Year End Function at Work - Survivor

    Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate Survivor?

    Out-wit, Out-play, Out-party

    We finally got our invitations to our Year End Function!  And what a hype it caused at the office. We got a little bottle of sea sand on our desks filled with plastic bugs and a ice-cream stick (dunno what thats for).  We got a cryptic email leading us to a website link where you had to complete a puzzle before it opened the invitation. 

    Sounds like its going to be an active and fun-filled day in Hartebeespoort on the 27th of November.

    "Bring your wit, leave your integrity. 

    Lies, allegiance, alliances and for the most part FUN lead to your ultimate goal...immunity!

    The HOMEMAKERS tribe has spoken!"

    (Yes, that is a fly on the top of the bottle)
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