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  • Popeye206
    Apr 12, 07:23 PM
    40% more demand than iPad 1.0 roughly means that Apple should only sell 21 million iPad 2.0's this year.

    How pathetic compared to all the other tablet sales. :p

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  • bluebomberman
    Feb 28, 06:24 PM
    There's a big difference between "many single machines can fail and the cloud survives" and "individual machines are stable". Most businesses can't afford the mass cloud redundancy of Google, and most can't afford to have machines go down regularly.

    The point of "big iron" is that you buy one large expensive machine that just sits there doing its work quietly for years on end, with little active administration needed.

    I guess each situation is different. I'm more interested personally in the SOHO scenarios, where dedicated servers and an exclusive IT staff are slowly losing relevance (http://37signals.com/svn/posts/2785-the-end-of-the-it-department).

    (Although the news of Gmail losing emails gives me pause (http://www.macworld.com/article/158186/2011/02/gmail.html).)

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  • jelloshotsrule
    May 7, 04:27 PM
    Originally posted by scem0
    Does SJ really think that a 16 year old who
    has to pay for his own computer will be able to afford a mac?

    i agree that macs could be cheaper... but your reasoning isn't exactly perfect... i mean, does mr. bmw think that a 17 year old who just got his license and has to buy his own car can afford a bmw?

    you get the point.

    i know it's not the same, but yeah. word.

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  • completeidiot23
    Dec 21, 06:09 AM
    people are computers, they buy what is sold to them. if people are constantly being told that this music, is the new thing, then sooner or later they will buy it. rather then making music a personal choice, they buy what ever is on radio.

    I like to make my music a personal thing, i go out and look for my music, not following what is told that great and hip.


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  • e-coli
    Apr 1, 10:13 AM
    Well they removed everything good, so this is pretty much a load of crap now.

    Unless you want to watch Ron Burgundy...ahem I mean Chris Matthews...on your iPad.

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  • snberk103
    Mar 18, 03:06 PM
    I do still suck.

    My problem is leaving my camera on Auto. I just don't know which setting to use. The more I read and the more opinions I see, the more confused I get. Plus when I see a good subject I don't want to mess it up with my ill informed selections...

    I did just buy the Bryan Peterson Understanding Exposure book, so hopefully that will help set me off in the right direction!

    I think sometimes people can be intimidated by all the choices. The trick, when learning, is simplify things, imo. So... read up on controlling Depth of Field using the aperture (f/stop). Ignore everything else. Set your camera on Aperture priority (usually Av) and let the camera do the work maintaining exposure. Then play with that for a while, just concentrating on the DoF. Find scenes where there is a series of objects from close to far, and focus on one of those objects, and then take 3 photos at the biggest/smallest f/stop # and then the middle. Don't move. Focus on an object at a different distance, and do the same thing.

    Do this over and over again, with different subjects, until you get a feel for DoF. Don't sweat the other stuff, and don't even worry about perfect exposures at this point. Just get "good enough" exposures.

    Now do the same thing for Shutter Priority. Except in this case, you find things that are moving. Fast, slow, close, far. Shoot the same type of motion with different shutter speeds - as different as possible, and then something in the middle. Don't worry about the other settings.

    Copy and paste this post somewhere, and don't read anymore until you have done parts one and two above.

    Now that you are comfortable with Apertures and Shutters ... concentrate on exposure control. The challenge is to get really good exposures, while at the same time getting the DoF and shutter speeds into an acceptable range. Read up on ISOs. One of the huge advantages of digital cameras is being able to change the ISO as you shoot. Use it. Also know that photography is often about compromises. In order to get the DoF you want, you may need to use a shutter speed that is not quite right, and/or an ISO that leaves noise, etc etc But that is just part of the game, and as you gain more experience you will find ways to mitigate these issues.

    Also, there are two more ways to control DoF (lense focal length, and camera to subject distance.) But if you are reading this only after you did your homework, it won't be intimidating. It will be fun to figure it out. And if you read right through you are thinking " Aaaccckkk!!!" (I warned you, though... :) )

    imho, of course


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  • ma5ter5
    Mar 23, 01:55 PM
    It would be nice if Apple focused on getting airplay to work well within their own devices. I'm tired of dropping music from itunes or my iphone to my AE. It pisses me off because I purchased the AE with the sole intent of using it for airplay.

