Freaky Friday - Episode 14 - Phobias

    I think Freaky Friday is getting a wee bit old and fucking boring.  Itshould be coming to an end fairly soon.  Let me know if you agree... I can't end off on a number than can't be divided by 5 so this week my Theme is Freaky Phobias.

    Phobias are the most common form of anxiety disorders. They are so prevalent that the chances are extremely high that you would know at least a couple of people with some kind of freaky irrational fear.

    Sadly, after watching people who are fucking freaked out by an innocuous plate of pickles or perfectly plump peaches, it becomes extremely difficult to take this disorder seriously. Some of the videos will probably make you scratch your head or your balls and question whether the reactions are real, or they’re faking.  

    I'm still trying to figure it out.  I will leave you with Jack White's words "I even love it when you're fakin' it".

    You think thats weird? 

    There is a dedicated website to The List of Phobias.

    Have you ever suspected yourself of having Osphresiophobia or Triskadekaphobia?  Perhaps Hippopotomonstosquippedaliophobia - thats the fear of long words.  I fucking shit you not, Fuckers!  That was clearly some freak's fucking sick joke to make fun of the Long-Word-Phobia folks.  

    It think its fucking hysterical, of course.

    Honestly, there seems to be a phobia for pretty much anything and everything! 

    I thought my dreams were daft enough - there are some fucking sickos out there...poor bastards!  Here are 14 of the weirdest phobias for you to check out when you're uber bored.

    Take a Quiz :  What Phobia areYou?

    I definitely don't suffer from Fartophobia thats for fekking sure!

    Keep or Scrap Freaky Fridays??  Wanna hear from you in the comments section beloooooowwwww, Skank-Ass Ho's!
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