Wicked Witch of the West

    I am riddled with guilt!

    Yesterday I snapped.

    I had enough of Kaylin's constantly whining for everything!  she has become so cheeky and because she's so cute she gets away with it and yesterday I said "No more!".

    I smacked her and put her on her "naughty mat" in the bathroom.

    I could hear her screaming and yelling "MUMMY!!" over and over and I didn't budge.  I was so angry, I had enough.  I was adament that she would spend her full 3 minutes in time out. 

    I have an egg timer in the bathroom for such occassions and I didn't even bother switching in on.

    Eventually I could hear Kaylin in the bathroom  sobbing and trying to switch the egg time on.  Once the bell went off she kept saying "I'll be good, Mummy! I'll be GOOD!".

    I didn't budge.

    I made her stay in there for three minutes.

    When I went in eventually she was blinded by snot and tears.  I explained to her why she was put in the naughty mat.  I made her apologies.  She hugged me and through her snot and tears said "Sowwy Mummy".

    Gosh I feel like utter CRAP today thinking back on her little sad face. 

    I can only imagine how I looked through her eyes - shouting and screaming like a banshee.  A giant witch, flinging her arms around bellowing at the top of her lungs and eventually smacking her. 

    I must've frightened the shit out of her.

    I wish I could take it all back.

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