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  • whooleytoo
    Sep 26, 10:57 AM
    It seems to me that Apple are the good guys here for once, slapping down a company that is trying to trademark terms that are already in use albeit in a niche market!

    Personally, I can't see how Apple could be seen to be the good guys in this case, given they're sending cease-and-desist letters to people using 'pod' (not "iPod") in their product names.


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  • Collected
    Apr 21, 01:22 PM
    Ahh my wet dream of John Carmack and Steve Jobs on the same stage gets a little closer.

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  • ikir
    Feb 19, 12:06 PM
    Being a vegan is probably what's wrong with him. Friends don't let friends eat veggie burgers !!!!!:eek:

    Vegetarians are in general healty. It all depends on what you eat, a vegeratian could eat only fried chips so it would not be healty :-) I'm vegarian and i'm awesome too and sadly i don't get sick even if i want :-( I have many friends who are vegetarian and they are not necessary slim, one of them has some Kg extra.

    Last studies finally, after many years of ignorance, state vegans/vegetarians are OFTEN healty. Stop the nosense.


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  • scottsjack
    Apr 26, 01:34 PM
    I'd stay with DVD. A DVD is cheaper and more reliable than a thumb drive. I am aware that DVDs are not as cool as thumb drives, SSDs and liquid metal and therefore the gimme-new-stuff fan boys are in fact cool by rejecting them.

    However DVDs work really great and are easy to store. Uncool, simple, cheap and reliable equals really cool from my point of view.

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  • reputationZed
    Apr 25, 08:40 PM
    No thanks. Looks like I'll be voting for Bill the Cat again.
    http://thfd.smugmug.com/Other/Forums/billthecat/858186861_umpyA-L.jpg (http://thfd.smugmug.com/Other/Forums/7305329_XAcTU#858186861_umpyA-A-LB)


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  • snberk103
    Mar 17, 10:47 PM
    In response to all the "Recommend Me a Camera/Lens/Editor etc" threads, I offer this. Comments or additions?

    Buy A New and More Expensive Camera Because It'll Make Better Pictures


    This can be expanded to include buying gear in general, like strobes and backdrops, etc...

    ... I have noticed I feel a bit intimidated by portrait type photography. I don't have the right equipment for it (flashes, strobes, backdrops, studio...), and I'm not sure I want to go that route. ...

    I think you need to read that bit above again.

    You don't need much gear at all to get started doing great photography - you just need to be good with people and have reasonable photo skills. If you are have that, then all you need is a reasonably sharp and long-ish lense and a window. See Lloyd Erlick (http://www.heylloyd.com/) for example. I don't think he is still active, but he was shooting 4x5 BW portraits by window light. I think some of his portraits are the best I have seen. I've learned from him to try and keep my portraits simple. I tell my students that doing portraiture is both the easiest and the most difficult kind of photography there is. Easy because you can make great portraits with window light, and one good lense on a camera. If you want to get fancy you can add a reflector :) . Difficult, because you need to work with people.

    ... I also don't care for sports in general, so that's not a likely path for me, either....

    Good decision. If you don't love the stuff you shoot, it shows.

    One of the best rock-n-roll photographers you will not have heard of in North America (if not the world), is Dee Lippingwell (http://www.deelippingwell.com/). She had a daytime job, but loved music. So she approached an entertainment weekly and offered to take photos, in order to get the press passes into the events. She then quit the daytime job to do the photography full time. Still loves the music and the music biz.

    I've sat through a couple of seminars she has done (short on technical advice, but huge on rock-n-roll stories!

    Don't let the website fool you. She doesn't actually need to advertize much. She was one of less than a dozen photographers that Mick Jagger personally invited to shoot the big SARS concert in Toronto a few years ago. I have the honour of calling her a friend, and in one of her band shots on the website you can see my former studio reflected in the subject's sunglasses.

    She loves what she does, it shows, and her clients know that.

