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  • legal_alien_007
    07-24 08:17 PM
    dear mr. "audience",

    one more "highly skilled" immigrant thinks she/he is "audience".... "audience"!!!! nice

    life is going waste in gc backlog but .... "audience", oh and someone forgot to ask, while you are watching this movie titled 'my life is being wasted in gc backlog'.... would you like to get some popcorn and coke with it..... why? because that's what "audience" do..... they enjoy the game and movie when someone else is doing something..... but the "audience" sit on the sidelines and watch

    you seem to very much enjoy this movie 'my life is being wasted in gc backlog'? with your kind of star cast it has got to be a grammy winner... thank you mr. "audience" for the wonderful performance.... time for you to speak out your garmmy winner speech, and don't forget to thank all the people on that list.... aila aila aila aila aila aila, and btw, and whom are we forgetting, did you miss out aila

    I 'm not sure if you are trying to be funny or sarcastic, but you fail miserably at both.

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  • eastindia
    01-08 07:47 PM
    This shows that the backlog is more than the numbers on USCIS website. People need to stop wasting time on tracking and spend time in their office work. Backlog means more business money for lawyers and trackers. IV is very small. Unless IV had hundreds of thousands of members, they cannot do lobbying like AILA or Microsoft. EB3 India and now EB3ROW is in a pitiable state. All those EB3ROW who used to be happy will now see the reality. Thank god I ported to EB2 but the dates for EB2 do not move enough. I think anyone who can should port to EB2 ASAP. This is the only solution.

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  • trueguy
    08-11 02:43 PM
    I guess it has less to do with estimates, and more about looking at the landscape. If there are significant portion of responses are above your date, one might, for example, choose to initiate porting/reclassification process if one qualifies for it.

    Good thread. I am wondering the reasons for lack of response between Jan and March of 2002.

    I am wondering the same for 2002 applicants. I wonder if many people were approved in 2007 fiasco and if yes, then why PD is stuck at Nov 2001?

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  • brick2006
    06-03 05:41 PM
    how come the so few are calling?
    everyone has a EAD> no one cares for GC that the case??


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  • angelfire76
    01-17 01:35 PM
    Hope is ok. But IV core has more access than normal members like lawyers, lobbyists. So their view is important. Atleast interpretation of Memo need to known to the members. Also feasiblity of succcess, amount of effort and money need to be known to the members. I am seeing silent in most lawyer sites like immigration-law, shusterman, ILW. Everyone posted memo but no one really that much bothered

    If you don't have anything to add to this thread, can you please go away? You are really not saying anything we don't already know.

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  • akred
    08-25 12:33 PM
    Second the idea of using an ATM card for this purpose. You can get an ATM card for your parents or relatives in India from your local credit union or bank in the US.


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  • indio0617
    04-07 01:35 PM

    Excellent suggestions. We definitely have to think creatively on these lines..

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  • aadimanav
    08-16 11:14 AM
    Please read the following thread, provide your feedback, and participate in the poll:

    GC Recapture Campaign is LIVE now

    Have a wonderful weekend!



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  • vgayalu
    09-14 06:09 PM
    Rather than pushing for Bills which will pass only after we get a GC, why don't we ask for something more practical. I mean ask for minor policy changes rather than asking for major law changes.


    1- granting EADs to all who have completed I-140,
    2- reducing the timeframe to apply for AC21 from 6 months to 3 months,

    This will solve a lot of people's immediate problems.
    There are many people who couldn't get their status readjusted due to retrogression after filing I485, but could get EAD atleast.

    What does that mean? It means by law only a certain amount of GCs can be issued in any year, but USCIS may issue more EADs based on one of their policies.

    Well said Dan19.
    I am barking for the same thing for n number of times.

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  • sri1309
    01-08 05:03 PM says today"

    Sen. Sherrod Brown [OH] Joined Yesterday the List of Co-Sponsors for S.9 Immigration Bill, Changing Co-Sponsors to 13 Senators".

    Lets start writing to all the supporters once again. HIghlight housing crisis, also can request premium processing for 485. Make sure we show the immediate and long term benefits. As somene noted, tell that to keep people when they are young enough and not to drive them aaway with their citizen children only to return when they are all 50-55+ of age, with more chances to depend on SSN, than to contribute


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  • waitingGC
    02-01 02:14 PM
    In my view H1B problem is directly related to Retrogression problem. Lets step backwards and analyze this.

    Why so many GC were applied at the first place that caused retrogression. Because a large number of people came on H1B to US. All these people who came to US on H1b did not actually had any extraordinary skills. These people somehow got in touch with these Desi Consulting companies and came here without any skill and without any projects. These desi consulting companies applied there GC irrespective of the fact that these guys have a job or not. Some of the people I know have sat on bench for years, living with their relatives, unable to get any job. But they had their labour filed. These knid of people would not have made to US, if these fadudent companies were not there.

    Also big companies, have a policy not to apply GC before one year of service. The point was that these companys will file GC only if they feel that the employee adds value to the company. But with these desi companys people have filed GC even before joining the companys.

