Two Shiney New Pennies

    Yesterday my sister, Janie was surprised by her very sweet partner, Mick, and sent us to the Indaba Hotel Mangwanani Private African Day Spa for the day to celebrate her birthday. We got the African Revitilisation Full Day Spa Package.

    Two words : FRIKKEN AWESOME!!!

    From the moment we arrived we were treated like royalty! We got champagne on arrival and were immediately sent to change into our white fluffy robes and slippers. It was then back to the dining room for a lovely and leisurely healthy breakfast of muslei, yoghurt, fruit, tea, coffee, scones, muffins, croissants.

    After breakfast we were taken off to have our first treatment (one of seven treatments) of the day which was a full Body Scrub. Between each treatment we got a 5 or 10 minute break to have more juice, fruit, champagne and a ciggie.

    Our next event was some free time by the pool where I enjoyed the view and the sunshine and Janie enjoyed a dip in their stunning wee rock pool. While we were by the pool a lady came with drinks and asked us if she could give us a foot rub (not part of the package). Of course we accepted.

    Our next one was a hand massage (from finger tips to elbow) which was my favourite of the day. They lady who was doing it had an incredible energy so I just closed my eyes lay back and basked in the sensations, the soft music, the warm breeze, the sound of the wate trickling nearby, the birds chirping and the smells of the essential oils. It was magnificent!

    Our third treatment was the North African head, neck and scalp massage. Lovely but we came out of there looking like you could fry chips in our hair. It was well worth it though.

    Then it was lunch and back to the dining room for a scrummy chicken salad and gorgeous decadent desserts of chocolate or strawberry mousse, mini milk tarts, chocolate brownies, ice cream, hot malva pudding with custard. And more champagne! Hmmmmm lovely. What more could a girl want? Walking around in our comfy garb, an endless supply of food and booze? Heaven on earth, I say...

    After lunch it was back to the treatment rooms and we went for our beauty facial. It was beautiful just lying there with a mask on my face REALLY relaxing. You don't realise that we don't really relax at home - well I know I don't. I'm always buzzing around and finding things to do...

    Our next treatment was our Full Body Hot Stone Massage. How delicious. Pampered from bottom to top and all I wanted to do by then is go and take a nap and Janie said the only thing thats missing from her relaxation is smoking a spliff! We giggled. Its exhausting being spoiled rotten! I could get used to it.

    Our final treatment was the foot massage which of course was not my favourite (because anyone close to me knows I don't like feet. I think they're ugly and I don't like anyone touching my feet) so I'm glad they left this one for last because by then my legs were like jelly from all the treatments.

    We left at 5pm and after all that R & R, did we really have to sit in the rush-hour city bumper-to-bumper traffic. The stress was creeping back in already...

    A HUGE, MASSIVE, GARGANTUAN Thank You to Mick who sent us to this Piece of Paradise for the day. No words can actually explain how grateful I am that I got to spend the entire day with Janie on her birthday and that we got so spoiled at the Spa, thanks to you.


    An excited Janie when she found out where we were going

    In the change rooms in our fluffy robes and slippers

    The beautiful bathrooms where you didn't even have to dry your own hands

    Everything was just perfect, every detail thought out and everything was five star

    The Dining Room

    Janie with her freebie water bottles

    Gillian on the way to a treatment

    Janie posing along the way

    Ching! Ching! Nothing like a glass of bubbly to relax you

    The birhtday girl with her bubbly

    Janie enjoying a float in the rock pool.

    Janie sitting by one of the quiet spots

    Loads of lavendar surround the entire venue

    One of the outdoor treatment rooms

    The pool area at a distance

    One of the pause / chill areas

    The Mangwanani Shop full of cool merchandise and racks of lovely pots and potions.

    One of the many water feature areas that surround the outdoor treatment rooms

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