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  • kevinkris
    10-06 08:00 PM
    What i think is add this in your short term goal:

    In case we need to go back we should have atleast a flat (completely owned) to live and work.

    This is the minimum advantage of coming to different country to take all these struggles.


    I know this is immigration forum , so People who are not interested in this thread please ignore.

    Considering the State of Markets and Global economy.

    Do you guys think it make sense to buy a Flat/Single family house in India , I am going to india in Mid october. Should i take the lunge and buy some proerty there...This would be the first no Home equity Loan..It will be on 12% interest Rae from some indian bank.

    Please throw some ideas..

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  • chanduv23
    03-13 10:00 PM
    I am still on H1 (not utilized EAD), the visa on my passport expired last year. Planning to visit India next week, should I be getting a visa stamped or use AP?

    APPRECIATE INPUTS. Any USCIS link will also help.


    Though it is not related to this thread, it is a decision that only u can make. A friend of mine whose priority date is nowhere close and is still on h1b used his AP to reenter the US and when I asked him why he did not want visa stamping - he said "who will go through all the hasstles of appointments, stanidng in queue, wasting precious vacation time when you have a AP to reenter" . Now thats him - but u can make ur own decision based on ur corcumstance.

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  • sc3
    08-13 08:01 PM
    After the shock that DOS gave with the latest bulletin, I find this post very very humorous. Keep it up buddy.

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  • webm
    08-19 01:59 PM
    Total Pending applications :700,000 after Jul-07
    EB3 : 385000 (at 55% of the total)
    EB3-I: 115000 (at 30% of the 385000)
    # of pending apps before Sep-2002: 11500 (at 10% of 115000)

    EB3-I quota per year: 2940 (at 7% of EB-3(42000))
    Years before my priority date becomes current: 3.9:mad::mad:

    Well predicted....:( hope it won't take that long though!!


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  • chanduv23
    01-30 07:08 AM
    Those who got labor sub and got their GCs already must reapply within XX days or their GCs will be deemed invalid? How do you think will such a rule be?

    If labor substitution, applying 140 in 45 days etc.. are the kind of rules that are being framed, it is mainly because all the companies started exploiting these rules.

    It can be hypocratically argued that Desi companies only sell labor and misuse it, but from a larger perspective, any company including those multibillion dollar companies may actually misuse labors ie like HR will use sub labor for friend, lawyer may educate HR about the loophole and they will use it as a card for new hires. If such a thing is stopped there is no room for misuse of any form. We have to thank Desi companies because in someway, by totally exploiting the loophole, they helped this cause.

    45 days in filing 140. Believe me, such deadline is definitely achievable. 140 is a simple process and all that is needed is company audit and tax reports. I guess time will be given to those who already have labor certified and not applied for 140 for whatever reason.

    Such a rule must come even for filing 485. So that companies don't drag that too.

    Like most of the people have told earlier, changes are coming, a lot of changes are coming in the system and people are working in the background to streamline the system.

    I am not sure if this is true, but I have heard that IRS is now exposing its database to INS, DOL, SSA, DOS, Consulates and DMVs also can participate in it. Any kind of discrepency in salary or status can be exposed by this.

    IV iks definitely making a difference. IV has been extremely neutral in all its demands and causes and has raised excellent awareness, I am sure these sites are regularly monitored, which makes a lot of difference.

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  • arihant
    02-09 03:14 PM
    Does the SKIL bill apply only to MS, or MBA too ?

    I do not think the language of the SKIL bill clarified that. All it said was advanced degree from the US (which can be interpreted as MS, MBA and any other degree (minimum 2 years) received after a 4 year bachelor's degree). So, who knows. We will have to wait and see how it will be interpreted if and when SKIL bill comes back for discussion.


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  • wawa
    09-30 01:28 AM
    What are your priority dates? They may now be working on your GC application.

    I've already got my GC approved in Feb. 2007.

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  • jkays94
    06-08 07:52 PM
    You have to see my quote from the context of immigration. I never said illegal immigrants do not have any rights. Human rights are across the board. Every nation must follow these standards. Illegal immigrants can not sneak into a country and then demand that they should be given citizenship.

