Freaky Friday - Episode Two - TwoHeaded Kitten

    Cutest Little Furry Bastard Evar!

    Cutest Little Furry Bastard Eva!
    Two headed kitten "Gemini", the two-headed kitten lived only a few days. Owner Lee Bluetear said she didn't know what caused the death of the unusual creature but she said the kitten appeared very tired and did not want to eat. The story and photo of Gemini was distributed worldwide. "I couldn't believe how much interest there really was," Bluetear said.

    Veterinarians initially gave Gemini a meager chance of one long life, let alone nine. Gemini was born with two mouths, two tongues, two noses and four eyes. Bluetear, 40, said things looked good at first. Gemini initially appeared strong and was drinking milk. "Everybody is totally amazed that this thing exists," Bluetear said at the time.

    Kitties aren't the only animal born with two heads

    An Afghan woman gave birth in Iran to twin boys whose heads share the same body, doctors said today (09/10/04).

    The babies stood little chance of survival, they added. "I've seen twin attached by the head or stomach but never a baby with two heads," a female doctor at the Ghaem hospital in the north-western city of Mashhad told AFP by telephone.

    "Sometimes one head cries, while the other sleeps," she added.

    Steroid overdose?
    You may have inflated biceps, Mr Hard Ass Body Builder, 
    but your crotch is somewhat deflated - that's just fucking sad.

    and then there is the female version. 
    I certainly wouldn't want her to give me a lickin'

    This fucking ugly odd-ball takes the cake ...
    Piercing Art or a another Assbag Plonker?  
    What a handsome fucker he is...imagine kissing this bloke?

    This is just plain freaky Photoshop Photography

    Presenting The Three headed sheep chair.
    Firstly, what Fucker would actually have this chair displayed in their house.  Secondly, would EWE sit on it?  Creepy... 

    Real or fake?
    I love ghost photos...

    I pissed myelf laughing watching this fucked-up video...

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