Simply Slim Weight Loss Update with pic

    Tomorrow will be 5 weeks on Simply Slim (with a weekend or two off and some cheating on my camping weekend away)

    I have lost 5.5kg in total now.  I am thrilled to bits!  I never measured my centimeters lost but some of my clothes are very loose on me.  I can finally fit into my Size 10 pants.

    I'm sleeping better than ever and my energy levels are high thoroughout the day and only sometimes I get a slight headache if I don't drink enough fluids.  So it helps with the intake of gallons of water.

    I have been watching what I eat over the last 5 weeks but if I feel like a chocolate, I have it.  I just have a lot less that what I normally would have.  Most of you know how much of a chocoholic I am. 

    I nibble snacks throughout the day to keep my metabolism and sugar levels up and have my main meal at night at about 6pm.  I don't make special meals or weigh my food, I just dish up a lot less and I listen to my body.  When I feel full, I stop and I am able to manage about half the portion that I used to have.

    Will be taking a week's break next week and then will continue in December over the holidays.  I would hate to pick up all the weigh that I've lost.

    About another 4 or 5kg and I will start maintaining.

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