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  • UTclassof89
    Mar 13, 03:15 PM
    Get rid of DST. Not needed anymore. Problem solved.

    Is that you ??

    Thought you were on medical leave.

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  • BlindSoul
    Apr 15, 02:13 PM

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  • generik
    Oct 10, 01:58 PM
    I for one hope they redesign the entire case. I dropped my 17" Power Book while it was in my computer bag and caught it by the strap as it hit the floor. I'm not sure if you can picture this, the bag was on my shoulder and slid off and I caught it just as the corner hit. I thought, thank God it was in a computer bag. Well the corner of my computer that it the ground was folded like aluminum foil. I was really surprised that I was able to reshape it back into shape with my hands.

    Granted nothing was wrong with the computer, but....

    It is soft like tofu aye?

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  • darthraige
    May 2, 02:59 PM
    Who cares? It's an iPhone. The white one is still better than any other knock off out there.


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  • Fukui
    Oct 26, 08:31 PM
    Would be interested to see how well this works in IE7. Works nicely in Safari - woot for ajax.
    Safari's javascript engine is magnitudes slower than firefox.

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  • Adam-
    Apr 5, 11:15 AM
    Also For a 5th gen leaked ipod its pretty beaten up. I mean if i had somehow got a prototype i would keep it in a glass cabinet surrounded with cushions to stop it getting beat up. And wouldn't it run iOS5 if its the fifth generation? so why doesn't he tell us about that?


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  • Hodapp
    Sep 27, 09:00 AM
    I'm hoping to see those OpenGL improvements significantly boost my Quake 1 fps on my MacBook.

    I doubt a software update can magically change your crappy Intel 950 in to a worthwhile GPU.

    I keep waiting for one of these updates to properly clock the MacBook Pro's GPU. Now that is ridiculous.

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  • ma5ter5
    Mar 23, 01:55 PM
    It would be nice if Apple focused on getting airplay to work well within their own devices. I'm tired of dropping music from itunes or my iphone to my AE. It pisses me off because I purchased the AE with the sole intent of using it for airplay.


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  • akatsuki
    Apr 5, 07:16 PM
    Frankly Apple should just commit to Thunderbolt and put those ports right on there. There is really no need for any other port.

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  • cmaier
    Mar 25, 09:52 AM
    The difference here is Samsung settled. With $1billion at stake, Apple will likely fight this to the end. And with countersuits on the line, this will get ugly.

    Companies almost always settle. If it got that far, Apple would too.

    Greedy or not, if Apple and RIM are part of some patent infringement they have to pay up.

    A judge at the ITC already said they don't infringe.

    the patent was granted in 1997 and basically covers previewing the picture on the little LCD screen.

    No it doesn't. It covers a particular way of producing different sets of image data, one for the sensor and one for the LCD screen, using specific types of color filtering, etc. The patent pre-supposes that previewing the picture on the LCD screen already existed.


    Kodak's stock is up 11.5% today. (as a result of this news?)

    Unlikely - all that happens if the earlier judge is overruled is that more proceedings happen. It's not like anything that happens today means an immediate payout.

    I would really like to read the patent. Yes, there are some very generic patents out there; some are upheld others are not. Going based on only what I have heard; a 1997 patent for a preview of a picture may not hold water.

    See above. Patent doesn't claim the idea of using a preview screen.


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  • Atothendrew24
    Mar 13, 01:09 PM
    I had a problem here in Arizona where there is no daylight savings time. I have the my AT&T iPhone set to auto set date and time and it was a hour ahead.

    ex. My alarm went off at 10:30 when it was actually 9:30.

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  • theappleguy
    Nov 29, 12:22 AM
    I think I've got it.
    Just to confirm it is PowWeb in case you are not 100% sure. They don't seem to have very good reviews (http://www.webhostingratings.com/plans/PowValue_PowWeb.html) though so you may want to consider changing hosts. :)


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  • xUKHCx
    Oct 10, 07:39 AM
    So it comes from a source from a source from a source etc. et.c anyone remeber chinese whispers.

    Anyway this is pretty much expected.

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  • wwchris
    Jan 4, 10:49 AM
    Yeah, Tom Tom is finally getting this right after all kinds of problems. Once a week (if you choose) you get prompted to download a 1 meg'ish patch. You can do it anywhere and it patches the existing stored maps, no live feed necessary. Takes about 5 seconds.

    You do need live feed for traffic, but of course, that is the whole point of that.

    BTW, their traffic is awesome now and the routing bugs are finally fixed. Also, their crowd sourced arrival times are the most accurate on any of the platforms and it consistently chooses the shortest route.

    I was a Garmin lover and wanted it to desperately come to the iphone, but not with maps like this. Now that Tom Tom is finally getting it right, I won't be getting this.


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  • liavman
    Mar 25, 12:59 PM
    I think these are perfectly fine and I'm sure there will be another revision next year. The only thing that would have tilted the scales for me to hold out for the iPad2 is if it had a higher resolution screen. The cameras do nothing for me and the weight and thickness I don't think will make much of a difference when just using it around the house.

    Is that what others who are still buying the 1st gen are thinking too?

    Yup, pretty much. If Video conferencing is not a requirement, then iPad 1 is just as good for all practical purposes. There may be some outliers but so be it. We will catch up next year.

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  • takao
    Apr 4, 11:58 AM
    A car that gets 60 mpg will do just as much 'damage' to a road surface as a car that get 8 mpg....but the 50mpg car will pay much, MUCH less for upkeep of that road than the other in a gas-tax based situation.

    damage to the road is mostly depending on vehicle weight: the biggest offender actually are trucks/semis

    one point to consider: a 40 ton truck doesn't t do the same damage as 40 1 ton cars. it actually does more damage to the surface. that's why it takes only a modest increase in truck traffic to really ruin roads


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  • steve2112
    Mar 24, 10:41 PM
    I just want to say how much I both love and hate Macrumors. :)

    Sent from my shiny new iPad just purchased from Verizon.

