Killer Heels, a Stroppy School Administrator and a 55

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    Fuck you Friday is lots of fun
    You get to vent and bitch,
    Anonymous desperate whining
    An enacting wicked horrid witch

    Actually who says it's a performance?
    Perhaps that’s who I really am,
    Enjoying being rotten and beastly
    Dominating and being called "M’am".

    If all else fails, I could become an actor.
    All else failed.

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    • Fuck You to the Telemarketers who keep phoning me even though I don't listen to them.  I put the phone down on my couch and let them yak away or I give the phone to my five year old. That keeps them busy for a while.
    • Stroppy School Administrators who call you and tell you off because you haven't given them correct contact details and that they've been trying to get hold of you for ages - but you have!  Telling me "How would you feel if this was a REAL emergency and we couldn't get hold of you?"   What the fuck? Get your records straight!  They think because they have your children chained to their desks for 5 hours a day that they have your balls in a vice alos. Let me tell you something Mrs School Administrator - you may be able to boss my 8 year old around but don't intimidate me.  Now fuck right off and get back to being busy doing nothing.
    • Fuck you to Mother Nature and all the lives that were lost in Japan's Earthquake this week.  I'm was shocked stone still for ages!
    • Fuck you to all my clothes that have shrunk since I stopped smoking.  All is forgiven! Now please resume your normal size or I'll have to move on to wearing stretchy preggie pants for the winter season.  Not sexy okay?

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    Badgley Mischka - $245

    Bebe Shoes - $149.99

    Rocawear on Sale for R$79.79

    Have a wicked long weekend!

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