build, although Apple could of course choose to implement some of these features in future iOS releases.

    The device also appears to contain several preloaded applications internally used by Apple for diagnostics, testing, and demoing, lending additional legitimacy to the claims.

    Article Link: Video of 64 GB White iPhone 4 Running Old 'Test' iOS 4 Build With Expose? (


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  • p0intblank
    Oct 26, 09:16 PM
    Awesome, I love it! I want to sign up for .Mac so bad, but I can't justify it being worth $99 per year. I would gladly pay $49 per year, especially since I would use iWeb, Photocasting, and all the other good stuff.

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  • SevenInchScrew
    Jun 14, 03:43 PM
    is that thing besides the ethernet port the "Kinect port" they mentioned on the spec sheets ? just why couldn't the do it with an usb port exactly
    Power port for Kinect. If you use Kinect with this new 360, it can be plugged into the console, no other power connection needed. However, if you use Kinect with an older 360, which doesn't have this new power port, you will need to connect it to a wall outlet. I'm guessing with all the motion tracking, and various sensors in the unit, they just couldn't get by with powering it solely on USB.


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  • Vandam500
    Jan 12, 03:59 PM
    We are working on a Facebook status update. Our app so far updates users via Twitter on daily things that get tracked. Glad to see Facebook become more iPhone friendly. If you have anything to track / improve in your life, have a look at Track & Share. Try the lite version for free. All the best to all Facebook fans,

    I'll try it.

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  • snberk103
    Mar 18, 12:20 PM
    When I learned film photography in the '70s, we were not allowed to use our SLR cameras. The college provided 4x5 view cameras. That put all of us on the same level for the first year. By the time I was finishing up my senior work using my Nikon the school had beginning students building pin hole cameras. This helped a lot. When I showed up for my first classes, some of the other students had Hasselbad cameras. Forgetting about gear forced us to think about the frame and what was going on in there.


    Most years I teach at 2nd year composition course, at a small commercial photography college. I grew up with film, and while I love how digital has freed me from some of the boundaries of film (endless undo!) I still think, mostly, like a film shooter.

    The college allows the students to use whatever equipment they own. The wet darkroom was removed a couple of years ago, but in that last year we had an interesting student who used the darkroom. First day of my class, the there were mostly Nikons and Canons in the room, but David arrived with his homemade pinhole camera. He was determined to try and do as many of my assignments as possible with it as a challenge (and I accommodated his equipment when I could). And when he wasn't shooting the pinhole he was shooting a Hasselblad Xpan (the 35mm panoramic camera). Again, just so he could a challenge working in that aspect ratio.

    He was a very good photographer, and he did really well in my class. But he didn't care about the marks (I think that's another sign of "How to Work Hard, But Still Suck" - spend all your time taking classes. And trying to get good marks.) He just wanted to absorb information, could afford the course, and was going to go and do his own thing as soon as a photojournalist as soon as he could. School was just a way to get up the learning curve quickly.

    I forget why I started this post now, but soon as remember his last name I'm going to Google him and get caught up.

    I think I was going to say that I've noticed that today's photo students like to 'assemble' their images in PS. We (the faculty) keep telling them that it's still easier to spend the extra few minutes at the time of shooting to fix that thing, than to try to 'Shop it out later. Or to add that extra fill light than to go back and reshoot the assignment because they can't fix it at all later.


    I sound like an old fart.

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  • klaxamazoo
    Apr 12, 12:57 PM
    It looks like using the symbol browser still crashes Microsoft Word. That is a shame. Everything else about Office 2011 has been great.

    Apr 3, 10:42 PM
    I'm just trying to save some money.

    It's clear that California, Texas, and Washington all have bad deficits. Two of them have 0% income tax while one has 10.6%. What conclusion do you want me to draw from this?

    California's tax problems are easy to figure out. The electorate can vote for services separately from the taxes needed to fund them..... that's smart.

    Apr 12, 01:57 PM
    Outlook still lacks CalDav support and relies on Sync Services which Apple is discontinuing May 5th.

    Sorry, but FAIL. :(

    Apr 22, 08:36 PM
    If you are correct the i5 processors are obviously going to be more expensive meaning they will have te same situation with the backlit keyboard

    The i5 processors are the same price (or less) as the LV C2D they're using now. The SL9400 costs $284. The i5-2537 that's in the Samsung Series 9 costs $250.

