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  • smisachu
    07-30 05:51 PM
    I agree. These ETFs are too risky. With so many pros in the game nothing is easy nowadays. As you had mentioned in one of your post, the market for individuals is as close to gambling as it gets.

    If you cannot make trading your profession then Invest don't trade. Or trade options where you don't have to watch tick by tick.

    Hey guys who are scolding us that this is not related to immigration- Common cut us some slack. Can we discuss just immigration 365 days when we are the only ones doing it and policy makers dont care about us? We will go nuts doing it. What is the harm if we all discuss other stuff. Maybe there could be a seperate thread or something for discussing non immigration stuff. As a community we should be able to discuss and share other stuff than just our frustrations.

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  • cooldude
    07-19 10:00 AM
    As far as I know from friends who have had similar case in the past, yours is not at all an uncommon situation. My belief is that use of PO Box on physical address helps to get documents re-directed to their correct department. Absence of same means that the personnel in charge have to "think" where to re-direct and nothing more than that. Again this is based on what I know from reliable friends.

    Thanks a lot for your reply

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  • When485
    04-01 09:05 PM
    All our I485 applications had a soft LUD of today. Recently I applied EAD for my son and it got approved within 15 days. One of my friends got LUD and later (after 2 days) a Hard LUD that they sent an RFE. Our SC is Nebraska. some of my friends also had got Soft LUD 2 weeks before but no change inside... Not sure what is awaiting us. Hopefully its all pre-adjudication. Any insights will be highly appreciated.


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  • gc_freedom
    07-01 08:54 PM
    It is sad to say the thread started by one of the senior member on similar lines was closed abruptly for discussion.I know IV's main intension is to help on immigration front but it won't be too different to help other immigrant brothers trapped in situations like this.

    Are there any reservations on voicing opinios about this?



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  • p1234
    10-04 02:14 PM
    how many folks with older EB3 PDs are screwed after 07/07? Does anyone have a count? Obviously, if you freeze EB3 they are not going to be sticking around..

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  • prakgc
    08-25 06:02 PM
    Guys.. need your expert advice.

    I am travelling next month out of the country for a week. I am currently on a valid H1B which is stamped on my passport but my 485 is pending and the dates are current. I also have a valid AP to use and return on.

    Question i have is if i show my H1B visa at the port of entry and enter using that am i risking my 485 application in anyway?

    Let me tell you the hypothetical situation i am talking about

    lets say my 485 gets approved on sept 6th 2008 but has not been updated on the USCIS case status online. Also i enter the country on sept 6th 2008 on h1b status?

    What happens then? do i lose my 485 status because the last status i enetered on 485???

    Please gurus .. i really need to know if this is true? does coming on h1b invalidate your approved 485 ?


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  • StuckInTheMuck
    08-25 12:06 PM
    I haven't yet used the SBI-NY remittance service (registered only last week), but I do not need to open account with them. Instead, I can send money home (only to an existing SBI India account) directly from my credit card, using a specific remittance form. I find this arrangement convenient, but mailing the form for each such transaction adds to delay. I find your suggestion better instead, and also probably quicker.

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  • deletedUser459
    06-16 11:11 AM
    normally iPod skins don't change the appearence of your surroundings....


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  • santb1975
    06-17 03:17 PM
    We really need to call

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  • rkm
    10-07 07:24 PM
    Global economy downfall impact will be there in india also,Indian Stock market is also going down, Due to Inflation, High interest ,Election year (India). It is better to wait till next year.

    Even in Mumbai, prices are coming down (~10-20% from last year) however they are so high right now it has to crash more than 50% to come in "NRI" range. I feel sorry for the common middle class of Mumbai... They have no options but to go beyond Borivali and Thane even after crash :( ....


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  • mirage
    03-11 11:16 AM
    Got a mails from USCIS that both my case and my spouse's case are approved and card will arrive shortly. However the online status still says 'Pending'.

    Is this common and will the online status change in a couple of days?

