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  • GCBy3000
    07-11 10:34 AM
    Now that USCIS / DOS know that they have made mistake and also aware that this is exposed to the entire country. So this is what they are doing.

    1. Keep all the applications pending so that AILF could not start the lawsuit. ALIF needs rejection proof.
    2. Updated their site stating the receipt notice will be sent after Aug 1st, So everyone keeps quiet till this date.
    3. I beleive, the Judge will rule out by July 29 saying that itis fault of DOS / USCIS and say they have to accept all the applications which are filed in July leaving the applicants only two days to file.
    4. No one can argue that all the ELIGIBLE applicants should be allowed to file. The reason is NOT all the eligible applicants filed in June. Also if you feel that you are eligible for July, then you should have prepared all your application papers ready by July 29. If you cannot file, you are out.

    I feel, this is what is going to happen. So better prepare your papers and keep it ready.

    As per our lawyers, right now USCIS is in the process of entering our applications in their system (for date of receipt and such). There was a memo from USCIS saying that they will be done with the job of data entry by August 1.

    From August 1, we can expect either rejection or acceptance of the actual application. The hope is that a court/congressional intervention before August 1 will change the USCIS action of rejection into acceptance.

    Flowers to Condi; any body?


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  • smodekurti
    10-12 12:31 PM
    I have not received any. Generally the notice goes to the employer or the attorney who filed the petition on our behalf. Moreover I have checked with my previous employer. They are suspecting the case got reopened because of the H1B withdrawal petition that was filed sometime back. Things will be clear only after they receive the notice.

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  • bkarnik
    09-17 02:13 PM
    here how it will be considered:
    first human--> followed by illegal immigrants-->next horses-->last and least aliens

    you mean LEGAL aliens...:)

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  • krishmunn
    04-18 06:24 PM
    As I see it, the only persons benefited are the ones having the priority dates in ancient times. I think we really should not mind letting them have their GC's, being our seniors.
    Yes, later year porters might end up having to wait. It's all in the game, fortunately or unfortunately. One thing is for sure, we as a whole, have an uphill battle
    If it really comes to matter, I think it should be easy for an EB2 to port to EB3 if the dates are current for him in the different category. So if I were EB2 today, I wouldn't be so apprehensive :)

    I have neither become apprehensive nor have got any ill feeling ... just showing where the problem is .


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  • fromnaija
    09-29 01:45 PM
    You get that description text box if you register as a Representative instead of as a Customer.

    My apologies :eek:
    I wish they could add one text box next to each petition and add my own description.

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  • gctest
    10-02 02:12 PM
    EB2 india/china... see this..
    and then see this

    ab bajao ghanti... aur chup chap baithe raho
    (translation: sit there like a paraplegic in the line and do nothing ... while a massive line jumping is in process... you will keep seeing while all these EB3 "bodyshopped consultants" will continue to slowly port their PDs and get approved ahead of you.. EB2 I/C is in for a really really long wait.
    Honestly, these consultants don't even have an H1B worthy job: its not a permanent job offer. They don't get paid fulltime. Let alone their eligibility for a GC ....what a scam!

    We need to let uscis know and audit all current and past approved cases from these consultants)

    FYI ...With support from a few people .. we are in the process of filing a Direct injunction for stoppage and immediate audit of interfiled/approved cases. But more support would be appreciated.


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  • crystal
    07-11 06:36 PM
    Where u have gone from morning ? :D Has AILA filed the damn lawsuit yet...what the heck are they doing...playing Tom and Jerry....

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  • genscn
    09-13 02:25 PM
    I think one thing we all can help is with clearing myth from American people mind that immigrants are hired on H1-B visa because they work for less $$. When few of my friends were hired to different companies, we all got lot more salary than American hired at same time for 2 reason: MS and education background.

    Also, it cost company a lot of money to Sponsor H1-B for its employee. So if immigrant is hired, he/she was the most suitable and required candidate (Atleast at that time).

    I think we need to work towards clearing this concept from American people mind for favorable wave for legal immigrants.


