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  • i4u
    11-23 11:57 AM
    Thank you for your inputs....However, not sure if it helps. I have to get my mother here - if not immediately, sometime in the near future. She has diabetes and almost every thing that happens medically, it can be related to diabetes technically! Which is why I have to have insurance.

    On another note, I have a friend who is very close to a doctor - and I hear from my friend that many of the doctors help out (if they know them - outside of the office). Is this something anyone in this forum have experienced or heard?

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  • arkrish68
    01-17 12:03 PM
    Though I am not affected, but count on me

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  • anuraj
    04-26 01:16 PM
    Accept my $50 contribution now. More on the way...
    My other contribution is forwarding the message to all my friends.

    Best of Luck for your work.

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  • shyamiv
    08-25 01:21 PM
    ICICI Bank has started a 'Express Pay' service in which your monety gets transferred in 1-2 day but they charge 5 $ for that.
    I think you might have selected that option while transferring. Thats the first option ...

    My experience is even their 'Express Pay' service is a rip off unless you have experienced otherwise first hand !


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  • abracadabra
    06-12 03:15 PM
    Atleast 5-6 years if lucky it will come to PD 2004. I am happy they are other folks like crying everyday with the choice we made, keep cribbing guys

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  • chintu25
    07-12 12:22 PM
    :D Here is an email address for emailing letters to USCIS. Please send only approved formats from IV



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  • superdude
    07-17 10:48 PM
    Let us ask IV Core. Thier leadership has been awesome

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  • Macaca
    12-09 08:11 AM
    GcSoon-Ihope is from France. I thought that retrogression is mainly for India with some effects on China, Philipines and Mexico.

    Please explain why bulletins are applicable to you. Thanks.

    Merry Christmas!


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  • fasterthanlight�
    06-16 10:56 AM
    Hey that is not fair, you shouldn't be able to change the background because you will earn votes for it and not for the iPod design... it interfeers.

    Whats stopping you from putting in a background?

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  • mbartosik
    01-15 01:46 AM
    arnab221, I'm still lurking around occasionally, but you are right I'm not her much.

    Still willing to do rally or interviews etc., but I'm putting most of my spare time into energy advocacy -- which I see as a more important issue. If someone/IV needs me for something specific leadership (inc. Pappu) have my contact details, and a private message to me will reach me.

    I have been a IV member since 2006 . I have seen the ups/downs . donated money , sent letters , attended rallies and done whatever has been been proposed . But I see that many senior members who had the drive to motivate people are not sending or being part of any messages or threads at all and that is exactly why the movement seems to be losing steam .

    The standard response that I see to any question is "have you donated money ? " . "Don't ask for anything till you have donated. " this is followed by some some red dots which normally works to silence the questions. People will be willing to donate when they believe in the movement . I remember we collected $ 30,000 in 1 month before the rally there was huge thread with all the donations . People were charged up and the money came up automatically . I am willing to donate but to be brutally honest I do not see the same level of motivation as was there in 2006 / 2007 days .Please use this as a wakeup call and not as reason to vent your frustration on me .

    There are many senior members who I do not even see any more . Members joining in late 2007 or early 2008 will not know any of these guys .

    Aman Kapoor . He is the founder of IV . I have not seen his messages since the past 3 years almost . Where is he ? Is it too much for him to send a greeting in New years eve motivating the members ? It takes just 2 minutes .

    Mark Bartosik :- He was supposed to the spokesperson for IV .The guy with the MasterCard sign for immigration . I have not seen him for quite some time now
    Where are the other senior leaders like
    a) Walden Pond
    b) There was a this British Girl from San Jose ( had a handle which had name like Rose or something )
    c) Niloufer Bustani from Dallas. I see her once in a while but very sparingly .

    The others even I have forgotten completely.

    The only leadership/core that I see is Pappu and no one else . If you have a country where the prime minister shows his face only once in 4 years , how are the people supposed to believe in that movement ? Please don't reply with a message saying what have I done or why can't I contribute money ? I have done that I am looking for leadership to show us the way and motivate us . All campaigns don't need money donations( Letters , calls , faxes etc ) . We could start with that and then drum up support and momentum and then the money will start flowing in automatically . There has to be a synchronized campaign organized by the leadership and all I see is everybody putting their eggs in the basket called spillover.


