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  • no538
    10-27 12:34 PM

    We've received the approval notices last night around 5:30 PM CST for both myself and my wife.

    Happy to get the GC after starting this process over 6 years ago.


    FYI, Our Case Details:
    Receipt Date: 07/12/2007
    Notice Date: 09/07/2007
    Priority Date: Nov 2003
    Case Type: EB2, TSC
    Congressman/Senator office enquiries: at least 10 enquiries over the last 2 years period.


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  • desi3933
    08-20 12:35 PM
    Nope, if you think that the wait time is what makes a GC worth, then would you have liked to wait for another 10 years to make it more worthy?, on the other hand if you had got the GC the very next day you applied for it, would it have been worthless?.

    The point I am trying to make is that no one can justify the wait time. it is torture.

    NKR - Sorry, I wasn't very clear and it got misunderstood.

    What I am trying to say is that whether GC takes 1 years or 5years, it is worth the wait IMHO. If I have to do all over again knowing it could take 5-6 years, I will do it. But that's just my personal opinion.

    How are things going on your side, NKR? Good Luck.

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  • JazzByTheBay
    01-11 12:41 AM
    "We are ready to donate, if...." is the wrongest line of thought - if there ever was one. If you believe in a cause, you donate - it's never conditional.

    Donating is generally associated with charity - you don't benefit from it directly. [Don't pull up the dictionary for this.. this is more about the spirit of the term rather than the literal definitions.]

    So you're not really donating to Immigration Voice. Donating is the wrong term to use!

    What you're doing is contributing - to an effort that's likely to benefit you directly. It's not for educating children in a poor African or Asian nation, or for the welfare of some community struck by a natural calamity, or for breast cancer research. It's for something that can potentially benefit you directly. I use the word potentially because it's no guarantee IV will succeed in its endeavors in the time frame you and I have in mind.

    IV does not control the USCIS or the DoS or the lawmakers, so it can't really grant your wishes or conditions for contributing.

    With that in mind, if you believe IV is one organization that's working for its members, you can join the effort by contributing whatever you can.

    Or, if I may say so, quit whining. All this whining in forums reminds me of the story of the guy who was about to drown in the ocean and kept on praying to God to come and save him, ignoring the different saviors God sent to rescue him. Or the guy who kept on praying to God that he could win the lottery - but never went and bought a lottery ticket! If you're waiting for God to magically place the winning lottery ticket in your wallet or closet, I have a bridge to sell you.

    As far as the red and green dots in your profile go - just ignore them!


    You are takes time and effort, and money too. We are ready to donate, if we are allowed to file EAD after 140 clearance immeditely, ,irrespective of EB-2 or EB-3. However, do not reply saying that you need to donate first as this is not how we think. There are a whole bunch of friends who are of the same opinion.

    And what is this with so many reds besides my name..wat is this?? Ppl venting their own Frustration on others.

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  • storm
    08-24 07:06 PM
    I'm not sure if there is another memo that superceded this one. I'm no legal savvy but can USCIS override a Writ of Mandamus just like that? Any legal experts around?


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  • mps
    05-23 01:52 PM
    Agree with you 100%

    (note # I have been calling law-makers and would continue to do so until we reach a consensus)

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  • logiclife
    02-05 05:27 PM
    Ok Logiclife, i did not intend to start a war or anything of the sort. I was just giving suggestions in light of the fact that inspite of IV working VERY hard, nothing is happening on the GC front. That is the ONLY reason I put up this post.

    One more thing. You mentioned that a lot of people are not contributing, maybe the reason is that not everyone wants a GC that desperately. Some people are fine with working here temporarily and then going back after making some money. Besides some members who have contributed in the past may be wondering if it even makes sense to contribute again, being that there has been no real progress on the GC front since Dec 2005 (the birth of IV). Now do not get me wrong I KNOW how hard the IV team has worked and how many time we came SO SO SO close to getting our dreams realized in the Senate only to be crushed in the house again.

    My point was, maybe it is time to face the facts. The government has changed but the basic attitude towards the "immigrant" is the same. This is because the average American, views immigrants as a threat. Now we can argue all we want on that statement, but in our hearts we know that the "AVERAGE American" would rather Not have immigrants come to the US (legal or illegal). In light of these events does it not make sense to ask for simpler goals? Goals like 485 filing or H4 Eads etc. Sure it makes us look weak in front of the anti-immigrants, but then are we here to solve our problems or to prove the anti-immigrants wrong?

    Lastly this was NOT a threat nor was it intended to be a Threat that "take my advice or i will leave". Just a simple suggestion in light of things to come.

    I know you are not threatening to leave. But eventually some one will. It always happens when one or other item is included or excluded from agenda.

