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  • thakurrajiv
    07-30 04:27 PM
    Both these ETF's have huge loop holes that are well known in the pro circles. The very question that they are holding physical gold or silver is highly questionable considering the market cap of these ETF's. There is risk that they will not perform like the underlying at all.

    The custodians of SLV is JPM who usually has a huge short position on Colmex silver and GLD is HSBC who has a huge short position on gold. Read this article for more info.

    Are GLD and SLV Legitimate Investment Vehicles? -- Seeking Alpha (

    Again this goes to my point that trading commodities is not as straight forward as it seems even in plain and easy instruments.
    I agree. These ETFs are too risky. With so many pros in the game nothing is easy nowadays. As you had mentioned in one of your post, the market for individuals is as close to gambling as it gets.

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  • rogerdepena
    07-17 10:49 PM
    Guys , I think this issue has been discussed lot of times.
    1) USCIS do not allot immigrant visas, It is alloted by DOS.
    2) DOS needs a fix in the current EB laws to capture unused visa.
    3) I am not sure if we can push any change in law, given the current Iraq war quagmire.

    But I hope they speed up the overall application processing times, with all the increased Fee money they will get from July 30th (by investing money on IT).

    investing on IT?

    are they just adding equipments or are they migrating to a new system? i hope they are not migrating so that they don't have to deal with the learning curve.

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  • pmb76
    07-15 01:36 PM
    :( Can the figure $40000 be changed to something appropriate, like " at least the prevailing wage specified by DOL for the job occupation"?

    Signed, in fact do we have any lawyers member here, let's sue them as well for spreading the false statements and hurting sentiments of millions.:(

    I figured out a way to add an addendum to the petition since I couldn't modify the original. Please review and tell me if it looks ok.

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  • Bpositive
    02-06 10:20 AM
    i just called DOS. He asked for my visa type and passport number. He said "your visa has been issued in Jan. Call the New Delhi consulate and they should let you know if it would come through mail or do you need to go pick it up"

    what happens next ?? how long after this stage it takes to get the visa ?? are there any other checks that could be going on ?? ONCE DOS approves are there any other agencies like FBI, KCC doing some other approvals as well ?? if you know what happens next let me know..waiting for posts..

    so now i know I am not stuck due to PIMS and DOS cleared and approved my visa in Jan..what else then ??

    Usually, that's it. The consulate should now issue the passport. Email/call the consulate or call VFS if you haven't already done so.


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  • gc28262
    03-10 07:17 PM
    This data is ambiguous from the USCIS. It very well could represent pending 140 petitions, in which case all the euphoria would turn to shock. We must try to get clarification about this before anything else.
    One of the tables there mentions the NIW, that is determined at the 140 level, after that a 485 is a 485 and it goes into the EB2 queue. So when they list that in the breakdown, I suspect if they may be referring to 140s here. Additionally they list either no NIW140 or NIW-based 485s from the NSC. If they are referring to NIW based 485s, this is incorrect, since I am one of those with an approved NIW and pending 485 at the NSC. There are others like me on IV physician forum.
    So lets try to get more information about this response. This data does not give the whole story. In a worst case scenario it is indeed pending 140s they have given.

    The best strategy is to prepare a request that will get all the details and route it through different senators.

    Multiple members from different geographical area should route the same request through their senators.

    If the query result from all these senators doesn't match, we will know USCIS didn't give the proper info.

    In that case we can follow up with senators for the real data.

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  • aspiration
    06-14 02:51 PM
    Your idea is good...But only people who will participate in this will be those who have already made the calls..

    I don't think that those who couldn't spare 10 mins of day to make a call themselves will ask their friends or family members to call house members... And if they start calling by themselves... You and me won't be posting this message for taking help with Friends and Family... We have more than 30,000 members and time and again i reiterate that there must be more than 200 unique visitors for this thread.. SO PLEASE PLEASE>.. I urge all of you to do your part ...No one else have to post this message and ask you for support , if you call.
    ( No one would be reading this message untill he or she is stuck somewhere in the processing of their adjustment of status).. So why wait folks?

