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  • cheesemonster24
    Mar 25, 02:45 PM
    A co-worker and I called around and found three 16gb at a store. Went to get one apiece and luckily got the last two. They were reluctant to sell them to us for some reason though. :D

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  • elfxmilhouse
    Jan 6, 07:55 PM
    can the new app play facebook videos?

    i hate how you can see and click on the videos in the facebook app but it would just give you a message stating videos are not supported....THEN WHY DO YOU SHOW IT IN tHE FEED?!

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  • mrspoons
    Mar 14, 08:57 AM
    I'm picking up a g4 mini in the next couple of days that has been completely wiped clean.
    I don't have any sort of monitor at home and was looking at hooking it up to my Panasonic plasma to set it up from scratch using a DVI - HDMI cable.
    Will I actually be able to see anythiing without having an OS already installed or is it going to be a pointless exercise?

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  • BornAgainMac
    Apr 25, 05:08 PM
    I hope Apple does the "...go where the puck is going." and provide Lion on a flash drive. I would use it even if I was using a Mac with a DVD drive built-in.


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  • rdowns
    Nov 9, 08:16 AM
    RFID is insecure. The british RFID passports have been cracked within less than 48 hours, the German test ones in less than a day. I wouldn't trust RFID for any important and sensible information like payment services. It's fine for stuff like tracking packages or my skiing card - but that's it.

    If it is so insecure, why haven't we heard of all the peoplebeing ripped off where it's used quite extensively?

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  • Stridder44
    Apr 21, 01:22 PM
    4S. I like the name, and it makes sense to keep continuity with the previous naming scheme (3GS). I guess we'll see a true iPhone 5 next summer.


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  • Frosties
    Nov 6, 05:38 AM
    So the fact that AT&T can currently know everything about you from miles away is ok, but if they add a chip that works for 30 or 40 feet...that's a problem?

    From 1 party to anyone and everyone, your neighbor, elevator, cash register. Anyone with ability to scan rfid know you. That is like shouting out who, what you are all the time 24/7. That is just information pollution.

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  • andiwm2003
    Oct 27, 07:28 AM
    windows XP, IE6

    it loads the webmail interface but i can't click on anything. that means the links are recognized by the cursor but nothing happens. it says error in page. so no webmail for me anymore. $99 for that? i want my old webmail back!


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  • Hrududu
    May 2, 05:31 PM
    How much RAM do you have? In my Late 2009 MBP, whenever I play in the 9400m(256 mb ram), it changes the quality to low, which is still pretty good IMO. Just more cartoony, thats all. Im guessing you will have to play on low though, but you *shouldn't* have a problem.
    I've got the full 3GB that it'll recognize. I'm mostly concerned about the old video card.

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  • kjs862
    May 5, 11:47 AM
    yup, go to apple and ask for a replacement.

    Awesome thank you for the help. I didn't know if this was in spec. I also noticed the black levels weren't as low as I would have liked them to be.


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  • rogerh
    Mar 11, 02:09 PM
    I think I'm gonna goto the bestbuy in irving off 183 by the mall.

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  • Piarco
    Jul 16, 07:23 AM
    Picked up my pre-order today, so far so good! The main reason I exchanged for my Elite was to see if the new Xbox was quieter in RL, which is its by a huge factor. I've got MW2 installing at the mo, and from 3m away can barely discern a hum - no more turbine hall, huzzah!

    With no disk in it really is whisper quiet. There's a shrill "beep" when you use the DVD drive eject button to confirm you've actually touched it, as it's not illuminated in anyway that's probably a good thing.

    Only issue I had was that the HDD was not detected first time I switched it on. One removal and insertion later and alls good, 227GB usable space. I'll ditch all of the pre-installed stuff before I get around to installing all my go-to games, add-ons, saves etc.

    Suits my Samsung HDTV to a tee, one happy owner here!


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  • DeSnousa
    May 14, 06:17 PM
    yeah all of those will help. especially that new mac pro. but even then, unless we are more active on this forum, people won't join the team

    Very much agree, we have had great new participation for new users, even 100-200 ppd from a user is great and still will help the team out.

