Great Granny Turns 88

    Megan and Kaylin's great granny celebrated her 88th birthday yesterday and we all went to have dinner at Ouma's house. 

    Ouma Grootjie
    Ouma Grootjie and Oom Johan
    Kaylin talks to Ouma, Morne stands by Oupa while we dish up dessert
    Aunty Ronel asks for a bit of KK's pudding
    Morne and Megan play a game on Morne's cell phone
    Ronel models her sling.  She recent had an accident and fractured both her elbows.
    We had to cut up her food for her. 
    Werner tries out his Blue Steel look
    KK sits on My Boerewors' lap while they eat dessert
    A great day was had by all.

    Happy 88th Birthday!!!

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