    Regarding undocumented workers filing with EEOC, please quote me few cases like that. I doubt if it is ever possible. In my personal opinion, when such workers are subject to deportation when found, where is the foundation in that case? Are you suggesting that non-citizens can apply for jobs in defence and aviation and complain to EEOC if rejected?

    Again this could be looked at from many angles. The right to march and demand citizenship is protected under the 1st ammendment. Whether they get the citizenship or not is another issue but indeed yes, as ridiculous as it is, one is free to have the audacity to make statements that may be ridiculous in nature and that is their right under the 1st ammendment to do so as long as they are within the borders of the US. It is these types of freedoms that distinguish America from many other countries, to the extent to where even a person subject to deportation has the right to due process. The 1st ammendment guarantees the freedom of expression. Freedom of expression further covers the right to free speech, press, assembly and to petition the government for a redress of grievances (which is what the undocumented are doing in any case) etc [more here (]

    Indeed a Federal District court has already ruled that immigration status is not a matter that is debatable in a EEOC/discrimination law suit. If the below is not sufficient there are some actual cases involving undocumented workers who were not victims of human trafficking.

    Federal Court Bars Employers From Making Issue Of Immigration Status In Discrimination Lawsuits (

    "We are pleased with the court's order because Title VII's protections against discrimination apply to all employees whether they are documented or undocumented," Burnside said. "Employers cannot discriminate against employees, and then threaten them by seeking information about their immigration status when they complain."

    If you read my other post correctly, it said the exemption was with security clearance related jobs. The two types of jobs you cited more than likely require security clearance but if they do not then its fair game for a discrimination complaint. Security clearance is only available to US citizens. My point is that if an employer with more than 4 employees whose job offering does not require security clearance or does not touch on matters of national security has a job posting claiming 'US Citizens Only' and an eligible for work non US citizen eg Green Card Holder or H1-B, EAD holder applies and is rejected primarily on the basis of their national origin or immigration status then yes, they do have credible grounds upon which to file an EEOC complaint. Note that an employer is only supposed to ask for documents that identify eligibility to work when they have made the decision to hire and are filing out form I-9. For instance there is already a case where EEOC or the DOJ won a case because an employer insisted on seeing an employee's GC and would not take an EAD. In summary, I'm not suggesting, it is the law and I believe I have given references to the relevant sections in my other post. But if in doubt, you may want to check with a lawyer and not take my word for it since I'm not one.


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  • nik.patelc
    04-08 01:12 PM
    I have received email notification of RFE last friday April 3rd. I am waiting for actual RFE mail notice. I talked to IO and she said mail notice sent to my home adress? Typically, how long it takes to receive mail notice? 1 week or 2 to 3 days?

    Thank You

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  • mirage
    10-07 06:27 PM
    The only housing market which doesn't show any sign of correction is Mumbai, as the builders have more Dubai, 'Bhai' kind of money. Everywhere else properties have already fallen 20-30%. In gurgaon & NOIDA they are down 40% from previous year...


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  • sc3
    08-11 02:35 PM
    Sorry for ignorance, but what would you fetch from these voting results? There were already more than 100's threads before and as of now, if I am correct never seen any estimate data from any of us.

    Its just sheer waste of time in calculating estimates. USCIS has its own rules and no one can predict them.

    Just a thought. Please post the estimate data if you ever get, something?

    Best of luck.

    I guess it has less to do with estimates, and more about looking at the landscape. If there are significant portion of responses are above your date, one might, for example, choose to initiate porting/reclassification process if one qualifies for it.

    Good thread. I am wondering the reasons for lack of response between Jan and March of 2002.

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  • Sreeshankar
    04-09 12:05 PM
    My fear came true today. USCIS issued a RFE for my wife's I-485 TB test and she is in India right now. RFE has May 6th deadline and she would be back on June 3rd.

    What are our options?

    Request an extension for RFE?
    Pre-pone her trip? (this would be really a costly option for us...since we have so much planned around that date)
    Do TB test in USCIS approved surgeons in india (If there is any)


    Please check the website of the US consulate of the particular region of India where you reside, like delhi or chennai etc, and or call their information line. They would have local hospitals or Medical examination certification centers that are designated by the consulates as being eligible for providing medical certificates, especially for people with Consular Processing interviews. I guess, that could probably help. Consult your lawyer or take an infopass to verify this information accuracy. Thanks. Sree


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  • ryan
    04-20 10:02 AM
    Hey Ryan,

    Why didn't your MBA help you much?

