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  • GekkePrutser
    Oct 26, 12:55 PM
    I'm sure this is the first of many companies to ignore the massive PowerPC userbase out there. I wish there was something like a reverse-rosetta.

    So much for the age-old tradition of Macs having a much longer useful service life than a Windows PC, now a 2-month old PowerMac is already becoming obsolete.

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  • stockscalper
    Apr 12, 01:00 PM
    No matter how much you polish a turd, it's still a turd.

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  • MikeTheC
    Nov 12, 08:18 PM
    If they told you what she was saying, then you still could not understand it.

    That was a stirring reply, Eastend. And while it's true that all answers are replies, not all replies are answers.

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  • steelfist
    Oct 10, 05:54 AM
    aw, crybaby, you are going to lose buisness aren't you? don't worry, there's always HD-DVD and Blueray movies coming out. these people just can't accept the fact that there's a new method, downloading legaly online, that's going to be a big hit. cry all you want. wah wah wah


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  • rovex
    Apr 5, 11:33 AM
    Wouldn't that be so annoying in the dark, like the backlight on the keyboard of a MBP when your watching a movie?

    I've thought about that but I personally cup my thumb around the bezel so I wouldn't notice it....

    Don't know how others hold it when surfing web/YouTube videos....

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  • eternlgladiator
    Feb 23, 03:45 PM
    oooo high as pos please. was thinking dvd screen shot but it looks pants.

    I chopped the guy out and scaled it up on photoshop to 1920x1200. It doesn't look terrible and you can't really tell there was a person in it. My photoshop skills are a little lacking since I haven't had formal training in about 3 years and am not familiar with all the new stuff it can do. Do you know how I can post a picture on the forum from my computer or do you want to email me? my macrumors name @ gmail


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  • calderone
    Feb 24, 10:43 PM
    Well, it is pretty not functional in this early release.

    There is a new app called "Server" which seems to be similar to the current "Server Preferences." I always find Server Preferences to be a joke.

    Server Admin is still their, but all the Services that "Server" covers are not in Server Admin. Thankfully NetBoot and SUS are still in place as is DNS. What they may be doing is using "Server" for the consumer. And keeping more advanced features like DNS, OD, etc in Server Admin.

    Notably missing from File Sharing is NFS and their are no advanced file sharing options in Server Admin.

    All in all, I am pretty disappointed. I would much prefer the "Server Preferences" and "Server Admin" arrangement that is currently in SL Server. I definitely would not say this is fulling featured. At this time it is a giant downgrade

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  • *LTD*
    May 5, 10:59 PM
    I like how Microsoft thinks the 11" MacBook Air is a netbook ;)

    MS has no friggin clue when it comes to mentioning Apple directly about anything. Whatever comes out of MS that is anti-Apple falls completely flat after Apple releases their quarterly numbers. Why even bother calling more attention to Apple, while in the process also highlighting that what you peddle by comparison is total ****. It'll only result in more Mac sales!


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  • gkarris
    Mar 21, 10:37 AM
    Going to NYC for the launch party! My friend reserved me a black 3DS at a gamestop near his college(and a blue one for himself), but after we pick that up, we're going to Nintendo World Store for the launch party(hopefully it will still be bouncing after we pick up our 3DS elsewhere. I'm planning to camp out so my friend and I can get it quickly and move to Nintendo World Store

    Ha, ha - Nintendo Launch Party Hopping... :eek:

    Have fun! ;)

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  • SevenInchScrew
    Mar 9, 11:59 AM
    I think I'm going to go with Flickr, since Smugmug is too expensive for my needs. Thanks!

    EDIT: actually, I just checked, and Flickr will only let me upload 300MB a month, and will only let me see the most recent 200 pictures on a free account. That's basically worthless too. Maybe I'll just buy another external hard drive instead.
    Flickr Pro is $25 a year, and has no limits. You could get 3-4 years of Flickr Pro for the price of your average nice external drive. I would rather have Flickr Pro, but that is just me.


