Nobody can be so revoltingly smug as the person who has just given up smoking....

    I'll be fucking smug if I want to, demmit.  I think its quite an accomplishment.

    74 days Nicotine Free!

    The reason why I am bring it up - again - is because I got a few emails asking how the non smoking is going so this is both an update and a brag post.

    I must say I still miss it.  I still think about it - a lot.  I still watch people taking those long slow drags and wish it was me.  Pulling the smoke deeply into my lungs and exhaling slowly.  I don't think its a habit you kick quickly...  

    But then... As it was pissing with rain all night last night and this morning, I put on  my drimac jacket this morning.  I haven't worn it since the last time it rained, which was our December camping trip!  
    I didn't notice immediately but, when I was driving to work, I wondered where the smell of smoke was coming from.  I sniffed around the car like a wee mouse.  Crinkling my nose up and following the scent trying to locate the source of the smell...It was my jacket!  

    It stank like stale old cigarette smoke.  WOW!  I couldn't believe how strong it was and that I'd always walked around smelling like that.  It wasn't nauseating but it was potent.  I couldn't wait to get to work to take it off because it made me just want to puff away. 

    I must admit.  I did stare longingly at my e-cigarette which still sits in my pencil holder on my desk.  I did contemplate taking a wee puff but thought - fuck it, I've come this far.  Don't cock it up, Scots Lass.

    I didn't.

    Are you proud of me?

    I'm off to bin that fucking jacket.

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