Some of my Favourite Things

    Some of the things I love at the moment and no, its not raindrops on roses or fucking whiskers on kittens...Q Julie Andrews

    Eve Bubbly in a Can - its convenient and its comes in the cutest silver or pink cans.  Great for smuggling alcohol into places where its forbidden coz I'm bad ass like that.

    The PINK SONY Cybershot digital camera 12 megapixels to shove in my handbag instead of lugging around my other bulky camera. 

    Shopping with my girls.  In the past when they were little, it was a nightmare taking them with shopping because they always whined and comlained.  Now they make it fun!

    Silly Megan
    Pretending to eat a giant dog's toy burger

    Batiste (not the wrestler) Dry Shampoo.  When you don't have time to wash yor hair.  Its a great volume booster too.

    My mirror Aviator sunnies
    UK Goodies imported just for me for Easter!

    (not the hot Bitch, although I wouldn't say no to her either)
    without Google I'd be lost...and wouldn't be able to play the Google Awkward Search


    And finally, Blogger for the many years of Bloggerville experiences and the many Plonkers I have met here.  You Rock my Face off!

    So what are your favourite things?

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