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  • MacRumorUser
    Apr 2, 10:54 AM
    The 3DS is a glossy nightmare and should be used as a showcase of what not to do when it comes to industrial design.

    Especially the green sorry 'Aqua Blue' version.

    Bought Rabbids 3D. It's an OK 2D (quasi 3D) platformer - doesn't really benefit in any shape or form on the 3D handheld. But it plays well enough I suppose (till something better comes out and warrants me trading it in).

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  • Satori
    Apr 1, 08:42 AM
    Do these companies really want people to pay for the same content twice? Surely they can't realistically expect to a get premium for viewing in the same location but just through a different medium?

    Sadly, this doesn't surprise me at all.


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  • zemoleman
    Apr 16, 02:58 PM
    Is it me or is Apple becoming a silly caricature of its own 1984 ad?

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  • MacNut
    Apr 30, 10:45 PM
    The correspondents dinner was tonight and Trump got destroyed. He did not look happy.:p


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  • Chundles
    Sep 27, 10:47 AM
    No, no, no! Don't you know, after 10.4.9 Apple has run out of numbers! It'd have to be 10.5.0!


    Couldn't resist...sorry!

    :eek: :eek: :eek:

    You're right, whatever will they doooooo??????

    Insert InvisiText� Disclaimer that I know 10.4.10 does not equal 10.5.0 here.

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  • MattSepeta
    Mar 29, 11:37 AM
    oh man.. why does this thread have 3 pages???

    Easy answer in a paragraph: EF lenses are designed with a full-frame camera in mind. EF-S lenses are designed with a Crop (1.6x) camera in mind.

    Differences between them? Very little. Example: I used my 11-16 EF-S on my 5DII until I got a EF UWA. Drawback? I could only use the 16mm of it if I wanted to avoid a wild vignette, because the EF-S lens was designed for a CROP camera, one that would crop the outer edges of the image, thus eliminating the vignette.

    If you put a hypothetical 50mm EF-S and a 50mm EF on any given camera, assuming the mounts worked, the image would be exactly the same.

    however, if you put a 50mm EF (which work on both FF and crop cameras) on a FF vs a crop camera, the images will be different. On the FF you will have a true 50mm FOv, whereas on the crop camera (1.6x) you will have essentially an 80mm FOV, because the crop camera crops the image to result at 1.6x the size of a FF cameras FOV.

    something like that.

    So: The lenses are not any different really.


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  • rmwebs
    Mar 25, 12:04 PM
    Kodak, just admit that you royally screwed up and missed the boat when the world went digital, don't try to suck money from the winners by suing them. Why not get the money from customers instead by making products that people actually want to buy.

    They have every right to sue if Apple violated their patent. They invented the technology and decided to protect it, period.

    You'd be royally pissed if Microsoft came out with the mPhone which looked and felt exactly like an iPhone...parents exist for a very good reason.

    The fact that kodak is a dying company is neither here nor there and has no place in this thread.

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  • EJBasile
    Sep 14, 07:52 PM
    I think everyone has really covered the bases here.

    I've actually never had surgery.

    Just as the anesthesiologist to make sure he gives you enough anesthesia. There have been cases were patients are awake during the surgeries, but unable to move. It actually happens more than you would think its just that it usually for a very short period of time and you won't remember it if it does happen. Only in rare cases will you ever remember it. Some doctors do use brain activity monitors to make sure the patient isn't awake, but they are very expensive electronics.

    I'm sure that wasn't really helpful, DON'T worry about it though. It won't happen to you, and if it does, you'll never know it did.

    I wish you the best of luck in surgery. You'll do fine. If your really worried, do something you enjoy to get your mind off of it.

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  • Dracula77
    Apr 14, 02:14 PM
    Why is this considered NEWS? Let only a juicy RUMOR.

    Mar 20, 03:00 AM
    I just want to adress the part of not being a jack of all trades.
    The idea of sticking to one type of photography is an old fashioned one. It was true merely 7-10 years ago and still true for those who are already established niche photographers.

