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  • sunny1000
    05-23 05:25 PM
    if you all use little more IQ, you will realize that only with donation/money you will make a difference.
    We all are here to make someone rich(employers, local businesses). So if you can make polititians rich, they will do something for you!
    So stop calling... start donating to IV...

    Let me know if my thought is wrong!

    Please don't underestimate the power of these calls...The opposition does it every time to us and derail our efforts (just like they did it again to the Senate appropriation bill amendment) by just calling in large volumes. The orgs like numbersusa just call upon their members to call the lawmakers to oppose and their members plainly follow the instructions. Whereas 29000 strong org like ours debate it to death, let the moment pass by and then, have the audacity to complain that it did not work...

    You can use that same IQ that you mentioned to figure it out yourself.

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  • rheoretro
    09-13 02:41 PM
    Yes, we would all like to help, but unless IV directs us it is difficult to coordinate a unified approach.


    As a core member I thank you all for your support. IV needs your help with two things. First and foremost, our numbers need to grow. Right now we have about 6,000 members, but we all know there are far more people than that stuck in limbo due to backlogs in the legal immigration process.

    Why do we need more numbers? Because when we go to talk to people on The Hill (and I live in DC and work here and I go as well), we have to convince them that we are a sizeable chunk of people in terms of our numerical strength that will vote when we become citizens. This is why we need to get working on this immediately. Talk to your family, friends and colleagues who are stuck in legal immigration backlogs, and get them to join IV. Each existing member should get at least one new member to join up. The more, the better.

    Secondly, we need more members to become paying members. This is crucial, as all our work requires $$$. Saying "I'll pay when the work is done" does not help us. The work requires a steady cash flow, and while pledges are deeply appreciated, we can't operate merely on pledges. Many core members work very hard on raising money and on publicity.

    So, I earnestly request your help in recruiting new members as well as strengthening our funding. Thank you!



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  • chanukya
    02-06 10:37 AM
    Though they run for non-profit.

    So public schools Elem/Middle/High , still have to go thru nornal H1B process for teachers, have to wait for OCT1, start date.

    School is non-profit organization that is exempt from H1B quota. Correct me if I am wrong.

    You can get H1B at any time if school is exempt from H1B quota.

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  • Robert Kumar
    03-29 06:15 AM
    It is possible INS can track you down using posts here as you seem to be illegally here in the US. I wouldnt be advising anything to you as you are an illegal alien.


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  • danu2007
    07-14 11:33 PM

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  • waitingGC
    02-01 02:14 PM
    In my view H1B problem is directly related to Retrogression problem. Lets step backwards and analyze this.

    Why so many GC were applied at the first place that caused retrogression. Because a large number of people came on H1B to US. All these people who came to US on H1b did not actually had any extraordinary skills. These people somehow got in touch with these Desi Consulting companies and came here without any skill and without any projects. These desi consulting companies applied there GC irrespective of the fact that these guys have a job or not. Some of the people I know have sat on bench for years, living with their relatives, unable to get any job. But they had their labour filed. These knid of people would not have made to US, if these fadudent companies were not there.

    Also big companies, have a policy not to apply GC before one year of service. The point was that these companys will file GC only if they feel that the employee adds value to the company. But with these desi companys people have filed GC even before joining the companys.

    In essence if the GC process was working without these Desi companies, I can bet that the number of GC applied would have been much lower than what have we currently have.

    Substituted labor has further added to this problem.

    I cannot agree with u more. Exactly what I want to say.


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  • Legal_In_A_Limbo
    04-28 03:23 PM
    Another LUD on my case. Seems like they are actively working on my case.

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  • gsc999
    07-11 01:52 AM
    Excellent idea......need only be singles.....:) :)

    Yes, and we will make sure flowers are yellow or white. Isn't that the color of friendship.


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  • immique
    06-11 10:50 PM
    I disagree with the earlier comment. I don't agree that any one(including EB3) lost due to July 2007 visa bulletin. sure it was haphazard by the way it was handled, but thousands of well qualified applicants from many retrogressed countries had a chance to file their I 485 and were able to obtain well deserved benefits like EAD, AP or themselves and their dependants which thy have been denied for many yearsdue to the inefficient processing of various agencies. people have to realize that all of us are in the same boat and most of the people getting unfair treatment are from the retrogressed countries waiting for their green cards for 8-9 years

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  • smisachu
    01-21 10:20 PM
    Thanks for that Info, here is my requirement
    I am on H1B and plan to have my own company as a trader to trade stocks.
    I will be the owner and wish to draw profits, may not have employee in my company for now(please advice, if i need to)
    I need inputs to know what type of company should that be (LLC, S Corporation.. e.t.c.)?
    Is it advisable to have a GC holder/citizen as partner?
    What form of income should i withdraw(salary/profits/dividends/Interest..) How is the income considered when i file my taxes?
    I am not aware of anyone who can sponsor my H1 as a trader atleast for now, if i get the right opportunity, i am open for that
    Thanks again