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  • qualified_trash
    09-13 02:53 PM

    As a core member I thank you all for your support. IV needs your help with two things. First and foremost, our numbers need to grow. Right now we have about 6,000 members, but we all know there are far more people than that stuck in limbo due to backlogs in the legal immigration process.

    Why do we need more numbers? Because when we go to talk to people on The Hill (and I live in DC and work here and I go as well), we have to convince them that we are a sizeable chunk of people in terms of our numerical strength that will vote when we become citizens. This is why we need to get working on this immediately. Talk to your family, friends and colleagues who are stuck in legal immigration backlogs, and get them to join IV. Each existing member should get at least one new member to join up. The more, the better.

    Secondly, we need more members to become paying members. This is crucial, as all our work requires $$$. Saying "I'll pay when the work is done" does not help us. The work requires a steady cash flow, and while pledges are deeply appreciated, we can't operate merely on pledges. Many core members work very hard on raising money and on publicity.

    So, I earnestly request your help in recruiting new members as well as strengthening our funding. Thank you!



    I second what rheoretro has written............

    As someone who has started working with the core group, I now fully understand the amount of work that goes into IV activities. At this time, IMHO, the best that all the other members can do is to contribute money to IV and spread the word about IV. Just getting your closest friends to sign up and CONTRIBUTE (if they are immigrants awaiting their Greencards), is the best thing all IV members can do for IV.

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  • vamsi_poondla
    11-06 03:37 PM
    The intent of the H1B program is not to bring people in the country in "Anticipatory mode" as you put it. The intent of the H1B program had always been for US employers to hire foreign skilled workers "On-Demand" when no american is willing, qualified or able to do the said job. Prior to 1999, the visa cap was 65000/yr WITHOUT the extra master's degree cap we have now, and still visas were never totally used up for any year, certainly not on the first day. It is only after the advent of the IT consulting companies hoarding visas in "anticipation" of future jobs that the problems started. Without any restrictions on this kind of abuse, no amount of H1 visa increase would be sufficient. They are talking of raising visas to 130,000 right? Based on the FY 2008 applications, those visas would be used up in TWO DAYS!

    IMHO, the intent of the H1B program is equally important than just loopholes (or not) in the letter of the law.

    I agree. But intent of law usually gets distracted once reality set's in. Not sure how we comparing 1999 to 2007 is right. Because many things changed.

    India which was doing low profile maintenance and support work became a global leader in outsourcing.

    You can also count #of folks coming to US on F1. Significant % of them become H1Bs.

    Again, I am not here supporting more numbers or less number in H1B. Because this forum and our organization is nothing related to H1B. We are for Employment based Green Card reforms. I rest my case....Thanks for interesting (and correct) opinions.


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  • GCard_Dream
    02-01 06:17 PM
    Are you kidding? It's not that people cannot contribute but they won't. Everyone in this forum makes good money than an average American and in fact per capita income of Indians in United States is much higher than the per capita income of this country; yet only 2.5% of the people chose to contribute. That shows the resolve of this community to get any kind of relief yet we all complain why illegals get preferential treatment. Because they are vocal and determined to get some relief. They come out in large numbers all over the country to protest and make their voices heard and here we can hardly find anyone willing to tell their story to the media.

    In conclusion, it's not that we don't have the money .. we are not willing to contribute and are too busy questioning IV's motive and financials. We would rather pay 20k for sub labor than 20 dollar for IV and this is the attitude which will take us no where in terms of any relief for legal community. God help us all.

    if people cannot contribute financially, conrtibute your time and talk to people about IV.

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  • fasterthanlight�
    06-10 03:54 PM
    Ya i might want to redo mine too.


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  • vgayalu
    09-14 06:26 PM
    Rather than pushing for Bills which will pass only after we get a GC, why don't we ask for something more practical. I mean ask for minor policy changes rather than asking for major law changes.


    1- granting EADs to all who have completed I-140,
    2- reducing the timeframe to apply for AC21 from 6 months to 3 months,

    This will solve a lot of people's immediate problems.
    There are many people who couldn't get their status readjusted due to retrogression after filing I485, but could get EAD atleast.

    What does that mean? It means by law only a certain amount of GCs can be issued in any year, but USCIS may issue more EADs based on one of their policies.

