Second Blog Award

    A huge thanx to Marcelle for my Kreativ Blogger Award.  Marcelle is an expat South African who has been living in a beautiful part of Germany for the last five years.  She has lost so much weight over the last year and is the most glamorous granny EVA!  A body to die for!  Way to Go, Marcelle.

    So, I'm passing on this award to the following fellow brilliant bloggers that make me laugh on a daily basis:

    A Nut in a Nutshell
    Green Eyed Momster
    The Offended Blogger
    The Peach Tart
    My Game...Its Your Move
    Dutch Donut Girl
    Because I Can
    Airing My Dirty Laudry One Sock at a Time

    Now I need to tell you seven things you may not know about me:
    1. I love speed.  I have a Ford Focus ST with many modifications and love the power and driving a high speed.  Put me on the back of a motorcycle and you won't get the smile off my face for a week!

    2. When I was little I wanted to be a ballerina but my mum couldn't afford dance lessons. I had a neighbour who went twice a week and I'd rush over to her house after she got back from her lessons and she'd teach me what she did that day. I'd squeeze my feet into her tiny ballet pumps (she was almost two years younger than I was) - it was very sad.

    3. Music is my comfort.  I crank the volume button up in the car when my favourite songs are playing.  My girls are used to it but their poor ear must've been bleeding as infants.

    4. I only drink beer for burping competitions which I generally win.

    5. I am secretly wish I could afford botox.  My wrinkles bother me.  I don't think I will age gracefully.  Speaking of which, I'm very pro-plastic surgery.

    6. I once killed a boyfriends hamster by mistake by leaving him out on a sunny balcony in his plastic ball for an entire afternoon. When I went to put him back in his cage he was stiff as a board. I felt like shit.

    7. When I was about 10 years old I lived in or is it on, my roller skates. I would put them on the minute I got home from school and not take them off until bed time.

    Accept it, use it, or not, do what you want with it.  You deserve it! 
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