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  • Dagless
    Jan 21, 02:10 PM
    I believe Pilotwings is a launch title. No 3DS e-shop and no Ocarina of Time at launch, but oh well!

    Changed my preorder 3 times now. GAME has it for �229, Play at 219 and Shopto at 199 (they are freakin brilliant at preorders btw, they dispatch early via recorded courier at no extra charge).

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  • TechEnthu
    Apr 19, 12:20 PM
    Who cares about Expose. Give me Multi-Touch Gesturing like I have on iPad 2. 4-5 finger swipe accross apps, 4-5 finger swipe up to show the mult-tasking pane; 4-5 finger pinch-close to get to the home screen........What can beat that??????

    I love those on iPad too, but it's really a bit more difficult (and less ergonomic) to use 4- and 5-finger gestures on current iPhones' screen size. Imagine putting, or just actually try, 5 huge fingers on the screen! Hahaha. But putting it in doesn't hurt! They did put Shake to Shuffle in! :p

    I'd care to have shake to undo change to sth else, or available for user to alter, though. :D

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  • dashiel
    Mar 23, 01:33 PM
    I'm fairly certain AirPlay is actually a standard that Apple has licensed from another company which is why there were already a few receivers on the market that supported or could be updated to support AirPlay.

    // edit never mind. Misremembered an article where a company had already gained access to AirPlay streaming protocols.

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  • notjustjay
    Mar 23, 01:48 PM
    One of my favourite features of the Apple TV is the ability to AirPlay a video stream from my Mac or from my iPad. I can watch a YouTube video, say "hey guys, check this out" and have it up on my big screen TV to show my friends in moments. Or I can purchase an iTunes movie or TV show, bring it to a friend's house, and play it on their TV.

    Imagine a future where AirPlay is a ubiquitous standard. You could carry that iPad anywhere and beam your favourite videos to any of your TVs or video displays, without the need for an Apple TV at each one... that would be incredibly cool.

    I'd want an AirPlay-enabled TV in my kitchen, so I could beam it cooking videos or recipe photos or otherwise put up stuff to watch while I'm working.


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  • zap2
    Apr 11, 10:56 AM
    Let the Bush tax cuts expire...I would support a tax increase on the middle and low class. With all this cutting, they will be spending more money on basic things.

    I real hope that Congress focuses on the big things, medicare, medicaid, social security and the military. Cutting other programs are such a tiny percent of the budget(I believe I've heard 10%,but I'd be interested in a source confirming or denying)

    Increase the age for medicare, cut benefits for wealth in medicare and social security. Cut the military by pulling troops in Germany and Japan back home. And continue winding down Iraq and start doing so in Afghanistan in 2012 as promised. But as they are winding down, cut the budget for the money the wars demanded.

    And then any cuts for smaller programs will be for political points, but it might have a few dollars as well.

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  • knackroller
    Sep 25, 09:56 AM
    how many of us actually care much about aperture...?


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  • lgutie20
    Apr 12, 04:18 PM
    The 3G graph just shows how ignorant people are when choosing between ATT and Verizon.

    ATT has the fastest 3G network
    ATT has GSM, the standard chipset around the globe

    Dropped calls and data plan are not the same thing

    All this equals that people are ignorant

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  • CanadaRAM
    Sep 17, 11:43 AM
    Here's the thing:

    When she approached you, it was on her terms. Maybe she wanted to chat, maybe she thought you were interesting, whatever.

    When you came back later and initated eye contact, it was on your terms, and that changed the whole dynamic, and took the control of the interaction out of her hands and into yours.

    Remember, she HAS to be there 'cause it's her job. So, she knows that any number of anonymous guys can show up whenever they like to hit on her (and probably do on a weekly basis) - that can feel threatening. Running into the back would be a clue here.

    I don't see a hopeful ending here. Hanging around the Apple store or the mall at shift changing times would be, well, not good unless you want a close up introduction to the big guy from Security. If you hafta go into the Apple store for Apple reasons, seek out the first male employee you see for help and do not make eye contact with Ms. X.

    Sorry dude, all the lights are red at this intersection.


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  • Aldaris
    May 4, 07:40 PM
    :D couldn't hurt now could it!

    My MacBook pro does great, but I was getting the new Mac pro anyway, just added incentive to play star craft with a kick butt card!

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  • notjustjay
    Nov 17, 03:55 PM
    Stolen goods or not, nevermind that - but $300 per kit? :eek:

    Why not just buy a white case?


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  • Thomas Veil
    Apr 9, 01:53 PM
    Considering we have evidence to suggest PP workers aiding and abetting pimps and child prostitutes (fake) in acquiring abortion I don't see how lying and doctoring documents is above them. A lie from the physician and the paperwork for that abortion getting "misplaced" are all it takes.

    Also I'm very surprised at only one website "exposing" her and a couple sites commenting on it. Abby Johnson lying would come out as a bang not a whimper.I don't know how many people have even ever heard of Abby Johnson, so I doubt anything she says would come out with a bang.

    Another website asserts that neither witnesses nor paperwork (�s-suspicious-conversion-anti-choice-movement) seem to back up Johnson's story.

