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  • Bokke
    06-05 10:40 AM
    For all the Microsoft fans who wanna have a i-pod:
    The XPod ! :rambo:

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  • snathan
    03-29 04:32 PM
    If you really want to hit him hard call ICE as well and let them know. If there are similar testimonials from several employees, he is done

    If he is calling ICE...only the employees are going to get affected. As the employer is already on GC or USC, he will be slapped with fine. Nothing else. So the best option is DOL and not the ICE.

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  • sundeep14
    10-08 04:54 PM
    best time to send money to india and keep it in bank there for sometime..u will best conversion rate right now....Rs.46-Rs. 47 for a dollar...also u get atleast 9-10% interest on ur money there...after 8-10 months when the picture about real estate gets clear..we should invest in property in india..

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  • hrushi_j
    09-17 12:48 PM
    7y 10n


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  • ganguteli
    04-26 10:46 AM
    Lets do overself a favor by supporting this bill esp on L1s

    Our goal is faster GC processing and not supporting L1s who will steal jobs from us

    Someone please take action against this anti-immigrant.
    Anti-immigrants are coming to the site and posting in favor of this bill and abusing H1B or L1s or pitching against each other. Let us be careful in responding to such posts.

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  • nviren
    04-12 01:44 PM
    My second contribution of $100 is in the mail and on the way.



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  • RNGC
    11-25 02:45 PM
    well said chi_shark.....

    Here is my thought....Lets all start using EAD /AC21. IV should start a campaign that all IV members who have an EAD start looking for a better oppurtunity and use their EAD. Lets say about 10k people have used EAD, USICS just can't deny GC for those 10k people just because they used EAD.

    So, lets be bold and start using the EAD. We are not doing anything illegal! It is a legal document and we waited so many years to get the EAD and now keep talking about being on H1B till we get our GC....Comeon people, lets do it in a united way.

    Why are we so fearful ? I understand, it is our way of life. But, its enough. Get bold, take risk, worst case, you may have to seek legal help if needed.

    Its just a GC, imagine the plight of people who have to go to Iraq/Afganistan, compared to their risk, using EAD is nothing!!!

    Who is ready to use EAD now ?? I am very actively looking for a better oppurtunity and want to use my EAD.

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  • Waitnwait
    12-03 07:26 PM
    I am not sure if its legal or not but various members can contribute their skills in exchange of donation to IV. This way members with skills are giving their time to IV and Members of the forum are getting sound advice/guidance/service for small contribution to IV. Examples can be many like CPA, Tax preparation, Doctors, career guidance, Online tutoring, Software consutlancy. I am sure all the members are "SKILLED" in various walks of life.


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  • kc_p21
    12-12 10:54 AM
    After sending their stories?

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  • vinayak2008
    01-01 01:46 AM
    Hi,I had my H1 revalidation visa approved on Dec 18th at chennai consulate but I have not received my passports till today (more than 7 working days).
    It seems PIMS check is happening only at chennai consulate in india.At mumbai consulate one of friend got passports on the same ay.


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  • Berkeleybee
    02-23 08:22 PM
    Hmmm. Immigration issues are conspicuously absent from this (Kennedy Right TRACK) version of the Competitiveness theme. Could be because he has the McCain-Kennedy bill to deal with that.

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  • yabadaba
    01-30 08:44 AM
    Office of management and budget...yes they will

    once the rule is published in the federal register and ppl have commented on it...its pretty much set to go


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  • jkays94
    06-09 05:00 PM
    Very good material jkays94.

    I am glad to see that is so much documented material out there that puts the rights of all individuals clearly regardless of immigration status.

    I wish people would come forward and participate in efforts of their choice and speak up against unfair system, thru IV or otherwise, and not be afraid of getting fired and getting deported or being a victim of prejudice by USCIS just because they posted a thread on IV, or contributed funds or met a lawmaker to petition them for pains.

    There are a lot of visitors of the site(who wont even register on this site) who have such apprehensions and doubts and posts like yours help clear those doubts and help them join this effort and strengthen our hands.

    Logiclife, no problem. Thanks for starting this thread as I think it has spawned a very healthy debate for all where critical issues that afflict us have been debated and previously unknown information has been shared.

    I hope that many more of us will step forward, we have a lot of rights but it is easy to forget that. And it is the precense of those rights that indeed make America a great country, a country that stands out differently from many others. I join you in urging all to exercise their rights and in working to make a difference alongside and through their support of IV.

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  • conchshell
    08-19 02:20 PM
    Congratulations on your citizenship. I am happy for you.But, in what ways can you help? I very curious to know. I have been following your post and so far I am still optimistic for your grand help that you have been talking about through out.

    I know the power of citizenship. My wife's father passed away last year in September. Her AP application was pending. We took an infopass appointment to get an emergency AP, and met an officer who was really rude. In essence the officer told us that she can not do anything on humanitarian basis and point blank asked us to go and talk to the Congress.