    1. If you want to trade stocks only, with your own capital ,then set up a LLC or C corp. If you trade other people�s capital then maybe become a RIA.
    2. If you form a llc you become a employee of your own company (say managing director, CIO etc) and sponsor your own H1.
    3. You can have a fixed salary and a draw, which is what a typical trader gets. Draw is a percentage of the profits you generate by trading.
    4. You don�t need a gc/Citizen as a partner.
    5. The company/fund makes money by trading securities and the earnings are retained by the company, you draw salary and bonus.
    6. You file taxes as a regular employee would.
    7. You might be able to get H1 from a day trading firm, a day trading firm is not a market maker. They trade company capital and typically you have to post some risk capital based on which they will provide you leverage and provide you with equipment etc. You don�t get a salary, just a draw.

    But let me ask you something; I am not aware of your expertise in the markets so forgive me if I sound patronizing.
    1. Do you have a seven figure capital pool? You will need at least 1MM if you want to make a living trading.
    2. Are you aware of the equipment and ECN and direct access software needed assuming you are technical trader.
    3. Do you have a prime broker who is going to provide you leverage and settlement? If you have not decided consider Interactive Brokers.
    4. What kind of risk management software will you be using?

    If you are in the NY/Nj area I suggest try day trading at a firm posting risk capital (typically 10K) then decide if you want to do this full time. It will also help sharpen your skills. If you want I can recommend a few. They will not sponsor H1 though, you will have to have some consultant do that for you.


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  • drirshad
    05-02 05:21 AM

    Six key Congressmen and Senators

    Washington and NYC, Tuesday, May 01, 2007

    HLG will be traveling to Washington DC for a meeting Wednesday with a Senator�s lead staffer on immigration. The Senator is one of the six people who we have regularly mentioned as key on this issue.

    The meeting was set-up by one of our best clients. The purpose of the meeting is to impress upon the Senator's staffer the importance of a �bridge� bill to end immediately Schedule retrogression. This is the fifth different HLG staffing company/facility client who has successfully set-up such a meeting in the last six weeks.

    We are guardedly optimistic that a bridge bill can be passed in the near term, in spite of Congressional leaders� apprehension. As we have previously mentioned there is an inverse relationship between the likelihood of a bridge bill and CIR. To some degree this is understandable � Congresses overall goal is to pass a major immigration bill that solves many needs, not just healthcare�s desires.

    After the Washington DC trip, we head to New York City for our Annual Symposium. We currently have full registration for this event. We look forward to seeing everyone. We�ll try and post over the next few days, although that may be impossible in light of the travel plans. In the meantime, if anyone has any connection with the �Big Six,� please try and set up an appointment. HLG will surely attend and advocate.

    Here are the six key Congressmen and Senators:

    Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)
    Sen. Edward Kennedy (D- MA)
    Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL)
    Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY)
    Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
    Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA)

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  • mygc2006
    08-20 09:53 AM
    Finally I am a US citizen after being 10+ years in this country. This is one of my biggest fulfillments and it means everything to me. US is just not home anymore for me, it is my country.

    I wish everyone the best and hope they get GC very soon.

    Proud to be an indian-american and legal immigrant.

    Good Luck! desi, congratulations man!!! enjoy your citizenship and may god bless you and your family... really appreciate the fact that you are still remembering us and visiting the forums...kindly pray for the poor souls like us

    good luck again!!!


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  • shree772000
    10-09 04:46 PM
    You are right on - most of conversations/analysis on RE market in India (especially Hyderabad which I am familiar with) center around how NRI/IT employee money has spurred the prices. its a big urban legend. Majority of these "investments" were with black money - corrupt govt employees, local businessmen, and politicians of all parties, and ultra rich actors. They saw a chance in converting their black money into white and pumped up into RE projects as "investments". I saw a report somewhere which said that these black-money transactions can account for atleast 33% of RE transactions in hyderabad (with another 1/3 coming from companies/FII's and only the other 1/3 from NRI's + local rich professionals like IT employees/doctors/lawyers etc). In the apartment and SF homes market most of the projects are in the mid-way thru completion -with majority of apartment projects scheduled to complete in 2009-11. During that time there will be abundant apartments with not many people living in them - expect to see rental prices go down even more.

    Of course these investors would eventually try to cash their assets - and deman vs supply equations change dramatically to drag down prices. In addition to this - the current global economic conditions are bad (to put it very mildly) - the argument that it will not touch India may not be correct. Our economy is a lot smaller than other economies like US/europe and depend a lot on those economies - more financial companies bankruptsies would affect IT companies revenues. Also there were direct investments from some of the failed companies in India - for example Lehman Bros had a investment in one of apartment project in Hyderabad. Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, etc. all have tie ups with RE companies with huge "promised" investments. Now that they themselves are in trouble - dont think that they would venture into indian RE market anymore - this can also potentially drag down prices.