    The SL9600 costs $316. The comparable i7 LV SB processor costs $316.

    Plus there's no 320m cost, so that component costs conceivably go down with a SB MBA making room to re-add the BL keyboard.

    Speaking of:

    It is the same with the backlit keyboard on the MBA, which was for years a standard feature. To take it away now in order to 'differentiate' it from the pro models, is total bull....!!

    Although of course no-one but Apple knows the real reason - I maintain that the BL keyboard wasn't removed due to "luxury" or size, or battery life. I'm 99.99% sure it was to keep the cost down, to hit that $999 price-point and keep 30% margins.

    Therefore, if a SB (or IB if Apple decides to leave it's new marquee portable completely stagnant for almost 2 years...) MBA saves on component costs via not being able to use the 320m - it could conceivably put the BL keyboard back in.


    Wanting a backlit keyboard isn't as unreasonable as you think it is... esp since the previous gen Air had it.

    This. :)

    Why does everybody repeat the mantra 'Ivy Bridge'? Will it make the Intel's HD 3000 perform better in some kind of mysterious magical way? Or do you expect that by the time IB is released Intel will have developed a new, presumably better, IGP? Shall we expect the same comments "Intel IGP sucks I'm gonna skip IB and wait for whatever-bridge" again next year?

    Exactly. If I had loads of time on my hands, I know I could find loads of comments (probably from the same posters) last year saying "Ugh, Arrandale IGP sucks, I hope Apple waits till Sandy Bridge!"

    There'll be just as many Intel IGP haters when Ivy Bridge is released, and only "matches" the 320m.

    Get with it people - at some point we're gonna lose the 320m. If it's not with SB, then it'll be with IB and the graphics will still not get "better" than the 320m. It sucks - I agree - but it's inevitable.

    Almost all people in this thread sound like they want to buy a Mac mini (MBA), but want at the same time the features of a Mac Pro (MBP). Silly.

    Yeah, this is the MBA-forum, but it does not make this discussion thread better.


    What are you talking about? We're all here 'cause we love the MBA. Would we all like a more powerful MBA? Of course - why not? Right now the MBP's rival the some late-model Mac Pro's. Why not desire more power in a portable (CPU, Graphics, or otherwise?).

    Mar 12, 07:20 PM
    I'd happily drive to Key West in search of a Mountain Dew Code Red.

    Apr 25, 06:46 PM
    Just picking a couple posts here to illustrate that it helps if you are looking for something that is at all plausible.

    Its quite simple

    -A 15" version
    -with larger battery capacity (5 hours heavy usage instead of 3)
    -2 USB 3.0 ports
    -and a built in 4G internet connection.

    Then the MBA would be unbeatable.

    Sorry, but a 15" MacBook Air would confuse the market too much - you're going to have to wait for the lines to merge in a year or two on that one. Already the 11.6" MBA is being referred to as the true expression of what a MBA is - sacrifice almost everything to the gods of Small and Light. A 15" would be an anachronism. Your larger battery will also have to wait for the likely MBP/MBA merger.

    USB3 won't appear on an Apple product until Intel integrates it into their chipset, and that won't happen until Ivy Bridge. Thunderbolt is a given, however, and adapters will give you access to USB3 devices and bandwidth.

    I suspect that Apple will point you towards an iPad if integrated 3G/4G is something you can't live without - they can justify producing extra SKUs for multiple carriers in an iPad-sized market, but not for the much smaller MBA market.

    There have been many intel gpu based machine that had 1600x900 res displays, like the C2D Vaio Z or some of the offerings from Lenovo. I don't see why apple can't give such a res with to the 11.6in MBA with a 350nit display and wide color gamut. Then just add and SD card slot, make the usb ports 3.0 and a maybe even add a thunderbolt port and I'd be the first in line to get one.

    There are already people complaining about difficulty reading from an 11.6" MBA screen, so higher resolution seems like a non-starter until they can get much higher-res screens in production (think 2x current res) that will allow them to scale screen elements to keep UI controls at the current size while giving higher user data resolution. Also, given the market that the MBA is selling to (mostly general-use, with low weight the overwhelming concern), Apple is unlikely to source a higher-gamut (and higher-priced) screen when most of the market doesn't even know what 'gamut' means.

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