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  • Nagireddi
    01-31 06:24 PM
    I have just voted.

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  • Bokke
    06-15 04:30 AM
    Quick someone tell me which one I should put in the poll, the carbon pod or the orasquare ?

    The OraSquare Pod !! :)

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  • letstalklc
    08-26 11:42 AM
    Yes, You are right...ICICI screwing up the customers like any thing.

    Try using onlinesbi.com/gls for money transfers and u can also open NRI account....I have also used to use ICICI before but from past 1 year I am not using any more ICICI bank....If you guys want to open speak with New York Branch Asst Manager Saikrishna, he is so nice, he will helps you like any thing in terms of every thing...I have ever seen such type of friendlyness in any govt organizations.....SBI also gives better rate than any other banks or web sites.....

    Guys time to realize that the ICICI is not a good one....more over it's private bank.....with govt banks you have 200% security.....

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  • unitednations
    03-31 11:12 AM
    Here is my case trail

    worked with employer A from June 2005 on h1b visa.
    Employer A applied for GC under PERM EB2 with PD - March, 2nd 2006 - labor approved in a couple of weeks
    Employer A applied for i 140 in June 2006 and got approved in July 2006
    Filed for i 485 in July 2008 never received FP notices
    Project got over in last week of February 2008 and unable to find new project.
    I switched jobs in last week of April 2008 using EAD - using AC21
    Sent AC21 letter to USCIS in July 2008 about job change.
    Employer A requested 140 revoke in August 2008.
    Spouse got FP notice in August 2008 whereas I (primary) got NOID asking for new employment details.
    Responded to NOID in a timely manner and on August 25th, 2008 - my status changed to "Response received - case processing resumed"
    In Jan 2009 I got my FP notice.
    In Jan 2009 - I travelled using AP and got back fine.
    In March 2009 - I got a denial notice saying "485 is denied because 140 was revoked on August 2008. No appeal only MTR" - thisletter comes from a different officer id than the one who sent the NOID.

    My question to UN and other gurus. Does it have anything to do with a changed interpretation? My lawyer says "This is a training issue - the new officer did not know about AC21 and as soon as he/she saw 140 as revoked - just ignored your other details on the case and issued a denial notice. This is very common and can be resolved using MTR"

    To me; it looks like it could be a shift in change of policy. In the denial notice; it is the same officer number who sent the notice of intent to deny. Therefore; it is not a training issue; looks like something else is happening.

    training issue is when they send straght denial after 140 is revoked.


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  • shishya
    06-14 06:56 PM
    This is how it works. If you file for your 485 now, the next thing that is expected from you is to wait for the receipt, that would take 3 to 4 weeks. Then you will get finger print notice, that might come in three months time. Once you are done with all this then check the processing date of the respective service centre where you have filed your 485 application.

    Now coming to the question of unmarried filers, if the principal aplicant's date of marriage is beofe his or her 485 adjudication of adjustment of status, there are two ways principal applicant file for 485 for his or her spouse. The spouse can travel to US on H4 and file for 485 or the principal applicant can do consular processing. Now consular processing is good for those cases whosw w PD is current but since retrogression can kick in anytime it is better to travel to US on H4 and file for 485.

    Another important aspect is if you file 485, EAD, Advance Parole and you use EAD, you loose your H1 status, hence on EAD you can not bring in your wife. So unmarried filersn it goes like thisn you go ahead and fileyour 485, then go to your home country brng in your wife on H4n as you have aleast s months of time if NSC, TSC or CSC 485 processing is not current and it is hown 1 month for receipt of 485, three months of time for getting the finger print notice and you can postpone by another month of FP by rescheduling it to another month. So literally you have 4 to 5 months to get married and by that time the dates will retrogress again. So dont worry, just go ahead file your 485 and start looking to get married. But try to bring in your spouse asap so that you can file for your spouses 485 also till the time PD is current. If you are not able to file for 485 for your spouse and you have filed for yourself and whenthe dates retrogresses again when your spouse comed to US you would not be able to use EAD as using EAD nullifies H1 and H4 status. So desi consulting companies will keep on sucking your blood as you cannot change job using EAD. If you need more info on this let me know I have gone through this and waited for almost three years to file for my spouse I resheduled my FP notice in 2004 to get married by the time my wife came retrogression kicked in and waited till June 2007 to file for my wife. My PD june 2002 still waiting
    God, ajmalnasar, you scare me again buddy! :(
    Let me ask some questions:
    (i) I heard after filing 485 I could change employers? Yes or no? If yes, then which state would I be in? (EAD, AP or none)?
    (ii) After filing 485, do I HAVE to get my wife into US before the dates retrogress again?? Whoa never heard that...are you sure? :(
    (iii) Is there no step after 485 filing that I can keep postponing to not let 485 approve (like delaying 485 fingerprinting multiple times) so that I can let 485 approve only after I am married and can bring my wife in?

    Appreciate your responses!

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  • srikondoji
    08-25 12:26 PM
    Joke on Free-money-transfer was even highlighted in a movie. Its open secret as to how they offer free-money-transfer service.