    I could be wrong (was saying that this would happen for last one year - it didnt happen so far ;)) - but I think buying an apartment/house in Hyderabad/Bangalore/Chennai now in 2008 as an "investment" is not a great idea. If the buy is to live there - then its another matter (I never look at my home as an investment - its more of a life style choice whether in India or in US).

    On the same note.... On my last trip to India, Hyd specifically...I went around and asked some people I knew for an estimate on a property...I saw people just pulled the numbers out of thin air. I donno how they came to the number, there was nothing to track the real value, like revenue records etc.

    I think this also causes the bubble we are seeing, as some people who have cash and are willing to pay may buy it at that price and that will cause people to think that its actually worth that much.

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  • qasleuth
    05-14 12:21 PM
    and one more point, we are never going to get treated with respect and equality, just get used to it. every American knows we left our country to come to his. he is always gonna look down upon us. Immigrants are never treated with love, respect and dignity, no matter which country they go to. Case in point, Bangladeshi and Nepali migrant workers in India. We treat them like dirt back home, so discrimination against immigrants is part of immigration process. hopefully our ABCD offspring's will face less of it

    Excuse me ?? Why did you leave your country and come here ? Your motivations maybe totally different than mine, so don't assume they are the same. For the reason I came over here, why would any 'American' treat me like dirt ? Many countries in Asia are not lands of the immigrant like USA. So your anology of treating migrant workers like 'dirt' to folks over here the same way is totally wrong. Please for heaven sake do some reading before you open your mouth are talking nonsense man....people who are encouraging you are perhaps doing it to see you make a bigger fool of yourself...get off the forums do some reading.


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  • jamesbond007
    09-26 05:44 PM
    Thanks for your time and effort. But I believe your time could be utilized for other better causes than monitoring the comments made by the users by using the anonymous green/red dot system.

    This internet forum is already anonymous for all the posts being made. Thjere is no way someone can tie a userid to an individual. Then why a separate dotting system that ends up eating your time when someone complains?
    Someone's red dot feedback is only his/her opinion of the post; the same post could result in someone else's approval via a green dot.

    Just let that feedback hang out there in the open along with the reviewer's ID.
    Hopefully, by keeping it in the open, it will also make one to be more responsible in their choice of language while providing feedback.

    This may not be a simple change of a switch/flag. But please consider it for the future enhancements of the site.

    Thanks Lasantha for all your help. Even after getting your green card you continue to participate and help others in this struggle. That is Great. For the sake of disclosure here are some of the messages you left for other members. I think that these messages are extremely abusive and very harsh as compared to the message left for you. Although we do not encourage the use of words like moron, stupid, idiot, we see these words being used often on the forum.

    Lasantha 02:39, 23rd Sep 2007 -23 Ass hole !!!
    Lasantha 10:59, 14th Nov 2007 -27 Eat Crap you bastard!
    Lasantha 00:54, 19th Nov 2007 -27 DUMBASS YOURSELF!!!
    Lasantha 17:03, 5th Dec 2007 -28 WTF
    Lasantha 18:05, 14th Jan 2008 -39 WTF is wrong with you?
    Lasantha 16:06, 11th Mar 2008 -45 Wacko???
    Lasantha 21:29, 18th Mar 2008 -52 what the fuck???

    You be the judge the let us know if you want to know the user who left you that remark. We will go ahead and post that on this thread. And for the sake of fairness, we will also post the members for whom you left the above messages. You be the judge and decide.

    Thanks for your understanding.

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  • GCBy3000
    07-11 11:45 AM
    I called my attorney after seeing this thread. This is what I heard from him.

    We have not received it back from CIS. We have not received any of them back that we filed. CIS said it will unequivocally reject them. But as of Monday they have decided not to send some back (many were already sent back) pending some internal decision-making about how to handle them. We would let you know if anything happened.


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  • punjabi77
    09-23 07:02 PM
    It is a free world. One can vent out his anger anywhere he wants. the person chose to got to immigrationportal..chill out people.. we are uncecessarily giving importance to that post..

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  • ssa
    08-13 08:11 PM
    Chanakya, whatever your arguments may be but calling the current state of EB2-I a "plight" is a little crazy. We are seeing one of the biggest advancements in PD dates for EB2-I. I can understand if an EB3-I feels outraged after reading your post.
    I'm EB2 myself but a little empathy would be a good thing... :)

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  • santb1975
    01-31 06:34 PM
    for voting and keeping this question under # 10 of the most popular questions. Please remember to send similar questions to the Presidential Debate's. I will send one in too

    07-18 01:29 PM
    For all practical purposes, the date on which it was recieved is your RD=> Receipt Date. The postmark date has no relevance except for records unless USCIS explicitly states so ( which it did once in 2001 360).
    485 filings are strictly Receipt date. I am still searching for the uscis link and will post one as soon as I find one.

    Thanks...but isn't the post mark date is when you send the mail ?

    07-12 02:06 PM
    Please vote so that we can have an estimate of how many people may show up....

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