    Your call to lawmakers is for your own benefit and befit of everyone of us..


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  • bombaysardar
    07-18 11:25 AM
    Delivered : July 2, 10:25AM
    Status: Unknown

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  • srini1976
    11-13 10:39 PM
    In your situation, it is better to use EAD to save remaining time in 6 year period of H1. It is wise to use EAD, if you are in initial 6 year period of H1. In case if 485 is denied, you can go back to H1 and enjoy remaining period in 6 years. H1 extension, beyond 6 years is always based on pending immigration applications like LC, 140 and 485. If 485 (final step in GC) is denied, the H1 extension is also invalid. Fortunatly, USCIS do not have highly integrated system to revoke all underlying benefits (H1 Extn or EAD) based on pending immigration application was denied. After denying 485, unless USCIS specifically revoke H1B extension they granted after 6 years or EAD, you may be eligible to legally work with that document till its expiry. However, if they bring more integration to their system, they may deny all subsidary benefits due to denial of 140/485.

    Hi Ramba,

    Thanks for your response.

    I have few other questions based on your response please. I am considering BOTH the options and will act accordingly with the BETTER option.

    (1) EAD -To have the remaining of H1 as back up: If I use EAD and move to the new employer and also send AC21 documents to USCIS. My current employer will cancel H1 and revoke approved I-140. Also looking at the current scenario if USCIS denies 485 within a couple of months how do I get back to H1-B ASAP while I file MTR?

    (2) H1 - Maintain H1 and use AC21 with H1 transfer(I will have around 9-10 months of H1 remaining at this point of time): And if current employer cancels H1 and revokes I-140 and that triggers 485 denial, I will still have some H1 period remaining and this should aid me in CONTINUING the new JOB while I file MTR?



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  • araj_98
    04-07 01:02 PM
    I will keep contributing as we move along.

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  • pbojja
    10-03 11:38 AM
    That is not really an answer, you know?

    I have been a long time passive audience in this joint and now I am voicing my opinion with a logical and polite discussion. What's with the god forgiving my ignorance, if any?

    Ok here is my question how come all EB3 are "body shopped consulants" and what are EB2 ? "High profiled consulatants" ? I want to know what is gctest ?

    there is nothing wrong in expressing but taking a category and calling them body shoped is not the right way to express ...

    you think you are having a logical and polite conversation - thats the ignorance part .


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  • JazzByTheBay
    12-13 08:57 PM
    And I don't blame you for thinking that way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and stating your new (modified) stand on this issue. :)


    I saw the poll in the morning and voted FOR making this a paid site, but going through the discussions and a little bit of soul searching (slow day at work :p) i am a bit wary about making it a paid site now.

    As much as i would like to see the riff-raff (pardon the expression) go away, maybe we should be more inclusive then exclusive (?). Not everyone is an early adoptor, it took me a while to contribute as well, but i did eventually turn around and contributed the lil bit i could.

    Thats just my take, and excuse the rather altruistic title of my post.

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  • natrajs
    09-23 09:29 PM
    Recd the cards today (9/23/09)

    CPO E Mail recd on (9/15/09)

    Thank Q IV

    Good Luck to all


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  • nitinboston
    05-14 02:13 PM
    looking at the sarcastic, venomous and abusive responses, make me wonder why some people are so insecure and touchy. Why is there a my way or the highway mentality. Or may be some are happy living in illusion and don't wanna be shown some reality. couple of points

    1) again none of us will be treated same as American. Some of you mention BO as role model, remember his mom was American and he was born in Hawaii. had he been born in Merrut, you wont have been talking bout him.

    2) I got canadian PR not because i want to move there or anything. I got it cause its a good backup. If things dont go right in India, i can always come back for few more years. But this time it will be Canada. And before you guys start crying again, Canada has no problem with someone keeping a PR as long as he spends 2 out of 5 years in Canada.