    I advise you to close ICICI account and open another account with Federal credit unions. Before you do that, ask if you could use their debit cards in India to with draw money from ATM machines. The conversion rate you get via this method matches with the current rate and you would loose nothng. However, you can only withdraw upto 25 thousand rupees per day.

    ICICI deliberately delays the money transfer so that they can pick a day with lowest conversaion rate. Again the conversion rate they display on their site is off by almost a rupee from the live conversion rate.

    All banks are well protected from laws and you can't do anything about it.



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  • elassar2005
    10-16 07:14 PM
    victim me, my wife and my 9 years kid since April 2006 and victum for the all system since i belive them when i immigrated in 2000, but it's too late to cry :)

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  • Karthikthiru
    07-11 08:24 PM
    Any new updates for this thread



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  • ak_2006
    03-13 03:38 PM
    Thank you for posting.... But how did you find this link?

    I saved some old visa bulletin link. When I open that I got March Bulletin. I clicked Archives. From there April 2008 is available.

    You can see the link:


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  • vxg
    09-15 04:16 PM
    the local service center lady said - Assigned to an officer on 9/11 - now HOW MUCH OF A WAIT AFTER ASSIGNED TO AN OFFICER? recent approvals folks - can you shed some light?

    you should get it soon. Call the service center where your case is to check further as online status is not a good indicator. In my case per TSC i was approved on 9/4 but my online status did not change until 9/11.


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  • hoolahoous
    10-23 12:45 PM
    you can document (some emails/documents indicating that job loss was possible) that you had to move because of things out of your control, i.e. you had intentions of working but because of situation you had to move, then you will be fine.

    same things apply if you are laid off soon after getting GC.
    i learned not to make career decisions based on "potential" future problems.

    i am not a lawyer and don't consider my advice as legal advice.

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  • franklin
    07-12 01:57 PM
    Just tried sending you a PM but it says you have exceeded your stored private messages quota and can not accept further messages until you clear some space. Perhaps you could activate the ability for members to send you an email?

    Thanks - I just emptied things out!


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  • misanthrope
    10-03 10:37 AM
    I partially agree with you. Btw, not all students have to prove that they would not work in US. Actually, my interview was fairly simple and pretty hilarious(that's a different story).

    US law offers student 1 year OPT to gain experience and find employment. If the intention of the country was to deny/discourage employment to students then OPT would cease to exist. Also, the H1-B application would be rejected if they wanted to implement the rule, which they clearly don't. Again, that is a loophole. I had to submit a copy of my degree, transcripts etc. because my job required MS + 1.

    In your opinion, would it be cool if a MS graduate moves back to India, gets a job offer in US (that qualifies for EB-2) and then moves back to US?

    H1-B != EB3.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    08-27 12:46 PM
    The VB mentions that dates will revert back to the June bulletin and the current says that they may retrogress. We are being too optimistic. before people start the bashing, i am EB3 retrogressed and have sent emails and letters about this issue, still waiting for a response. A query to my congressman came back with more spin about national security and how they are comitted to meaningful immigration policy, nothing from the letters to Rep. logfren and USCIS. Oct VB will be an eye opener for us as well as other EB2's and EB 3 ROWs.

    what DEC 2001 ? Is this for India China or rest of the world?


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  • diqingshen
    07-12 08:24 AM
    otherwise all "U", those idiots can publish it on the 10th.

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  • bharani
    11-03 02:04 PM

    I sent you PM. When you get a chance, please respond to it.



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  • sriramkalyan
    12-01 05:59 PM
    Here is a idea :

    To start any New Thread , we should check whether post is from monthly recurring payer, if so he gets to start new thread else for each new thread charge $1.

    Similarly ...Non paying member/Paying member posts has to be identified with specific tags.

    We got to do this change ASAP ..This will be a small change to Code..

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  • asiehouston
    07-14 06:54 PM

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  • danu2007
    07-14 10:40 PM
    I guess its closed or moved..

    09-17 02:20 PM
    Seems like Zoe is loosing patience. She is starting to accept a lot of amendments and is some how trying get it wrapped up.

    gimme Green!!
    07-20 04:24 PM
    You have been busy!!!
    full time job, part time MS, start own company, marriage, 2 kids...

    Are you working for someone else now and your own company is on the side?
    I have wanted to start some business on the side, but thought that was not possible without a GC.

    Can you share your experiences on how you did this?

    - Another rotter in DBEC..

    Here's what i did. I enrolled myself as a part time student into an accredited college to pursue MS degree as soon as i filed my LC for GC in Feb 2002. This is what i thougt when my GC papers were filed.

    By the time i complete my MS degree, i would have my GC in hand. But i completed my MS degree in Dec'04 while my LC was still rotting in DBEC.

    Finally when LC was approved in Aug'05 and i thought of starting my own company before filing I-140. But i filed my I-140 papers in November 05 and started my company in Jan'06 along with one more partner who has GC.

    My I-140 was approved and at the same time our own company completed our first overseas transaction.

    Now i am waiting to file my I-485. Now i am thinking of doing PMP.

    Note: 3 good things happend in the meantime since feb 2002.
    I got married and i have two kids.

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