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  • belmontboy
    05-24 01:18 PM
    just presenting a possible reason why what paskal proposed in his post does not work well in IV.......its not a question of whether phone calls are important or not....its a question of making a significant number of forum stakeholders (and not 1-2%) get to act on any initiative......fund raising/ calling efforts etc....

    i genuinely believe that the core members go above and beyond whats expected to do what they are doing for IV - its truly remarkable...they all have busy lives and it takes great conviction and dedication to take the time out and do this...but why are the people still not responding despite the obvious pitfalls of not acting on GC related initiatives.......

    maybe its lethargy, inaction, indifference etc.......but we should be open to considering that just maybe, a vast and silent majority of IVians do not feel a sense of representation in the organization and hence do not react as enthusiastically as they should........legitimacy among the constituents often comes with representation

    why did most kingdoms around the world perish and give way to democracies......bcos the kings taxed the public based on their whims and fancies......elected govts may do the same but people still pay up and if they dont agree - they know they have a choice at the next elections.......

    and no, i dont deserve to be the CEO - neither do i have a performance track record nor credibility here......should not stop me from voicing a contrarion view though

    Thanks sayantan76! we already know that there is less participation from our members.

    Nobody here exactly knows why the participation rate is less. Some of reasons could be:

    i have my EAD, thats more than enough for me
    i am in my I-140 or PERM stage, why should i bother now?
    i don't think GC process is a big problem, i am sure i will get one day
    i don't care. I will sit and watch others do this for me

    I will not blame the core members. I understand their Vision and it aligns with mine. How do you enforce a vision in IV community when the participation is less?
    How can any action survive with 100-200 members participation? look at numbersusa and learn from their strengths.

    Having said that, i have a few suggestions though. Lets talk to our friends and relativies, understand their concerns/issues and communicate IV's vision to them in a better way and get them to participate.
    Lets set some intermediate goals to track our progress.

    Lets go IV

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  • snram4
    01-17 01:09 PM
    Hope is ok. But IV core has more access than normal members like lawyers, lobbyists. So their view is important. Atleast interpretation of Memo need to known to the members. Also feasiblity of succcess, amount of effort and money need to be known to the members. I am seeing silent in most lawyer sites like immigration-law, shusterman, ILW. Everyone posted memo but no one really that much bothered

    I request you not to deviate from the topic. Lets hope IV core come up and support in this.

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  • ilikekilo
    04-15 03:14 PM
    Thanks man for your replies. I'm gathering as much as I can. All the tickets, birth certs.
    Plus, to add to the complication, I've also confirmed ticket to meet them at Frankfurt on their way to US. My Euro vacation for a week would collapse and have to cancel everything.

    I'm try to keep myself sane. There are much worse situations people are facing in this forum ( for example, a ninth pregnant lady getting laid off).
    Just hoping (and praying) that this can be solved smoothly.

    GC is really proving to be a daaawg....


    tell me about it, let me know if you need anything...good luck 2 u..keep us posted..

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  • gcisadawg
    03-11 02:03 AM
    Why do you bring Malice with you, everywhere, seriosly how does your family stand you ?
    I have seen your posts earlier, they are full of abuses, unjust full of most useless comments, let me tell you one thing, it is a very well known truth people who are most abusive on cyber space, are most fattoo & have been beaten up kind of people because they spend their life in threat but on cyberspace they become Lion. You are a typical Cyber Sher... But in real life I can guess....

    I second you...Kunju has a history....


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  • chetanjumani
    03-13 10:59 PM
    There was a topic where googler had explained that as per DHS employee, unused Eb2 Worldwide goes to Over subscribed Eb2, so Eb2 India and Eb2 China.

    It appears that the policy was always this, but since there were no excess Eb1 in the last couple of years, there was no spillovers in the last 2 years, howeever this year there are higher number of unused EB1.

    In fact the way it appears is :

    EB4 unused ==> spills over to ==> EB1
    EB5 unused ==> spills over to ==> EB1
    EB1 unused ==> spills over to ==> EB2 world wide.
    EB2 Worldwide unused ==> spills over to EB retrogressed.

    So before any spill over to EB3, visas are given to EB2 category.

    Since the unused EB2 visas are given to retrogressed countries, I believe that more visas are used by country that has more retrogression. But if there is any future movement in EB2, than both India and China could experience it.

    From www.immigration-information.com forums, it appears that one of the important driving force behind the visa usage is the actual adjudication of cases from USCIS. Since generally USCIS does not really process enough cases to use all visa's(to ensure they are not wasted), every year there will be a need to have substantial movement in the cut off date to generate more demands for visa's, not just in AOS, but also CP.