    Well said Dan19.
    I am barking for the same thing for n number of times.

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  • ilikekilo
    04-02 11:43 PM
    your profile says that your application is pending with NSC? I was asking about TSC. Please clarify. Anyone else??

    My bad , mine is from NSC...I just chose your post to quote..sorry for hte mix up..


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  • indigo10
    04-05 06:27 PM
    Alex, you Rock !!!

    Though your case is weak(in my personal opinion because you seem to have entered US uninvited), A complaint against the employer may unravel some strong cases when the investigation happens.

    This is from my experience:
    Few years ago, some one complained against our employer about back wages and we all benefited from it. Our employer had to pay the wages for the vacations that we took (supposedly paid vacation) which they would not have paid, if the investigation had not occurred.

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  • coolduggar
    08-14 05:36 PM
    Yes, that is right, I said �plight of EB2-India�.

    I am a passive observer of these forums. But some of the ridiculous notions floating around here have motivated me to vent. First and foremost, the law as written is highly favorable to people in EB3 categories, even from India. Here is how...

    Take my example (and there are thousands like myself)....came to the US 8 years ago, spent 5 years working day and night to earn a PhD on a low (barely sustainable) stipend, got FIRST job saw decent money for the first time 6 years after I came.

    Now, compare this to a person working an EB3-job for the last 8 years. Not only does this person do a real job that hopefully provides a respectable income but this person also has the option of moving to EB2 after 5 years of experience. So, at the end of the day in 2008; this person comes out ahead of me in terms of money, in terms of priority date (if ported) and most likely in terms of GC.

    There are complaints all over the forum which have the stink of pretentiousness such as �oh..i am a poor EB3 waiting for n number of years� etc etc. What you guys seem to forget is that YOU are NOT an EB3, it is your JOB that is EB3. You have all the opportunities that were/are available to a person who sweated it out in the university system here to gain more qualifications and get an EB2 job. You CHOSE not to. The general discussion seems to center around cribbing about the US immigration system (Immigration by the way is a privilege defined by laws, not a birthright) and then blaming the EB2 crowd when they finally see the system implement the law as intended in the first place (horizontal spillover rules).

    All these posts that refer to �my career is over because my gc is delayed� are nothing but a pathetic excuse. Law of supply and demand....if you have a skillset that is valuable, you will be fine with or without GC anywhere in the world. It takes a bunch of documents to remain here legally, all you need is a passport to go back if the system here seems so bad.

    For all the attacks that are bound to happen, here is the fodder.....this is probably my first and last post, I haven�t contributed a dime to IV, will work here as long as I like it and if not, India is a great country and provides enough opportunities for any skillset !!

    Stupid Post

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  • gjoe
    06-13 11:27 AM
    It is very easy to prove that USCIS did injustice to those with EB3 dates prior to 2004 or 2005 if they stick to the rule of FIFO.
    If the first criteria is met, everyone with a PD older than the lastest EB3 ( I know some who got approved with EB3 PD Jan2007)approved so far should also be approved. Or USCIS should go and revoke the GC's to newer PD and allocate them to older PD in the EB category ( I don't like this option).

    So let us dream and someday it will come true. If we scream soon our throat will go dry.


    07-13 05:23 PM
    Send me a PM with your ph # if you are in or near the bay area and can volunteer your time tomorrow at the event

    05-23 05:27 PM
    When I called Lucille Raybal Allard's office last week, a rep from the office had an extensive conversation with me about both the bills and they have not heard about them before. He recognized me when I called him back to check if they made a decision.

    Alright Folks, Let us not get distracted. We have lots of work to do.

    Money is important and has its place in the process. Grass roots effort is also important. What would you tell if some one asks which eye is more important to you? left or right? If this Q was a stretch, ignore it. I just used it to tell that $$ and grass roots efforts are important

    Money does not get every thing done. Corp America is doing everything they can to get H1B numbers increased. Do you think they are being stingy with the money they need to spend? They have stronger opposing grass roots groups like Numbers USA, FAIR etc. Our issue is a lot less volatile compared to the H1B increase issue. How ever our issue is unknown to many lawmakers until recently. I am positive that some members came to know about the bills when we called them or have been approached by our state chapters.

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