Sponge Bob Square Pants : The Sponge That Could Fly

    Last night took us off to Carnival City's Big Top Arena to see the live performance of Sponge Bob Square Pants.

    Firstly the couldn't find my Have You Heard tickets and gave us "left over" tickets which took us right to the back and side of the venue.  We couldn't see half the stage!  Even the big screne tvs were our of our vision.  But with open seats all over the place, we moved to better seats where we could see the entire stage just as the show was about to begin (20 minutes late I may add).

    Despite all this, the girls thoroughly enjoyed the show which was very colourful, full of laughs and music.  Even the "big kids" aka My Boerewors and I enjoyed ourselves.  A very talented cast of performers and elaborate sets.  The girls danced and clapped along.  A fun night out for the family.

    Well worth taking the kids and paying a little extra for "good seats near the middle".  Go to Computicket to book tickets.  Its running until 30 December and has shows during the day too for the little ones.

    On the way to the show

    the stage

    the audience

    Back home and two knackered girls

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