    For new young guys trying to get a foot in, you must not believe that you are so good that you can just start a business and then only do high fashion, expensive weddings or top dollar advertising. You have to be able to do all! Why? Because there are so many photographers and wanna-bes these days and they all compete by tearing down the prices... lower prices = need to do more to earn a living, and my guess is that if you're not already established... you cannot choose to work niche photography.

    Fortunately for myself I have a full time job doing food and warehouse merchandise photography... but since I want to do creative work as well, I'm picking up small jobs on the side like model tests, portraits of artist friends and music videos... let me tell you what I was paid for my last video job:

    $375, full days work from 7 - 20

    Thats almost not enough to pay the rent of the gear if I had to rent it.

    So stop the illusion of being special, and accept that is reserve for the very few. If you want to make a living taking pictures, jack of all is the way to go...

    Ps. One niche that Is nice to do is working with a sinar. Not a lot of photographers know how to works those and they do a hell of a lot better at certain types of photography than any canon, nikon or hasselblad, because you can control your dof and make natural blur across a diagonal.

    Nov 21, 04:42 PM
    ... sooo, a thermocouple ( on a chip? Thermocouples have horrendous efficiency. I don't see how a such a chip in an enclosed environment (like a laptop motherboard) can achieve enough of a thermal gradient to produce enough current to be useful.

    I dunno, i'm skeptical.

    Apr 12, 02:19 PM
    Most political interest groups or whatever you may call them tend to sooner or later be a hindrance to integration that a benefit. It is in their very nature as their mission is to watch out for the interest of their constituents. Sooner or later that will lead to trying to carve out special privileges.
    Also most of these interest groups do not truly represent the majority of the people they claim to represent anyways.
    Doesn't matter what group that is, racial, ethnic, religious, industry, social etc.. Politics would benefit most from banning all of them from the political discourse.

    Dec 22, 04:05 AM
    What I'm curious about is why blindly (for a lot of people) support a very successful band, wouldn't this have been a really nice little story if people rallied to buy a track from a smaller/upcoming band? Or maybe a real charity single or for something more deserving, like them soldier blokes or whoever.

    Good points, but I think you're knit-picking. A smaller and more unknown song from a smaller and more unknown band wouldn't have had the same impact. Nearly everyone has heard of RATM, and I think that's what essentially sold it. The song, band and cause, all being about rebellion.

    We've tried what you said before with something called Band Aid. The first time it was rather good and useful. The second time it sucked. The Americans also tried it and it sucked as well.

    I think giving money to shelter is a very good thing to do. I'd certainly hate to be spending xmas alone on the streets, especially in this weather. Soldiers have a job, and it is their choice they wanted to join the army. By all means, they should get all the help needed, but I believe helping the homeless is much more kinder. Please don't shoot me down for that, I fully respect the troops fighting for us abroad, but it was their choice to do that, where as, being homeless, isn't.

    Jan 7, 01:58 PM
    I'm glad I read some reviews- I was about to try the contact syncing. In retrospect, that was stupid to even consider. I have a lot of value in my address book- info collected over many years. Why would I (1) send all that data to Facebook (do they keep it? do we know?) and (2) let said 3rd party app have run of the house, updating/deleting any and all of my contacts?

    Like I say, I almost did it. But it would have been stupid. I *might* have been saved my MobileMe since I'm usually notified before it updates a given percentage of all my data. But still- a risk I don't want to take.

    You fully, and completely misunderstand how the app works.
    Sorry for your ignorance.

    FYI.. no contact info is added or deleted.

    Only contact pictures are synced, and a link to the persons profile is added as a webpage link in your contacts.

    NOTHING is deleted
    NOTHING is overwritten (unless you want to overwrite existing pics) - that's an option you chose.

    the data is sent to facebook in order to "match" contacts by both name and email address.

    What facebook does with the data... I assume nothing. you assume they share it. I suppose that topic is open for debate

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