    And that's what we did. We asked one of our friend who is citizen to help. She took my case details and the officer's badge number. She personally talked to local congressman and senator's office. They initiated an inquiry with USCIS, quoting the officer's statement and the badge number ... Three days later we got a call from local USCIS office, filled with sympathy and full of remorse. A week later we got her AP document.

    So a citizen can really help. Please make your contact details available, so that when emergency arises, you can help them by contacting the congressman or senators.


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  • geesee
    07-18 09:37 PM
    Cheque clearance is a good indication.

    In other bills, I'd be happy if checks doesnt get cashed... :p But in this case, I'll be praying every day and checking bank balance to see if the checks are cashed...

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  • Robert Kumar
    04-19 01:50 PM's painful to see EB-3 folks wait for so many years and then hear EB-2 folks complaining about porting! Hopefully, all of us will come together and realize that the only way for us to get out of this mess is by supporting IV goals (no country limits, recapture, etc.).

    Very well said, Ghost.
    There are folks waiting from 2002 onwards, when it didnt really matter EB2 or EB3.
    I think we all can see into some future.
    Hence we must get together and see how to get bigger problem resolved which can happen by removing quotas, and recapture of lost visas.


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  • voldemar
    02-27 03:55 PM
    labor sub is being cancelled.. Don't get into it.. you will loose money and gain nothing..
    Wrong. There is still time to get it done.

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  • drirshad
    10-08 02:33 AM
    It may not look as bad but this is a time to step back and take a better look on every step moving forward. This is a very testing time for the economic outcome in the next few months. A very sad episode to have come upon an Indian family my heartfelt condolence to them. n_LA/rssarticleshow/3568703.cms

    WASHINGTON: Multiple gunshots echoed in the upscale home of an Indian family in a quiet, gated, suburban Los Angeles community last weekend, echoing the troubled times in America.

    When police turned up on Monday morning after calls from a concerned neighbor waiting for a carpool ride, they found the body of 45-year old Karthik Rajaram, an unemployed financial adviser, lying in one room with a handgun he had used to shoot himself dead.

    With him lay his two youngest sons Arjuna (7) and Ganesha (12), both shot dead. In different rooms across the house they found the bodies of Karthik’s wife Subasri (39), his mother-in-law Indra Ramasesham (69), and his eldest son Krishna (19). They all appeared to have been shot to death by Karthik Rajaram.

    Police also found two suicide notes – one for the cops and one for extended family and friends -- and a will. In them, Rajaram he spoke of his financial difficulties and took responsibility for killing his family members, police said.

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  • gc_chahiye
    11-02 04:45 PM
    Do we really believe there aren't enough Americans to handle IT work in America?

    yes. I honestly do. Having been through multiple recruitment attempts, at three different companies, in the bay area of all places: there are simply not enough qualified/interested american citizens available.

    H-1b is not cheap labor. American companies prefer to hire H-1bs with US master's degrees or with substantial amounts of US experience. When they do hire foreigners, they do not discriminate against them by paying them lesser.

    H-1bs are abused by desi vendors and the like who take advantage of the indenturing nature of the visa and also on the naivety of "fresh off the boat" people who newly arrive into the US and are unfamilar with US economy. They are starry eyed, still busy converting each dollar into their local currency and feeling happy they are earning relatively more and dreaming about paying off their EMIs back home, sooner. It takes quite a few months for them to settle down and understand US dynamics.

    I agree.

    Lastly, we should not confuse the need for H-1bs as equal to the need for GC holders. Take the example of middle eastern countries. They use foreign labor, but they never grant them permanent status. That way, they do not get stuck with them in the event of a downturn. American could have chosen to follow a similar model. Use H-1b temps when necessary and send them out when they are expendable. They have no reaons to hand out GCs, like I said earlier. The benefit is all ours.

    good point. However unlike the kind of work being done in the middle-east, there are a ton of companies in the US founded or co-founded by immigrants. There is a reason this place is called the land of immigrants. Handing out GCs gives these people options to start companies and many many of them do. this creates jobs, creates more intellectual capital, all within the US. In 6 years if you make a cook in Dubai leave and go back to Kerala (just picking a typical example) he is not going to do anything to compete with Dubai. You make these H1-Bs who have spent 6 years here (working on various products, technologies, ramping up, understanding customers, relationships etc) go back, they are going to start companies in India. Now all the capital stays out there. The same 5 products that could have been built in the US and sold to lots of companies abroad, will now have to be bought by the US.

    If there is any kind of immigration that I think the US does not gain much from, its the diversity lottery and to an extend the chain migration that comes from family based immigration. EB immigration is a BIG win for the US economy.

    04-17 05:55 PM
    The sad part is:

    About 700-800 out of 3000 have contributed. And they are contributing again and again. Many of them have crossed $500 in personal contributions.

    The other 2200 members have contributed nothing

    07-12 10:24 PM
    This is the press release prepared with help from the Core. Please send it out to your friends, journalists and other contacts.

    Best of Luck for the rally.

    Wonderful - thank you so much!

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