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  • polyesterlester
    Oct 27, 12:14 AM
    Are you saying you're happy it costs $99? You don't want to pay less, no? :rolleyes: The more complaining and bad feedback we give Apple that this service is simply too expensive the better, and the better chance we have they will begin to pay attention to loads ( of posts/blogs/and stories on this. I feel sick when I have to tell someone how much it costs. I mean they say .Mac syncing is included! You have to pay to sync computers that you payed money for, and worse still you have to give it to the company you bought the computers from?? Give me a break! GMail is free too. iWeb provides little bandwidth, and the whole this is wrapped-up with a tiny storage package. And I don't think the solution is for Apple to give us more storage. I would prefer a cheaper price to more storage any-day. If you want moe storage then you pay $99, otherwise this should cost no more than $49 per year. At the VERY MOST!!

    Well, now Apple's onto your little scheme and they'll NEVER charge less! :rolleyes:

    Seriously, though, I doubt Apple cares what people are saying on the MacRumors forum. I'd of course like them to up the storage too, and what I really want is a spam filter in the webmail. It's why I never check my .mac account anymore. Way too much spam.

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  • whoodie
    Mar 12, 10:01 AM
    So who is going out today to try and find one? I personally think the chances are slim to none.

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  • BBCWatcher
    Jun 10, 10:46 PM
    Bleh... The only provider that has a chance at delivering worse service for the iPhone than AT&T....

    Perhaps, but T-Mobile's major problem is coverage rather than saturation. (Although T-Mobile has filled in its gaps primarily with AT&T coverage agreements.) There aren't all that many people competing for AWS 3G service right now, even in places like New York and San Francisco, and that's precisely where the AT&T-only iPhone needs help.

    That's why I tend to think an Apple MVNO approach would make a lot of sense, to stitch together T-Mobile, AT&T, and perhaps some smaller regional carriers into a single "best service available" iPhone/iPad network. An MVNO could better manage coverage gaps and high demand areas across carriers.

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  • JoEw
    Aug 20, 01:47 PM
    horrible facebook update can't login and when i was able to log in i was not able to to view any of my messages.

    i guess it's until they can fix.


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  • CaptMurdock
    Apr 10, 09:46 PM
    Say something because I don't know what that picture is supposed to mean. Can I take it to mean you don't believe there's any benefit to cutting taxes? If so, you should just say it so I can tell you where you're wrong much faster.

    No, you can take it to mean that your argument a crock of unmitigated crap. As for the benefit of cutting taxes, it depends on the context. So don't jump in to tell me I'm wrong "much faster" because I'm not.

    (Really, you didn't get the message from the picture? :rolleyes: )

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  • iMrNiceGuy0023
    Jan 6, 11:37 PM
    I updated...but the app store is still telling me I have a facebook app update....anyone else have this issue?


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  • orangecrushv
    Mar 7, 08:17 AM
    Someone leave one available in Dallas for Saturday... Want to surprise my wife with one for her birthday but won't be able to make a covert shopping trip until Saturday... ;)

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  • NT1440
    Apr 3, 12:54 PM
    If states went into deficits because people didn't have enough money to pay their taxes how will raising taxes solve this problem?

    Did you read the article at all before posting? :confused:


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  • dvdhsu
    Apr 16, 03:42 PM
    Steve looks more and more like the guy on the screen every day!

    I know!

    Totally! :D

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  • MacRumorUser
    Mar 25, 01:39 AM
    The fact NO site has seemingly reviewed any of UBI's release is very suspicious about their quality.

    Is there a review Embargo in place I wonder?


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  • MacinDoc
    Sep 19, 03:43 PM
    What about a firmware update for the 24" iMac?

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  • tk421
    Mar 19, 05:03 PM

    4 years ago my brother (parents) had to pay $2000 for his "tablet PC" from HP in highschool.

    This works out to what, $470 a piece? Give me a break.

    4 years ago is completely irrelevant in the tech world.

    The comparison that is valid is iPad-with-discount to iPad-without-discount. The discount is 4% on the $499 model and less on others. That's pretty small.


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  • bonaccij
    Apr 19, 09:54 AM
    That didn't look like a micro sim...