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  • ras
    07-02 01:01 AM
    As IV is willing to help those having issues with employers by providing a platform and interfacing with DOS, USCIS, DOL, Media, lawyers and support in any form - nothing stops people from standing up for themselves and report an abusive employer.
    If your causes are genuine, please do not be afraid to stand up for yourselves, IV is there to support you

    If IV can outline how it is going to help, that would really make many people come out of the shelves. However, though we talk so much, people are still scared to identify themselves against the employer. However, they may be ready to outline everything against the specific employer as an anonymous person. we got to deal with a situation where people are ready but anonymously. How can we handle this.

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  • polapragada
    09-13 10:19 PM
    I did the remit request when $1 = 44.55 They debited the money same night it self...
    But they haven't credited the money in my bank account yet Its been 7 days.

    They are real frauds


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  • Mayday
    03-30 08:47 PM
    There are others who advised you about what to do so I am not adding to it. If you want to prevent this happening to others you can expose the company here and in other forums...

    the worst idea ever.

    first - probability that potential employee of that employer will read it is zero.
    second - employer continues to act same way to other people.
    third - employer can actually sue him for doing so.

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  • anilsal
    11-13 12:01 AM
    Waiting for CIR bill for EB relif is not worthy. It will unlikley be passed in lame-duck congress, as t needs heavy conference. It may be the good idea to push SkIL bill or somesort of EB relief provison (like budget reconcilation bill last year) in other bills to be passed in lame duck period.
    Agreed, smaller ticket items while the big ones are being debated/reported in the media.


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  • mdmd10
    09-17 11:50 AM
    Rep. Lamar Smith is proposing another amendment to amendment proposed by Rep. Lofgren.

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  • fundo14
    07-16 01:26 PM
    I plan to send this petition to all senior executives of Time Warner Inc by Priority Mail and Fax. CNN is a fully owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc.



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  • Macaca
    02-06 11:33 AM
    Yes--Universties--come under non-profit as per INS, hence exempted from quota, but not Elem/Middle/High schools.
    USCIS is much more screwed up then our collective imagination.

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  • svchavan
    08-12 11:25 AM


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  • gk_2000
    04-22 11:05 AM
    This is truly unfair where country of birth determined who gets an 'Employment' based greencard before someone else. It can only be fixed by eliminating per-country limits.

    A question -- has IV considered challenging the country quota in court? Because the Constitution forbids discrimination based on country of origin..

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  • sts_seeker
    03-16 12:58 PM
    Hi all,
    I got a RFE for Ability to pay for My I140(EB-3, PD-Ap2003) from USCIS. After consultation I was suggested that I needed an expert opinion letter from an Independent CPA telling that company can pay me the salary stated in the ALC. Now I need a CPA who can analyze the financials of the company and a lawyer who can write the letter to defend this case. I was wondering if anyone here can provide the service for CPA analyzation or sample letter on how to address this issue.

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  • smisachu
    01-25 09:19 PM
    I have read in several forum that one cannot form own company and sponsor H1 through that. The logic is sponsoring H1 is work and you cannot work without H1.
    I think it is acceptable logic. Otherwise many would have sponsored H1 for self.

    Check with some attorney.

    I started my company when on H1 but I did not sponsor myself or anyone. I also did not withdraw earnings from the company since it was not my main income. I only started withdrawing earnings from the company after I got my GC and I can claim on taxes. But it is a good idea to ask an attorney.

    03-13 01:22 PM
    This my copyright and very much pertain to our situation:
    I left my world in search of prosperity
    The prosperity is taking an eternity
    My struggle is long and daunting
    Making it more and more frustrating

    Life at times seems uncontrollable
    Flowing with the time unstoppable
    Graying hairs testify for the feeling
    Fat belly making me further unappealing

    Sometimes I think of going back
    Try to gather the courage that I lack
    But the world I left is not the same any more.
    And the world I am in, has lost its lure.

    I am on the crossroad of my life
    One is forward, one is left and other is right.
    I don�t like the choices shown
    May be I would have to create a world of my own


    Good one, Thats what we are now .:)

    05-25 11:09 AM
    How to track the progress of this Bill? can some one post the link to track.

    here is the link
    looks like this bill will not go no where ...there is only 3 cosponsors..:mad::mad:

    Source URL:
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