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  • validIV
    03-26 05:18 PM
    I got a soft LUD on 3/25/09. I didnt apply for AP or EAD.

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  • add78
    04-27 08:44 PM
    I read through the bill but don't quite understand...if I am working for a client on H1B, will I need to stop working as soon as this bill takes effect? or it only applies to newly applied H1B's (or extension/transfer)?

    Yes, that is my understanding at this point based on the language . As soon as the bill goes into effect, you will need to stop working at the client site if the bill passes in its current form AND you are working as a FT employee (w-2) of a mere placement company (aka agent or desi consulting). If you are an FT employee of big consulting company then until they get waiver for you AND your current client proves that no layoffs were done at the client site in the last 180 days, you will need to stop working.

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  • Bpositive
    02-06 11:06 PM
    How do we call DOS ? Is there any contact number for this Visa delays ?

    Please let us know.

    202-663-1225 extn 100

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  • trueguy
    11-03 03:21 PM
    Hi Everybody,

    Please vote.


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  • optimist578
    02-06 10:47 AM
    Since you can study under H4 you cannot apply for F1 (My wife tried that already) :)

    What if the spouse (H1B holder) has to leave the country for some reason, say for an year? Then how is the student supposed to maintain his/her status?

    So, I don't think that is true. If you get admission as a full time student, then you should be eligible for F1. My husband did this successfully in 2001.

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  • arkrish68
    04-15 02:24 PM
    does soft LUD mean RFE is comming or does it mean there are just pre adjudicating. Seems like a lot of people who got a soft LUD on 485 recieved rfe. Are there any people who had a soft lud on 485 but did not recieve any rfe.
    semilarly does not having any soft LUD on 485 mean your application has not been picked up for pre adjudication.

    Not always true. They might be pre adjudicating. My 485 app had soft LUD on 02/10 and no RFE till today...


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  • santb1975
    06-03 03:06 PM
    Keep calling

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  • Humhongekamyab
    07-02 02:53 PM
    Were they affected by your complaint? I guess they know and are ready to face these things.

    No disrespect but your signature is "The first step in fighting injustice, is to make it visible" - Mahatma Gandhi


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  • deba
    06-13 07:48 PM
    Anybody got any idea on my situation?

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  • psczd4
    12-14 09:21 PM
    I am planning to get my visa stamped at the chennai consultate in January 2008. I will be visiting for 3 weeks and was wondering whether such a situation will persists during the month of January...



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  • amitga
    02-06 02:05 PM
    I know there was a long discussion about this a while ago. My PD is in 2005 in EB2 category.

    Any guesses as to how long it will take without any reform? Is there a good guess on the total number of pending LCs in the queue? I would like to take that number and divide by 1400 (2800 for EB2/2).

    My guess is that with curret rate it will take anywhere from 10-15 years for EB2 to reach 2005.

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  • saimrathi
    07-11 02:32 PM
    Yes, PDF will be helpful.. I was just searching for some such info.. Thanks nraja

    Is anyone make PDF about this rally? So, that we can circulate this by mail.


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  • swarnapuri
    01-19 02:58 PM
    I am in "Not in H1 and not affected" category but willing to contribute both time and money for this cause.

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  • elassar2005
    10-16 07:14 PM
    victim me, my wife and my 9 years kid since April 2006 and victum for the all system since i belive them when i immigrated in 2000, but it's too late to cry :)


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  • santb1975
    06-02 12:07 PM
    Please make your calls. This is for everyone. Please take the poll after you called. Thx

    Since all the reps are from California, Is this only for California members?

    If not, let me know and I will get on the horn as soon as I can (probably not possible today, maybe tomorrow).

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  • chantu
    09-17 01:29 PM
    are you sure?

    If today its approved in the house..we are goes the Prez for signing and we all add another card to our wallets:o


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  • rbharol
    11-12 10:43 PM
    If they are smart they should pass SKIL bill.

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  • swarnapuri
    12-10 09:37 PM
    Congrats on getting you GC!

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  • Wendyzhu77
    07-12 10:01 AM
    exactly. whatever they do, it will not be fair, so it is really a huge mess created by the stupid C in the original bulletin.
    If applications are not accepted, its unfair. (by people of with recent PD)
    If they are accepted now, its unfair. (by people whose apps were sent back)
    If they were accepted from July 1st, its unfair.(by backlog applicants)
    I dont understand how to solve the mess. Of course I created this mess.
    I resign.

    01-30 05:07 PM
    Voted it is now q 21

    03-31 08:39 AM
    So do you think they are going after AC21 folks as a scapegoat? I spoke to few people on this including lawyers and they say that "denials on 485" when 140 gets revoked is a common thing and usually the officer who issues the denial letter does not check and verify to see other details. Thats why they have to go through the MTR process.

    Although, UN seems to suspect that there might be more beneath the surface here.

    What still beats me is that if the 140 had problems, why would they even bother requesting for AC21 evidence and not just deny the 485 in the first place.

    Unless..., when the 140 got revoked they realized that it had been more than a 180 days since the 485 was filed, and gave the applicant the benefit of doubt and asked for a new EVL, but while the applicant was in the process of replying to the NOID, they did some more digging, found that the underlying approved 140 had ability to pay (or other) issues and then denied the 485 on that basis.

    You seem to be 'in the know' about this case/applicant, do you happen to know what the next steps are/would be/should be in this particular case?


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