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  • pmb76
    07-16 12:00 AM
    "You successfully signed Lou Dobbs' show spreading misinformation on Highly Skilled H1-B workers. petition.

    Petition owner will manually approve your signatures."

    ## The above is the return message - who is this Petition Owner ??


    I'm the petition owner.


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  • sidbee
    06-13 08:31 AM
    I am 2007 PD EB3. I know i am screwed :-) , but our discussing out unfortunate luck here , wont change it.

    I am not even dreaming about my GC. I am just enjoying my life today, as i have no control over tomorrow. The irony , i was qulaified for EB2, but my lawyer didnt want to do an extra work(BS + 7 Years) , so he put me in EB3.

    Let EB2 get there GC's first , and may be the illegals also get it before EB3, I really dont know the point of discussion of this thread.

    Thank God somebody didnt write , thats its really unfortunate that we were born in India.

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  • a1b2c3
    04-30 02:26 PM
    thanks a lot for the nice info. appreciate all the pointers. I know its all miles away but if it were not for some issues I am dealing with I would not have taken active interest in this.
    http://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/statistics/publications/natz_fr_2008.pdf amazes me.record #s from mexico? nearly 232k vs 62k from india in 2008.


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  • WillIBLucky
    11-16 02:13 PM
    Oh I was telling in general. You are senior to me though. I was curious watcher for about 4 month before i joined this week. I think its my 3rd day and I am liking it. I would surely contribute as well in coming days.

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  • gpr
    01-19 08:46 AM
    Count me in. I am not on H1 but we need to stop this in its tracks.


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  • chanduv23
    04-28 01:46 PM
    Have there been any updates on this case that you are at liberty to share?

    Thanks in advance.

    Ok, lets not confuse this case with Ability to pay and get worried about that stuff. I spoke to another person who contacted me and is having the same issue. His 140 was revoked 2 years back and at that time he got a NOID and responded in a timely manner and he was fine. Now he has a denial on 485 stating that his 140 was revoked 2 years back.

    This person is neither desi nor did he worked for desi consulting company or had ability to pay issues and has applied for MTR and waiting.

    All that float on internet is "indivisdual prespectives" and "interpretations". So do not think too much about it.

    AC21 guidelines are clear - you can refer to them on DHS website, Ombudsman's page, USCIS website etc....

    From what I have been seeing and as I did a lot of research and continue to do, 140 revocation and 485 denial does have a pattern and this seems to be a procedural or a serious training issue.

    Thats why IV core suggests that we have to collectively gettogether and fix this issue and any other issue.

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  • sc3
    08-25 04:33 PM
    There is a spillover of 22000 visas from FB to EB starting Sep 01 2008. Does anybody know how this spillover is divided between EB1/EB2/EB3?

    Can we expect 28.6% of this spillover in EB3? Just like we get 28.6% of annual quota?

    Yes, AFAIK the FB spillover is added to the base quota and then divided between the ranks. At least I hope DoS and USCIS don't mess up with this calculation.

    BTW: Where were you able to find this information?


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  • mirage
    03-10 05:29 PM
    Why ??
    PD beyond 2007 July will not be there

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  • kumar1
    08-25 03:01 PM
    I would like to propose your name for Nobel Prize.

    Well, you can do PD porting :D :D. Adopt a 16-17 year American citizen kid(?), and you will be good to go soon. I guess you cant really adopt people beyond 18 years, but if you can, it will be like PD-porting to EB1 !! ;)


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  • alien2006
    06-08 07:49 AM
    A lot was said above but some basic things still need clarification.

    I do believe that I HAVE THE RIGHT to get my LCA adjudicated in 2-3 months time (OK, make it 6 months, having in mind you are dealing with an inefficient administration).
    I do believe that I HAVE THE RIGHT to know in short term (2-3 months, not 3-4 years !) if I am eligible for permanent residency.
    I do believe that I HAVE THE RIGHT to know how long (if approved) will take the I-485 process.

    These are clear, simple questions that require clear, simple answers. Getting these answers (NO is also an answer) in a reasonable period of time is a right, not a privilege...

    No I want the RIGHT to get my GC as soon as I land here on a H1B. They should give me the GC at the airport itself. I'm not waiting one day even. ;)

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  • walking_dude
    11-14 04:31 PM
    Why do you jump the gun and reach conclusions??!!!

    All that was asked - was to write to the Radio station using their website. Who asked anyone to picket?!!! Re-read my post. I asked members to call up and ask hard questions challenging his credibility. We have nothing to lose by doing so. If we make him fumble, he stands to lose a good following.