    EB2 PD Dec 2003
    Filed date 08/02/2007

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  • svr_76
    03-16 10:29 PM
    I would recommend consulting an immigration lawyer, as w/o that its just mere speculation on what an individual thinks...also historical data cannot be used in current times.


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  • ghost
    04-19 11:44 AM
    - 2004 filed for Labor and started EB3 process.
    - Company got acquired in later years . Filed new I140 ( I think it is called successor-in-interest)
    - Recently started fresh EB2 process for interfiling of EB3 to EB2 . GC approved.

    Jimytomy's painful to see EB-3 folks wait for so many years and then hear EB-2 folks complaining about porting! Hopefully, all of us will come together and realize that the only way for us to get out of this mess is by supporting IV goals (no country limits, recapture, etc.).

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  • xu1
    07-25 08:19 PM
    some states do consider a foreign student as in-state after one year of residence. but for some other states that you have not been to, if you come on F1 visa, you are international and therefore out-of-state no matter how long your program is..


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  • maddipati1
    12-31 02:20 PM

    I think asking for increase in visa numbers works against us, especially in this economy. They may not be interested in removing per country quota too.

    But, we have a genuine and strong case regarding re-capture of wasted visas. The root of this evil (retrogression) is due to wasted visas in last 5/6 years. Its quite simple math, US didn't stop/reduce H1 visas who get into the GC pipe, but reduced the number of people going out of pipe, hence the congestion.

    Please make sure u highlight this one. This should be top most priority all the time.

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I have been in the country Legally on a student visa and then on a work visa for 10 years. I have been in line and have applied for a greencard 6 years ago and my application has been shuttled through various departments and agencies in a 4 step procedure and now being stalled for want of a number (An immigrant number) for a highly skilled immigrant. There are an estimated 1/2 million legal law abiding, tax paying individuals in a similar situation who need your attention. All of them are in the country on a work visa and are in line to recieve an employment based green card.

    The Employment based green card system is completely broken due to excessive delays and backlogs in petitions of nearly half a million highly skilled workers who are certified by US Government to be doing a job that no US citizen is willing, qualified or able to do. The delays in obtaining a permanent residency are due to 2 reasons: Numerical caps on employment-based green cards and processing delays in adjudication of files. Today the system takes anywhere between 6-12 years to grant Green cards to some of the best and brightest of the world who have chosen America as their future home.

    These future Americans are facing huge quality of life issues and their employers are facing difficulty in attracting more of the best and brightest of the world due to the broken system. The system prevents these workers from accepting promotions and switching jobs for the time-period it takes to process their files. By stagnating career growth and suffocating the creativity of the most innovative and technical minds of the world.
    The processing delays mock America�s respect for those who �play by the rules� and get in line. At the same time USCIS awards 10s of thousands of greencards to people every year outside of USA based on a pick or lottery.

    At the end of 2006, there were an estimated 200,000 employment-based principals waiting for labor certification, which is the first step in the U.S. immigration process. The number of pending I-140 applications, the second step of the immigration process, stood at 50,132. This was over seven times the number in 1996. The number of employment-based principals with approved I-140 applications and unfiled or pending I-485s, or the last step in the immigration process, was 309,823, a threefold increase from a decade earlier. Overall, there were 500,040 employment-based principals (in the three main employment visa categories of EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3) waiting for legal permanent residence. And the total including family members was 1,055,084.

    These numbers are particularly troubling when you consider there are only around 120,000 visas available for skilled immigrants in the EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3 categories. To make things worse, no more than 7 percent of the visas are allocated to immigrants from any one country. So immigrants from countries with large populations like India and China have the same number of visas available (8,400) as those from Iceland and Poland.

    At the same time, a debate rages about H-1B visas and this gets considerable press coverage. Companies such as Microsoft, Intel, and Oracle have been lobbying for visas to bring in skilled immigrants, but have focused on expanding the numbers of H-1B visas available. Why? Perhaps because workers on these visas are desirable, as they are less likely to leave their employers during the decade or more they are waiting for permanent residence.