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  • ddtlm
    Oct 3, 01:43 PM

    This may come as news to you, but a single person with a single experience is nothing but a single data point. In order to have confidence in a conclusion, we need lots of data points. Data points other than yourself tend to mention OSX crashing on occasion, and tend to mention at least some versions of Windows running reliably.

    Speaking for myself, I've had a small number of OSX kernel panics in a little more than a year on my home machine, dozens of kernel panics on my work Mac (which I don't even use much), and very few problems or crashes with any of the dozens of Windows NT/2k machines at work. In my experience OSX is less stable than Win2k, however I am not foolish enough to claim that my observation makes this the truth for everyone.

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  • jsiegl
    Mar 20, 02:58 PM
    It seems like the majority of the comments are about Price, personal purchase and Higher ed use cases. All of these comments miss the point of what the announcement is about, institutional purchases. This is about school's buying large quantities, and really, since I have a hard time imagining that a University would be buying 10 packs of iPods . Yes, I know that schools like ACU have innovative 1:1 ipod /phone programs where they provide devices to the student, that is not really what this bundle is about). The target audience of a program like this is clearly K12. It is similar to bundles that apple currently has of 32 iPod touches and a Bretford cart or use in a K12 classroom.

    This is all interesting, but the biggest challenge and obstacle that Apple has in K12 is that the iPod ecosystem is a consumer model. It is also not a Higher ed model, where students own their own device and are conditioned to the requiremet of buying their content. I work as a technologist for a 200+ school district and we have been trying to figure out for the better part of a year how to make this consumer product work in k12 setting.

    We've been running pilots in several schools / classes since late spring of 09 and the biggest problem we have is getting a straight answer on how to liscence paid applications. We've asked several Apple representatives "if I buy a class set of 32 ipods, and I want to use a paid app, how many copies does the school need to buy, how many itunes accounts do we need, how many computers do we need to sync all 32 devices and how can we purchase using ta purchase order (no school is going to relish tying a credit card to a personal account, or cutting a PO for 30 $25 itunes gift cards!)

    The answer we have gotten back every time has been not 32, not 1, not 1 for every 5 devices, but the question does not apply, the iPod and iTunes are consumer products and the enduser agreement is for consumers not institutions, and when asked for advice we've been told that Apple does not provide interpretations of their agreements and how we choose to interpret it is a mater that we should take up with our in-house council.

    The good will and glow of Apple in education will continue to drive adoption of the ipod and ipad. I know millions of stimulus dollars went to ipods in school districts around the country, unfortunately, until Apple accepts the fact that school districts are not individuals and they have to "think different" and work with us when we ask for advice on how to successfully use their products in K12, much of the money and the potential will go o waste.

    May 2, 01:55 PM
    All this image shows is that the person measuring the white iPhone 4 has no idea how to use a caliper. The idea of a caliper isn't to squeeze the crap out of whatever you're measuring. It is obvious that the in the right picture they are squeezing much harder just looking at the discoloration of the persons skin on their thumb.

    Sorry sir, but you are wrong. The difference is only in the post-process of the images. Your "perceived" skin discoloration is because the second image has a higher level of contrast, thus blowing away the highlights and enhancing the midtones and shadows.

    Oct 6, 10:19 AM
    4" screen in 16:9 format would be nice. I don't find 3.5" too big.

    This would indeed be a welcomed improvement however I highly doubt that there's much truth to these claims.

    Apr 6, 06:29 PM
    Why can't they just make a JACK connector, with 4 wires, like for the iPod Shuffle? That would allow everything to go through ONE port, it would be easy to manufacture, compatible, and there would be no wrong way of connecting it. Not to mention it's tiny.

    You could then replace all the USB, Thunderbolt, FireWire 400, FireWire 800 and all that random stuff with ONE connector that would be easy to connect, cheap to buy and it would be very small and secure.

    Wake me up when it will be possible to supply data at high speed and enough power through 4 cables with a jack connector.

    Because Apple wants you to buy as many 29 dollar adapters as possible.

    Jun 13, 03:37 PM
    OK I've redone the guides category. So I've finally finished this :).

    There are four articles remaining in Old Categories (http://guides.macrumors.com/Category:Old_Categories) all of which frankly should be deleted.

    http://guides.macrumors.com/High-Voltage_Differential has nothing to do with Macs or Apple.

    http://guides.macrumors.com/I�C is only tangentally related to the sudden motion sensor, but still should go.

    and the final article is on Vista Beta 2, which I have already whined about asked to be deleted.

    The categories that are subcategories of Old Categories are all now empty and can also be deleted.

    Aug 14, 03:04 PM
    Worst Apple ads ever. You attract more flies with sugar than vinegar, and Apple's all about the vinegar.

    I strongly disagree. These ads are based on humor. Humor seems more like a sweet enticement than a sour one.

    Oh, and by the way, it's honey, not sugar.

    I'm not claiming to say that these ads have hurt or helped boost the market shares.

    Well, actually you are:

    Not because of these commercials.

    That seems pretty much like your denying the possibility that they have helped, explicitly.

    ...I'm only saying that I have only heard negative things about them.

    I feel embarrassed watching them.

    Well, you know, that's your experience and your issue. I find them funny. Everyone I know finds them funny. And that includes a number of PC users, including IT professionals. The only person who didn't quite let himself laugh openly about them is my dad, and he has a personal bias against Macs.

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