    I'm part of that 10% that you're speaking about. Are you? Have you joined your state chapter? Did you march in DC? Are you a regular contributor?

    What's wrong in using Gandhi's name? Are you allergic to the great man?

    Any day a Gandhi quote is better than the - 'This can't be done. That can't be done. It's all in vain' statements, which are highly negative, demoralising and triter than the usage of Gandhi. At least Gandhi quotations are positive and uplifting. And we need that here to balance the pile of the negative statements that get posted.

    It's a promise. Until you guys don't get tired of posting your negative and demoralizing posts, we won't be tired of invoking the Great man's name. We know it's vain to invoke Gandhi to you guys. But still hoping against odds that it may affect you in a positive way. :)

    Well then why dont you picket against NumbersUSA, programmers guild et al too, i can name 20 conservative radio shows try emailing/talking them to change their opinion. I say this because i have emailed to a few and even tho they understand my point of view they will not change something that gets them ratings and propagates their cause.

    IV has 25k members, i guess 10% out of those are really motivated to participate and ready do something, if you start diverting your resources towards such issues your team will not have much motivation or people remaining when you really need them to do something. IMO

    Quoting Gandhi left and right is becoming pass� now, its like desi politicians, invoking Gandhi for everything. Try not to take his name in vain. (this is not directed at your post, i have been following your well written posts for a while. It a general comment after reading the forums.)


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  • deba
    06-11 09:32 AM
    First of all, this is a civil lawsuit not criminal. So, don't panic. It will most likely have no effect on your GC processing. Second fleeing to India is not an option. You could be in greater trouble as some have pointed out. Third, the amount seems too large for an usual accident case. What exactly are they demanding the money for? Bodily injury, disability etc.? These cases take a while to sort out in court. Talk to a competent lawyer immediately about your next course of legal action.
    On a second note, a friend of mine was also involved in this type of a case during his GC processing. The amount involved wasn't this large tho. Eventually they settled out of court and had no effect on his GC.

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  • shirish
    06-17 11:31 AM
    As per my research, this restiriction is there for almost every one (Atleast the one i checked). BUt added advantage with ICICI ot tata AIG, of bajaj allianze is that medical emergency even if it is out of pre-existing conditions are covered. where as the insurance companies in the US do not cover them.

    I used ICICI for my parents. My dad had to use the insurance unfortunately. Due to his age (60 yrs) they paid only part of the expense, but i did not have to pay from my pocket except the prescription medicins.

    In another case, one of my friend had purchased insurance for his mother here in US, she was diabetic, and unfortunately her kidneys failed when she was in US. Insurance company did not pay anything, as it was due to pre-existing condition.

    There are advantages and disadvantages with both. You need to choose based on your condition.

    Hope this helps.

    Please remember that ICICI gives LIMITED coverage for anyone above the age of 56. It is mentioned in the "fine print". They have a restriction of say $1200 per day of hospitalization (not sure of the exact amount- but somewhere in that region).

    The same is true for TATA Travelguard

    It sounds like Comprehensive Insurance from a US company might provide the best "insurance"

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  • genscn
    09-13 02:25 PM
    I think one thing we all can help is with clearing myth from American people mind that immigrants are hired on H1-B visa because they work for less $$. When few of my friends were hired to different companies, we all got lot more salary than American hired at same time for 2 reason: MS and education background.

    Also, it cost company a lot of money to Sponsor H1-B for its employee. So if immigrant is hired, he/she was the most suitable and required candidate (Atleast at that time).

    I think we need to work towards clearing this concept from American people mind for favorable wave for legal immigrants.

    02-01 06:45 AM

    If your parents have bad health, then its a risky trip anyways .. but if they are in a reasonable health, then most insurance plans (except the super cheap ones) should be fine to cover any emergencies .... I have used k v rao insurance couple of times (but never had to make a claim) ...

    There are always bad stories about claim process, but that is just the nature of Insurance industry (had such experiences with my employer insurance as well ... despite it being a Fortune100 company with generous benefits)... so choose your poison! :)

    06-03 11:06 AM
    "On March 27, 2009, you filed a motion to reopen. You indicated the use of the applicant's ability to "port" under section 106(c) of the American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act (AC21). The requirements were met and the motion to reopen was approved.

    CONCLUSION: It is concluded that the grounds stated for denial have been overcome.

    ORDER: It is ordered that the motion to reopen be approved. The Form I-485 is "pre-adjudicated" awaiting visa availability."

    Congratulations, and that is probably the most 'relieving' MTR approval message ever.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

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