    So keep banging away. It gets easier, then more difficult, then it plateaus into sort of easy again. Well, not really - but you love what you do so much you don't notice that it's difficult.

    ... of the above are imho, of course....

    PS: Thanks Dale for the OP!

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  • *LTD*
    Apr 30, 03:24 PM
    If you need any kind of savvy to effectively and productively use an operating system, the operating system is poorly designed.

    Sorry, guys. New rules for the post-PC era. Complexity is OUT. Get with the game. Forget conventional IT logic. It no longer applies.

    Anyone who chooses the simplest operating system (like OS X and iOS, obviously) to accomplish the same tasks *is* savvy.


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  • ChazUK
    Apr 17, 03:07 PM
    The biggest reason why Android will not overtake the iPhone in app sales is that the iPhone is consistent in its OS revisions.
    Are we not forgetting that the market for apps is going to start to fragment come OS4? With 1st gen iPhone and iPod touch owners stuck without an update and iPad owners stuck on 3.2 until "Fall", development for iPhone may start to become a pain soon if you want to maximise customer base. I'm not sure how backwards compatible an app developed for the iPhone and OS4 would be when running on the iPad if it uses API's not available on 3.2.

    Then we have the potential of 3 different OS4 capable phones which may vary in features come the next gen iPhone. 3G can't multitask and will undoubtedly mis some OS4 features, the 3GS will do everything Apple has shown so far and I expect the next iPhone to have some more features over the last two.

    Android's open-ness which is a strength is also its biggest weakness. As a developer its a small nightmare to test and develop for it because of so many unknowns.

    Are we talking software or hardware wise here?

    It must be a pain in the arse developing for Android and working out things like, does it have a trackball or D-pad, what processor & how much RAM the device has, what size screen does it have, which OS revision is it using....

    So far as unified hardware goes, the iPhone has been king so far, I agree. :)

    Have you got any Android projects currently in development?

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  • rmitchell248
    Mar 18, 04:09 PM

    todays exchange rate thats $8.21/gallon


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  • timmillwood
    Oct 16, 05:31 PM
    I would love to see a 4gb nano phone which qwerty keyboard, 3mp camera, wi-fi and GPS

    iPhone Pro would be a good name

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  • backspinner
    Nov 21, 04:31 PM
    a problem will be that it needs a thermal difference to work

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  • Horrortaxi
    Apr 2, 12:15 PM
    I'm sorry you had problems but Pages is a 1.0 release and you're an early adopter. That can be a hard road if you choose to take it.

    Thomas Veil
    Apr 8, 06:09 AM
    How dumb can a party/movement be?
    Please...don't give them a challenge.

    Mar 21, 07:31 AM
    Where did you find it at �1.30? I paid �1.39/l diesel yesterday in Stourbridge ($8.45 US gallon)

    I've started too see diesel creep over the �1.40 mark around Manchester. I seem to remember just a year or two ago complaining when it went over �1!

    Mar 28, 09:28 AM
    I seem to remember a rumour not long after the iPad 2 event that iPhone 5 would be delayed until late summer / autumn. Perhaps all these rumours are falling into place and we won't see iPhone 5 until after the summer.

    Apr 12, 08:08 PM
    this has nothing to do with iPads i suppose but a co-worker and I at lunch yesterday had our iPhones out (me ATT & Co-worker VZW) he could not get any bars and therefore his apps were useless for 3G (we were trying a GPS Map) and I got on and got teh voice commands within 30 seconds. I had 4 bars, he had none. He said his Verizon iPhone was about useless for any service. he had ATT before but the company has a Verizon plan and his phone is company paid...

    Apr 23, 09:48 AM
    I think most people that show hatred to sandy bridge CPU are owners of late 2010 MBA. Bias imo.

    Or maybe people who simply prefer the 320 over the 3000?

    I like to do some light gaming on-the-go, and while I have my M11x for that, I mostly carry around my Air now.

    Before you tell me that the 3000 isn't as bad as I make it out to be, I have a 2011 13" Pro (i7-2.7/4/HD3000). CODMW2 on Medium settings on that, I can barely eke out 20fps while I can get 30 on my Air (although I did slightly OC the 320M).

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