    Again, just the sheer number of people from India, China and Mexico running after PR ensures there is a long waiting line. No way around it. So either wait for your turn, or explore other alternative. If you want to spend time howling, crying and protesting, well good luck with that too. It only makes American look down on us as GC seeking lowly, noisy, needy immigrants.

    Look up how immigration is done in NZ, AUS and Canada, that's a dignified way and then there is this USCIS way which humiliates you at every step. So the choice is there, its just tht we r too stuck with american GC

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  • iptel
    04-26 09:49 PM
    Contributed $200 so far contribured $650. Urge other member to make $150K happen


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  • optimist578
    03-08 04:05 PM
    So I am assuming we have a way to track who they are. Why don't we tag them - on the colored button on the top right, saying something like "xxx doesnot want to contribute but has posted 239 messages" and let people decide whether to read or ignore his message.

    With total contributions < 20% (may be lower) then Payton Boggs fees ( and repeated requests to focus on financial contributions, $0 contributing members continue (with utter dis-regard to financial contributions) to post in IV forums.

    There is a member with $0 contributions but 239 posts (often non-english) containing utter nonsense. My dog can post 100 posts and become a senior member. However, my dog will be less shameless so as to avoid misusing someone's scarse resources.

    We have 97% (of 9,000) members who can not pay $20. This is when Aman has spent 30-40K and core members have spent in K's.

    The Skilled tag of IV members is only for Labor Certification. Shame on all financially non-contributing members and non-members who continue to hang here.

    How dare you find IV only when you have a question?
    How dare you get depressed and frustated on IV forums?
    How dare you continue discussing unrelated issues when we don't have finances for Patton Boggs?

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  • vasa
    07-13 02:57 PM
    Good Luck Guys...

    Thank you for your efforts for the good of the entire community.


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  • anzerraja
    07-20 09:38 AM
    There is a funding drive in this other thread towards reimbursing the administrative costs of IV.

    Could you please pledge an amount ?

    [QUOTE=eagerr2i]As Pappu mentioned, the $ 64,000 figure is not a typo. That indeed is the money that was spent by him individually. Logiclife and others made trips to DC,air travel, hotel etc.. does add up real fast. QUOTE]

    This is amazing and hats off to you guys.

    I am sure lots of people reading these kind of unbelievable recounts here and in the other threads have started contributing (including me). Are you guys getting any kind of numbers back from paypal, on what is the kind of spike that you are seeing in terms of # of people contributing in the last few weeks?

    Has it gone up from say, 100 to 1000? or has the new IV crowd been apathetic so far? A feedback from the core will indicate on what kind of response we have been getting.

    GO IV..


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  • rkgc
    12-29 05:44 PM
    done, thanks for the link

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  • Alien
    04-09 09:05 PM
    Contributed 200$.Will do more if need be. Go Team IV go!

    10-04 02:52 PM
    gctest is a perfect jackass, think he is also a complete fraud.

    If you look at his posts, initially he said despite holding a doctorate and being around since 1996, he is EB2. So far so good.

    Then he says his dependents got approved on his EB2, while his case is rotting (????:D)

    The story changes dramatically after you point out if he is the real cream of the crop, he should have been easily qualified for EB1.
    The latest, breaking news is that he's from a top-notch research univ and has approved 140 in EB1 but still he's gonna fight for what's fair and against what's unfair (:D:D:D:D:D)

    Everything is made up, because the story changes all the time, when you attack him. I think the truth of the matter is he's EB2 and he's lying about EB1.

    His case never ever qualified for EB1 (publishing some academic trash doesn't qualify you for anything, see my earlier post on this thread regarding this), so he's completely sore and has lost his mind.

    09-17 01:17 PM
    If congress approves it, 70% of the battle is over.

    Yes rest is upto USCIS to work hard.

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