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  • 5hhhhh
    Apr 29, 12:59 PM
    Mac OS X 10.5.8.

    firefox 3.6.17

    just happened, that i could save to pdf, or better "create pdf files" two days ago.. with just this configuration (no updates since...)

    and since yesterday i cannot open the firefox-creeated pdfs anymore...


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  • kiljoy616
    Mar 25, 09:33 AM
    The difference here is Samsung settled. With $1billion at stake, Apple will likely fight this to the end. And with countersuits on the line, this will get ugly.

    For a billion apple could just go out and buy the company. :rolleyes:

    Considering they are today at 3.43 per share just buy them out and throw out the executive.

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  • Eye4Desyn
    Mar 28, 09:08 AM
    ...The Windows phone 7 Metro UI is much better looking than iOS, cleaner, more fashionable. iOS is downright ugly compared to it.

    I would agree that the WP7 Metro is a good looking UI when compared to iOS. However, it seems pretty obvious that we won't be getting an iOS UI overhaul after having seen screen shots of Lion's Launchpad.


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  • iGary
    Sep 9, 08:59 AM
    I hope this doesn't come across as overly whiny, but it has been just about the ********* month of my life.

    My dad died suddnely, totally unexpected, in his sleep on the 14th of last month, and I'm still crying about it. My grandmother (we were totally tight) died two weeks later. My sister's house in N.O. escaped total destruction, but she can't go back. My nephew flipped his Explorer - luckily he is OK. My partner's mother had heart surgery two days ago....

    I need to get away for a couple of days, at not much expense, and away from hoarding crowds. Something fun, totally different and totally mind numbing. Can anyone give me ideas on a +/- 500.00 couple of days?

    Just need to get away. :D

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  • apolloa
    Apr 21, 02:13 PM
    So as we all know we'll get the A5 chip but don't know what clock speeds, we will get a design much like the iPhone 4 which IMO is fantastic news, a pretty much confirmed 8mpx camera unit from Sony which again is just fantastic news, so long as Apple have learnt to protect the lens a bit!!

    And we are all expecting to have 64gb version and lets hope the 32gb takes the place and price point of the 16gb.

    And now this brilliant news, and I am going to state I bet one of those developers is Gameloft and I bet it's developing it's Unreal Engine based game for it!!!! Black Ops running on the iPhone 5 and Unreal Engine anyone? Sounds truthful to me :)

    I'm thinking the next iPhone will be a keeper for a few years, well 2 anyway haha.

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  • alongston
    Dec 27, 11:58 PM
    I often check into places just so I can see if any of my friends are there also (sporting events, concerts, etc). If you want to "check out" all you do is go to your profile and delete your check in.

    Apr 5, 12:19 PM
    The u.s had the opportunity to thrive, especially after the cold war, but instead the country decided it would focus itself on wars, and therefore continue to spend more money than it could afford. This worked itself through the economy ( greed - irresponsible loans, derivatives ( which are a total con ) etc which lead to the banking crisis didn't help ), and now the u.s finds itself in the pits.

    Hey, you had the potential but you decided to throw it all away...

    US has several shortcomings that have converged to create this situation.

    Apr 20, 09:37 AM
    thanks for welcoming me. i had a windows box running SETI all day but saw that Macrumors had a folding@home team so decided to join in. i have a question though, does having a dedicated GPU help out alot? Right the computer only has integrated graphics.

    Jun 1, 04:38 AM
    I don't think See Also would really be good enough, it would have to be handled on a case by case basis depending on the article, but a web page does not have to stick to a particular format.

    Which is absolutely fine, not all applications have command line equivalents.

    Has anyone any objections with the beta category idea? I'd quite like to see what they are like...

    Jun 2, 07:34 PM
    That was wierd. When i came to this forum just now. I thing stuck to my screen even when i scolled up and down, it said "macrumors - FoldingTracker (a widget just for you!)"

    anyone had this before. It does not do it again. I got a screen shot of it. I will post it later.

    (i did a fast crop of it)

    Mar 23, 01:53 PM
    License for $4?

    Apple should license it for *free*.

    They pretty much will. They do it w/ Airplay audio. $4 is only to cover extra cost of overhead needed to provide it to OEM's. No profit being made.

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