    In essence if the GC process was working without these Desi companies, I can bet that the number of GC applied would have been much lower than what have we currently have.

    Substituted labor has further added to this problem.

    I cannot agree with u more. Exactly what I want to say.

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  • mirage
    08-12 10:01 PM
    Guys there is no doubts if you have an opportunity like where employer is paying for the Green card process, I guess everybody should get out of the EB-3 mess. If you stay in EB3-I then you are the last one to get the VISA. If you port it to EB2-I then you put EB3-ROW behind and you get in line first in EB2-I bcoz you will have older PD.


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  • caliguy
    10-28 08:13 PM
    @ vikki76

    Please check this thread and September 2009 approvals thread. I saw names of the a couple IOs who had been helpful at NSC. If you cannot find it, please let me know and I will try and scan both the threads for you.

    I got your pvt. message, will send you the letter tonight when I get home.

    Let me send u a pm to get text of that letter too.

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  • kubmilegaGC
    09-17 01:21 PM
    I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS...this morning 10:00AM CST we got the CPO emails for both of us...

    I just can not thank Aall of you enough and the IV community for the support they have provided over the last few years - especially since Sept 1.


    I will be around - not going anywhere and will support IV efforts!

    BEST OF LUCK FOR THOSE WHO ARE WAITING...Believe me "appka bhi number aayega" I was loosing hopes - since Sept 1 when saw number of approvals after my PD/RD/ND etc..but there is really nothing that can predict this system.

    Here is my journey - encapsulated:

    PD- June 04
    I485 files on July 2nd 2007 - NSC
    RD 8/4/2207
    SR #1: 9/4/2209
    SR #2" 9/11/2209
    Senator contact: 9/10/2009 and 9/11/2009
    Infopass: 9/15/2009
    CPO emails: 9/17/2009

    Hang in there - open SRs and contact your senators!!!


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  • deardar
    12-11 10:37 AM
    Dont loose heart, usually in December things seem slow. Even I had delay experience few years ago

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  • Nagireddi
    01-31 06:24 PM
    I have just voted.


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  • desi3933
    03-19 05:10 AM
    * AILA�s Business Litigation Comm. Re: Neufeld memo*by*H-1 Cap Blog (
    The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) has a Business Litigation Committee (BLC) and we met this week and the hot topic of discussion was the recently released Neufeld memo. There is a strong belief that the memo was issued in violation of the Administrative Procedures Act. There is also the belief that the memo violates long-standing precedent and established law. It is believed that there are numerous industry groups as well as individual companies that may be pursuing litigation on this matter. The BLC is in the process of working with the American Immigration Council to create a special section within its clearinghouse service ( specifically dedicated to collecting and posting relevant documents and information on this issue. This will allow all interested parties to be kept up to date on efforts being made to address this policy. We are looking for information regarding actual litigation as well as significant meetings, letters, etc. to USCIS officials as well as Congressional members on this topic. We will then organize the relevant documentation and make it available for access by others. If you are interested in participating in this clearinghouse effort, please keep us updated on your efforts. contact for additional info.

    Any update on this? Any legal update?

    It seems no one is talking about this memo anymore.


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  • cptn_cardboard
    06-14 07:18 PM
    I hope fasterthanlight wins!
    his rocks!
    I made one, but my servers down *pos server, always down >_<*
    its comin...

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  • gcformeornot
    01-30 09:54 PM
    on both

    12-28 04:09 AM
    Hi, Me and my wife had our H1B extension interview at Chennai on dec 18th morning. My wife got her passport after 2 days however mine is getting delayed I am getting really anxious since my return flight is on Jan 5th.


    07-20 11:27 AM

    Since we are looking for options....Maybe we can help each other grow technically...possibly by the time we get our GC. Then we could start a company, which will have satellite office across the USA. Then get Vinod Khosla to provide Venture Capital.....:) :D

    So to start the process of is what I can offer....I am Elect Engg grad from IIT, Roorkee, got my MBA from Kansas and have a PMP, which I got in 1999. Last Year I was elected the President for the Local PMI (Project Management Institute) Chapter in Michigan. ......So if any of you need any help on project management or getting a PMP, I could at least guide you what needs to be done. Please send a private email to me and I could help you enhance your skills in Project Management.

    I have been waiting for my GC for almost 10 years. During this time I have managed to trust in God. I continued to increase my education and increased my business network during these years, which has helped me increase my "Face Value" in the US Market.

    Here are some suggestion...-Try getting involved in Non-Profit organizations in US or India or possibly go help somebody. Trust me there is more to life than Green Card......I remember asking a friend of mine what was his reaction after waiting for GC for 8 years and then getting it.....He did not have a positive answer.

    So when GC will come, it will come....Increase your education, give back to society (maybe help some of your old neighbours who do not have a way to get around), maybe you want teach (Free) math or science to a student in your downtown area. When you look around you will see many people are waiting to be touched by you, through the talents that God has given you......

    So keep not sit something.....A small pool of water will become a swamp, since it does not move, while a river which is flowing swiftly will reach its destination...

    Keep fighting the GC battle!!!!

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