    No offense, but of all MBA'ites I have spokeN to, only you have said so.
    What was your expectation from mba, and what did you end up with??


    Hey Bel -

    Quite honestly I think the best value from an MBA is derived from the timing, i.e. where one is in his / her career. I had a B Com (Accounting) from University of Sydney, an American CPA, combined with 10 years of work experience whilst enrolling for the MBA. I knew ahead, the curriculum wasn't going to bring added technical knowledge, however, it did bring some new ways of approaching the business community. Having the opportunity to sit in a class room and share / hear experiences from some of the successful executives does broaden the thought process. The program also helps build / expand the network. Again, I didn't feel I learnt something groundbreaking on the technical aspects of accounting / financial analysis, or the everyday business etc, but I wouldn't say it was completely useless. Plus for some reason, the "tag" does help.

    BTW, I'm not sure the background of those who provided you feedback. My sentiments are shared at least by 3 good friends. One is a Wharton Alum and the other two, from University of Toronto. All of whom had at least 14 years of work experience, and were Canadian Chartered Accountants at the time of enrollment. The feedback could vary depending on the backgrounds.

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  • fasterthanlight�
    05-31 05:30 PM
    Theres a bunch of gangs at my school, one of them wanted me to join 'cause im pretty good with a bow staff...

    Ok, enough napolean dynamite quotations for now... ben specifically asked for no spam!


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  • legalVoice
    04-27 03:12 PM
    Contributed $100 by paypal

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  • fasterthanlight�
    06-14 11:33 PM
    I hope fasterthanlight wins!
    his rocks!
    I made one, but my servers down *pos server, always down >_<*
    its comin...

    I hope so too! :cap:


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  • gk_2000
    04-18 10:03 PM
    Here are my case details as well.

    Came to US in Aug 1999 on F-1 after B.Tech. Graduated with MS (Telecom) in Dec 2000. Joined a major telecom firm immediately after graduation. My first EB-3 labor was filed in Dec 2001 (Non-RIR) but employer withdrew it because of lay-offs. Employer filed again in Nov'03 (Non-RIR again) and it was approved in March 2007 (after RIR conversion in Jan 2007) by Dallas BEC, followed by I-140 approval (March 2007) and I-485 filing in July 2007. Though my job required a MS degree, my employer could not file in EB-2 as there were people in my team with just Bachelors degree when they joined the company 10-15 yrs ago and lawyer did not advise employer to file in EB-2 as EB-3 was current those days......After surviving 12 rounds of lay-offs, no job security whatsoever throughout and fed up with EB3 process, I changed jobs after 8.5 yrs (July 2009) and my new job required a minimum of MS + 6 yrs of experience and fortunately my new employer (another large company) had no issues re-starting the process again. I work in Mobile Communications R&D (developing networks which support smart phones (2G/3G and now 4G-LTE technology) have been in this field since Jan 2001) and here are my EB-2 case details:

    Joined new employer in July 2009
    PERM Prep work took 6 months
    EB2 PERM filed: March 30th, 2010 (MS + 6 yrs or BS + 8 yrs as min requirements)
    EB2 PERM approved: Aug 11th, 2010
    EB2 I-140 filed: Aug 27th, 2010 (Premium Processing, EB3 I-140 approval copy enclosed with request to Port EB3 PD)
    EB2 I-140 and I-485 approved concurrently on Sep 3rd, 2010
    Cards received Sep 7th, 2010

    Hope this helps.

    Truly borderline EB1. Congrats!

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  • arunmohan
    06-13 01:39 PM
    Thats a very good point , If they dont count the dependents in Family based category , why are they counting in Employment Based category . Again may be rules are different but we can defiently raise this question

    IV what are your thoughts on this?

    I think this is a valid point. We should request from USCIS to treat the employment base category same as other category. I am not sure that USCIS could fix this by themselves or they need any legislation.

    This will be a big relief for us and will fix our 50% backlog.

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  • RollingStone12
    04-24 11:26 AM
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    09-17 01:35 PM
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    04-21 11:00 AM
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