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  • AppleMc
    Mar 11, 08:09 AM
    Thanks for the updates, I'm starting to get nervous... I can't get in line before 3:30.


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  • RebeccaL
    Apr 4, 10:46 PM
    I don't have experience with FM radio docks. But I have read very good reviews about iHome docks that include FM radios.

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  • CaoCao
    Apr 13, 08:59 AM
    Except race has been shown to have an effect on intelligence. Ashkenazi Jews are about 1SD above whites, on average (average IQ 100, SD = 15). Blacks typically fare about 1SD lower than whites.

    You should start with The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life ( The authors explain it far better than I could.

    Where do East and South Asians (not SE) place, +1SD or +2SD?


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  • jettredmont
    Oct 26, 04:57 PM
    Of course I can see the other side of this. Writing universal apps is not just a matter of "checking a box" in XCode; despite what I've heard some non-coders say on the subject.

    Umm, I'm far from a non-coder. Writing a new app is very much an issue of "checking a box" in XCode. The problems come in when dealing with a years-old code base, much of which has embedded processor assumptions (ranging from hand-tweaked assembly to direct vector calls to assumptions on byte order).

    New code, though, you know that you have to support multiple CPU architectures and so you call htons for your byte ordering and use vector libraries rather than direct calls; the sole remaining issue is hand-tweaked assembly, which should be significantly less than 1% of your overall application code especially if you are putting out a new product (you typically don't have enough knowledge to find the bottlenecks where going straight down to the metal is required until your app has been out in users' hands for a while). With all that absorbed in "the process", the only thing left is, yes, checking the box in XCode to generate the UB version of your app.

    There's a bit more involved at the compile stage if you want to support both UB and older OS versions (Panther, Jaguar), but it's a lot easier to tell your customers that they have to upgrade to Tiger on their old G4s and G5s than to tell them they have to buy a whole new machine!

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  • alent1234
    Mar 25, 10:19 AM
    i used to hate film with a passion. you have to be careful about taking pictures since a 24 exposure roll always went too fast. and you always let the good one get away.

    digital you just keep on snapping and find a good one later. i always laugh at my wife who tries to take the perfect picture. we had a pro at our wedding and that is the one thing i learned from him, as well as watching others. take as many pics as you can and find a good one later


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  • justflie
    Nov 21, 04:36 PM
    If they can get it to work, engineers around the world will love them forever. Heat is always such a huge waste in any machinery, from computers to pumps to anything. The cost and environmental savings would be great if this tech (or something like it) can be effectively applied over a broad range of machinery!

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  • SandynJosh
    Apr 13, 02:44 AM
    The 3G graph just shows how ignorant people are when choosing between ATT and Verizon.

    ATT has the fastest 3G network
    ATT has GSM, the standard chipset around the globe

    Dropped calls and data plan are not the same thing

    All this equals that people are ignorant

    Maybe more people live in areas where Verizon has better coverage. There's a map for that, you know.

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  • leekohler
    Sep 14, 09:32 PM
    Let me know how it is. I have to have knee surgery and surgery to fix vericose veins in my left leg pretty soon. Yuck.

    Good Luck!

    Mar 28, 11:37 AM
    So Lion won't debut on WWDC? Just preview? :confused:


    Mar 26, 09:21 AM
    I plan on returning a 32 GB Black WiFi to West Plano Super Target later today unless someone wants it...

    Apr 26, 03:09 PM
    Its been running on low battery for ages, and when I went to use it this morning the mouse wouldn't work. I thought this was because the batteries were dead, so I replaced them, and the mouse still wouldn't work. I thought the iMac probably needed to be restarted for the mouse to connect, so I restarted and the mouse worked :)

    However after about 10-15 minutes of use the cursor froze and the mouse stopped working! I got a warning on the iMac saying the connection had been lost, and the green light in the underside of the magic mouse was flashing.

    So I restarted the iMac and the mouse worked again for 10 minutes, before it happened a second time. And then a third time.

    I'm sure the new batteries I put in the magic mouse were good ones because they were brand new, of the same type and the battery level of the mouse says "100%". This is the first time I've replaced the magic mouse batteries since I got the computer (I've replaced the keyboard batteries once and they worked fine).

    Anyone got any idea?

    Apr 21, 02:27 PM
    1. Apple is an American company. Their products get released in the US first. The US market is and should remain their primary concern. If the US is going to LTE, that's where Apple needs to go.

    No offence, but I think Apple goes where most of their customers are, and if most of them are non-Americans, than that is where their priority lies.

    Feb 21, 02:54 PM
    You're right,
    It doesn't work for me either.

    I haven't looked at this for ages, extremeoverclocking probably changed their xml design. I'll see what I can do, but I can't promisse you a fast solution. My daughter and studies take up most of my time right now.

    I'll post a working version in this thread, when I come to it. If you'd like to take over development however, feel free to do so.

    Thanks for trying the widget :)

    thanks. yeah i know this is an old topic, but i'm new to folding, and some people still have this linked in their sigs (that's how i found it)

    as much as i'd love to work on this, i'm still new to programming as well. taking a java class now. so i don't think i would get much done.

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