    Since begining again and having lower points, I have now 2 dangerous enemies that are trying to take me out, stay away daygokid619 and Oculus, I have to admit it really is fun and I will make sure that none of you overtake me so I have recruited my iBook and old P4 to give me an extra 200ppd :eek::p

    I might build a system soon as well as my main is getting really old, should be able to afford it in 3-6 months, what do you guys recommend, I am on a thight budget. Thinking an AMD Phenom with 4gb of ram and a Nvidea gtx260?

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  • SwiftLives
    Apr 10, 10:36 AM
    There a consequences to actions, people should learn this

    Again - are you suggesting a child is nothing more than a "consequence"?


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  • volk
    Oct 27, 02:37 PM
    We all know that this is just Adobe's Revenge for Apple stepping on its e-Toes with items like Final Cut Studio which for all practical purposes smacks down anything that Adobe can muster up, and for Aperature, which is not as good as it could be, but is still in the realm that Adobe used to dominate. On the audio front, I hope that this costs a lot less than Logic Express because if it's not 50% or more cheaper, this horse is dead before it leaves the gate. I mean, Logic is already cheaper than Audition, and for my money, LE does a bit more than Audition (granted I don't come even close to using the full capabilities of LE).

    So maybe Soundbooth is just here to compete with Soundtrack, which is kind of dumb, as no one will be using Soundbooth on a Mac since soundbooth will not integrate with FCS the way that Soundtrack does. The more I write about it, the dumber releasing this app for the Mac sounds. I mean. . . Adobe dropped Premiere for the mac because FCP smoked it, but now they want to release an audio app for mac that probably only has a place in a Premiere workflow. Hell, maybe this is just a SoundEdit Deck 16 II!? WTF!? I'm leaving.

    I don't understand why anyone would slam a company for releasing a product for the Mac...competition is good, and the audio editor market isn't as healthy on the Mac as you think.

    This app isn't designed to compete with Soundtrack Pro...it squares off against Soundtrack, Audacity, Amadeus, and Peak LE. Now, Peak is well respected, but I'm not sure why...it seems very clunky to me. Audacity and Amadeus aren't bad, but they suffer from smaller toolsets, interface abnormalities and no video integration. Soundbooth would be a nice addition to this group.

    What I hope the most is that this is simply a test of the code base to bring Audition to the Mac...something that I think is desperately needed.

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  • iGav
    Sep 16, 06:30 AM
    Originally posted by jefhatfield

    i hope by the time pentium 5 hits the shelves, there will be a G5 on the shelves

    btw, igav, i see that you are on akira's site...i should go there and join up and give the old alphatech a hard time...i miss alphatech and his intelligent comments...even when he gets unintelligent and flames newbies:eek: :p ;)

    I would think that by the time Intel do inflict the P5 upon that we'll be if not running machines with Apples next generation PPC at that time, then they'll be right around the corner......

    And yep I joined akira's site...... although I won't be using it like I do mr...... and as akira said, it's not a rumour site, it's a discussion and problem site about current technical issues and hardware and software...... I thought Alphatech was funny...... sure he sometimes got a little heated, but there was alot of people that deserved it, and hey it spiced things up...... :p

    He seem alot more chilled over at his site..... so that's cool.... :)

    P.S It's good to have you back Jef....... ;) :)


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  • Thunderhawks
    Mar 25, 09:27 AM
    Disagree. It's not ridiculous. Valid patent protection is great. That's the whole point of a patent to protect your invention. Any company with a valid invention and patent should pursue any and all infringements.

    However, there are many high-tech patents that are BS or weak. Plus, I think patent holders should have to make claims of infringement in a reasonable amount of time after a potential infringement. Sitting back and waiting for products to be wildly successful before pursuing a case is nothing but settlement bloat. Finally, there is patent trolling which should be illegal as it's just lawyers looking to cash in on settlements and costs consumers. Patent trolling is like ambulance chasers. Lowest form of greed.

    As I posted before Kodak once was an amazing company with many discoveries and patents in the imaging field.

