Anniversary At Gold Reef City Hotel, Casino and Theme Park

    My surprise for my Boerewors for our 10 year anniversary was to spend the afternoon and evening at the Gold Reef City Hotel, Casino and Theme Park.

    All furnishings in the hotel rooms are specially selected to reflect the charm and elegance of the opulent residents of the 1890's Johannesburg Gold Rush.

    Our Room was called the Africa Room

    My Boerewors spread eagled on the bed

    The Dining Building

    the Transport

    Our Room Plaque

    One of the many houses and shops on the street.
    They even had a Chocolatier!!!
    Can you say hand-made truffels with Belgiun chocolate and soopa yummy praline?

    Female Tribal Dancers

    Male Tribal Dancers

    It was off to supper at the Casino where we did a bit of gambling and watched the Fifa Soccer World Cup team draw live on telly while enjoying a chocolate orange daquiri.

    The next day, after breakfast, we went to collec the girls from Mandy (our trusty babysitter) and let them enjoy the fun at the Theme Park.

    The kids when they found out where we were going for the day

    The anaconda

    The Miner's Revenge

    The anaconda and the wild water rafting

    The four of us on the kiddie's rollercoaster

    The face of KK AFTER the rollercoaster

    We also went to see a 15 minute long move in 4D which the girls really enjoyed - even when the seats jerked us around, sprayed water in our faces and blow wind up our legs.  We all looked soopa kewl with out 3D specs on.

    Off to more timid rides!

    The bumper cars (Megan's favourite)

    Dragon Rides

    Elephant Rides

    Flintstone's Cars

    Log Ride

    Vintage Car Ride (Kaylin's favourite which we had to go on three times)

    A newly hatched Megan

    One of the kewl adult rides

    One of the kewtest rides EVA!
    The Tea Cups!

    It was off to The Farmyard to look at the emus, monkeys, llamas, horses, bunnies, cattle, donkeys (the usual farmyard animals) and we came across four male tortoises taking turn trying to mate with one large female.  Poor ol' girl was just trying to eat her lunch while three hissy males tried to mount and hump her in full view of the children!  Shocking stuff....have you ever seen a tortoise's willy?  Its quite freaky...

    A great time was had by all and it was a successful two days. Loved every minute of it!  Good laughs with my Boerewors and good times with my two girls who are now snoring on the cough, absa lootly exhausted.

    Tomorrow I've promised the girls that we're finally puting up our Christmas Tree and Decorations.

    Have a great Sunday everyone!
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