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    I am soopa excited today as I have a huge surprise planned for my sister's birthday tomorrow, which obviously I cannot reveal to you just yet as my dear darlin' sis reads my blog regularly and I'd hate to spoil her surprise.

    My sister is like me, she doesn't like surprises.  She enjoys the thought of being surprised but she really doesn't like them because it gets her edgy and she feels out of control and annoyed. 

    My sister's wonderful boyfriend has paid for my sister to be surprised and I organised all the details.  She turned around to him and said "I HATE surprises".  Well, Janie, don't be an ungrateful will forgive and kiss him all over when you find out what we're just shup up and enjoy the fact that someone has organised something VERY special for you, RIGHT???

    Never-the-less, I think it will be worth-while seeing her face tomorrow when the penny drops.

    Wil post pictures when we get back!

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