    Anybody close to Rochester NY should go and see their museum.
    (You can also see the factory buildings that are being ripped down)

    What a shame for this company to lose its vision and completely miss the digital age. (With a few exceptions)

    The problem with patents is that the longer they are someplace dormant and unused it will only be a matter of time until somebody has a similar idea, driven by technological advances.

    I would imagine that researching any given patent is very hard, depending on how it is worded and how vague and weak it is.
    So, Apple and RIM and others may have looked, but not well enough.
    Doesn't make them innocent of course and they will have to pay up, if proven.

    A revision of patent laws should include that if a patent filer is not using his patented technology within a certain time period it would become open to others. That forces patent trolls to do something, rather then waiting for somebody with vision to make it successful and then cash in.

    Buying Kodak may be a good tactic depending on the outcome, but the place is almost dead at this time and anybody who buys it would most likely buy it with the intention to use the patents and close the company altogether.

    Only a matter of time.

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  • floatingspirit
    May 8, 01:45 PM
    Mine downloaded and installed perfectly, but when I launch the display is all f-ed up and I can't operate any of the UI except typing my account name and using the "Quit" and "Manage Account" buttons. This seems to be a total bust on my old system...

    It's using 110% of my CPU while the finder is using 70% of CPU according to the Activity Monitor. How is that even possible? LOL

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  • solientblack
    May 1, 04:09 PM
    So, earlier in the week I had an issue with my iPhone and it wasn't working. While my phone was out of commission, I was watching G4 TV and X-Play was on and they had a review of games on the iPhone. The game I saw was an RPG mixed with a Bejeweled game. You would be fighting a creature and in order to gain armor, health, and attacks you have to match items like Bejeweled. Swords, Hearts, Potions, things of that nature. I never wrote the name of the game down and I've clearly forgotten the name. Even googling G4 isnt helping at the moment so I figured I would come here and ask:

    Does anyone know the name of this game from how I described it? Its driving me crazy ;)

    also, sorry for the lengthiness of the post.

    May 1, 05:03 PM
    So riddle me this folks:

    IF someone is upgraded to the latest version of Snow Leopard (which includes that 'devil-spawn' of and App Store) and Apple is ONLY going to distribute LION thru the App Store - what the hell do you do after you down load it ?

    Seeing as how you cannot be running the primary OS while you are in fact upgrading it ?

    OR has Apple decided to run a full blown OS Upgrade like it does it regular updates now?

    Why is Apple still including DVD Drives in it's Products ? Why not just completely do away w/ them - they've done it before w/ technology ? Maybe there's a reason why the new laptops that recently came out still have those drives in them beyond just burning disks of your kids playing in a bathtub?

    Maybe - Apple will bring back Tape Drives - everyone gets a 50-pound case of Tape Media w/ an install of LION (that includes a free Tape Drive) w/ a Centronix to USB adapter and they will be delivered by purple elephants. Awesome.

    Oooooh - let make **** up until the last second before Apple does in fact release it's products on the world w/ an explanation of how and what they are going to do w/ said products.
    Well, let me tell you this: If Apple does indeed distribute Lion via the App Store... Apple has its bases covered, based on what I've seen with the Lion Developer Previews. (What I mean is this: Apple has devised a way to install Lion without a bootable disc in the DVD drive. It works darn well, too.)

    Apr 15, 07:40 AM
    ITT: People jelly of Microsofts corporate success and a lack of understanding on how important an acquisition like this is.

    Mar 13, 05:27 PM
    I woke up in the middle of the night and my Verizon iPhone did fall back an hour. It later corrected itself though.

    Feb 18, 11:05 AM
    It's hard for me to look at that picture and not imagine them all sitting on one side of the table with Obama in the centre flanked by Jobs and Zuckerberg and the rest, Last Supper-style.

    Sep 20, 10:52 PM
    after installing the EFI update and running software update it said no updates.

    So I downloaded it directly and tried to update it. It told me I didn't need it.
    Trekkie, since your machine and mine came about the same time, ours should be about the same. I checked in Profiler, and didn't need to update the SMC. Have you seen anything useful in the EFI update?

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