Jacuzzi Hot Tub

    We are back up and running! 

    Its been a while since we used our Jacuzzi (aka Hot Tub) because we had to re-wire the thing, install new pipes and fix the heating element.  So its been out of action for a while...

    After my friend cancelled yesterday afternoon's get-together half an hour before they were due to arrive (I was so disappointed), my Boerewors and I decided to finish the repairs on the jacuzzi and then crank it up and enjoy the afternoon and evening on our own under the bubbles. 

    Megan even mentioned :  "It was nice spending the day together with just our family".  Gosh when she said that I realised just how much we either go out over the weekends of have hoards of people over.  The girls are so used to the hussle and bussle and hectic social life, that they actually appreciate some quiet, alone time...

    It was a lovely relaxing evening with the girls enjoying the bubble fun and when the girls went to bed, my Boerewors and I got to enjoy it all on our own.

    A good evening all-in-all

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