    So we want skilled immigrants, but we want them to come on the right visas as permanent residents. The battles being fought are about bringing in more people with H-1B visas�not about those who are already here with them and stranded in �immigration limbo.�

    Unlike many of the problems facing the United States, this one isn�t hard to fix. All we have to do is to increase the number of visas offered to skilled workers in the EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3 categories from 120,000 to around 300,000 per year. And we need to remove the per-country limits. Instead of requiring graduates from top universities who receive jobs from American corporations to go through the tedious H-1B visa process, we should provide a direct path to permanent residence. We are now competing with the rest of the world for the best talent. We need to do all we can to attract and keep skilled immigrants, rather than bring them here temporarily, train them, and send them home.
    One more most important aspect is also to provide an oversight over USCIS. Presently, processing delays, lost paperwork, incourteous and bad customer service and above all a non-transparent system is what immigrants face. Why should legal tax paying immigrants wait in line patiently for half a decade and pay high fees to get lousy customer service and no accountability for fees?.

    Yours truely,
    Frustrated, law abiding, tax paying immigrant

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  • felix31
    02-05 10:15 PM
    Not all professions can apply for H1Bs. You need to have specific skills that the US does NOT have. Someone on here had once posted that his wife could not work as a teacher although the school was ready to offer her a job, coz there is no H1B category for teachers. The H1B visa cannot help spouses in all professions. Hence my suggestion.

    About how this will solve retrogression, IT WONT. My point is instead of trying to bring this retrogression beast down, maybe we should look at alternatives to work around it.

    H1B visa CAN BE and IS given to teachers. That poster may have had the problem similar to mine and that is having spent 6 yrs in H4, she was ineligible for H1. Let me remind everyone that decoupling of H1/H4 time happened only 2 months ago. Therefore, if the lady in question already possess Bachelor degree (as min requirement for H1) and is otherwise certifiable I dont see a problem for transfer to H1 .

    the only problem may be in finding a school district willing to file H1 WELL in advance and accepting the fact that she cannot start working on SEP 1st (when the new school year starts) but OCT 1st.


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  • masouds
    08-26 07:35 PM
    I totally agree everbody. ICICI bank all time sucks. I have account with them for 5 yrs. and everytime I do transfer money to India (FYI I do Wire Trasnfer On Monday morning US CST only should be credited in 1 business day, expected that the money will be credited by Tuesday IST ICICI Business time). What happens eveytime they will credit after 5 business days and provided with lowest Exchange rate.

    hmm, As an Iranian citizen, I cannot do this (transfer money to Iran) anymore. When I used to live in Canada, and before all this Nuke fiasco, I could do this, and the way I got away with losing minimum amount of money was that I asked my bank to transfer, say, 2k in US$ to Iranian bank to be held until my dad went to collect it. He got $2000, with no subtraction, rate conversion or anything. He could sell it to the money exchange shops at the rate of the day. You should try doing that (Send US funds, instead of doing the send & exchange through the bank which has a vested interest in this...)

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  • belmontboy
    07-18 09:33 PM
    The reason why Asia has less is that people from India and China are not eligible to participate in GC lottery.

    So to be fair, they should remove 7% cap per country from EB based.

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  • desi3933
    08-22 02:08 PM
    that would most certainly be the politically correct thing to say. Unfortunately, most people don't come with an OFF/ON switch.. Yesterday, I was a citizen of X - country , I support X whole heatedly, today, I am a citizen of Z - country, so I will support Z whole heatedly - more so because the whole naturalization process is not an OFF/ON switch either.

    I can't talk about others.

    For me, the moment I took oath of allegiance, it is changed for me. Moreover, I have been here 10+ years. This is the place that I call home.

    Oath of Allegiance for Naturalized Citizens (

    03-10 04:54 PM
    In my view, it is too good to be true. But we have no way to challenge the numbers either. But it is 50% of the entire EB pending cases. Is this document authentic?? I don't see the logo on the letterhead??

    09-17 01:56 PM

    Wait, what kind of link is it? I've tried with 4 (Firefox, IE6, Chrome and Safari) and they all want to save that link. MediaPlayer and Quicktime refuse to play it too. WTF?

    Source URL:
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