    Anyways, this isnt about looking weak or strong against anti-immigrants. That is really not the issue here.

    Its about how much we can have in our list of items. There is only so much anyone can do. Forget about us, even bigger organizations have priorities in order. Immigration Voice also has to have a priority. We cannot talk to anyone about fixing the H4 issues before the issues of retrogression are talked about. And we cannot talk about ALL OF THEM because there is room for only so much to talk about. There is a limit on everything. Limit on how much funds we have, limit on how much political capital does our lobbyist spend on our organization with lawmakers, limit on how much leverage the lawmaker uses to sponsor an amendment for us. No one has unlimited capacity to get things achieved. So in that sense, H4 issues really cannot be on the list. And as far as "nothing is happening, let's get temporary relief and let's not fight for more numbers" idea is concerned, we are already doing that by trying to get 485 filing provision done in next few days as a temporary relief. Now tell me, how is that not tied to H4s. EVERY SINGLE ITEM on our goals benefits H4 spouses indirectly. Including the short term goals of IV.


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  • willgetgc2005
    11-16 11:59 AM
    PAPPU and Others,

    We pay taxes PLUS Social Security for which we dont get any benefit. Dont miss that.

    Let us be assertive about that.

    we try to mention in our media interviews about us paying all the taxes and playing by the rules, still the anti immigrants pursue this misinformation campaign against us. We will all try to ensure that in every media interview we say that we pay all taxes..

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  • jnraajan
    01-30 05:13 PM
    It is Question Number 23 now. But, if you sort it by most popular, it is Question No. 48. We need to get more votes to make it a popular question.

    Any chance, the candidates will answer this question


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  • srinivasj
    01-18 04:56 PM
    i am ready to contribute...please count me in...

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  • nb_des
    06-19 10:33 AM
    As per my research and talking to customer service of few american and india insurance companies, You are partly right that no one covers pre-existing conditions.

    But indian companies like Icici lombard, Bajaj allianz, tata aig etc cover emergency life saving treatment even if it was due to the pre-existing conditions. Which means if one is diabetic, reguler sugar check and doc vists will not be covered but if say patients develops a critical condition (e.g kideny failure etc) then the treatment is covered.

    But american companies do not cover even the emergency treatment.

    Hope this helps

    Is there website to buy insurance from Indian companies? Do they cover emergency treatment for 70+ years old? I have heard it is very difficult to have claim processed through them. Do you have any personal experience?


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  • snddlth
    10-28 09:48 PM
    @ caliguy

    Could you please send me the letter that you sent to Sec. Napolitano? Also, what is the email address of ombudsman?

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  • p1234
    10-03 12:09 PM
    Sensible people,
    I need some greens here. :P

    EB2 I/C retrogression 10-03-2008 11:11 AM Here you go again.
    EB2 I/C retrogression 10-03-2008 08:17 AM Kutte
    EB2 I/C retrogression 10-03-2008 08:16 AM Saale
    EB2 I/C retrogression 10-03-2008 01:23 AM disapprov

    Dude, I'm not flaming at you (it was gctest not you) but you also made really demeaning statements and then tried to retract them when you started getting reds, I think. Its not good to trash others.


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  • StuckInTheMuck
    05-01 09:50 AM
    I heard it is six months. But someone should clarify whether its 6 or 1 yr. And also it is really necessary to work for 6 months/1 Yr or not??
    I doubt if any one can clarify this question more than what is already said so far. Neither DHS nor USCIS specified the minimum time one should stay with the (GC-sponsoring) employer after becoming PR. At the end it comes down to establishing your intention, that is, making sure your decision does not raise a red flag when USCIS pulls up your employment history later (during your citizenship interview, or if something else triggers a background check, e.g. your employer being investigated for a potential fraud). There are mitigating circumstances that should help if you leave early, such as being laid off soon after becoming PR, or as someone pointed out, if you invoked AC21 while waiting for GC etc. (These are things I admit I do not know much about, as my own GC was self-sponsored.) We are talking intangibles here, and you are unlikely to find any set-in-stone rule.

    Having said that, your decision should not (read never) be dictated entirely by how USCIS may interpret your intention. There are other priorities, such as family, that should come first and foremost. After years of letting USCIS be the lord-and-master while we waited for GC, it is high time we step up and take control of our life. Besides, after looking up several threads over quite some time, I did not come across a single case of anyone being denied citizenship, or having GC revoked, on employment history alone. (The biggest deciding factor has almost always been "moral character".) Knowing the importance of this issue, if any of you have read (not heard from a friend of a friend of a friend of a...) a counter example where someone indeed faced problem because of employment, please post the link.

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  • StuckInTheMuck
    08-25 12:06 PM
    I haven't yet used the SBI-NY remittance service (registered only last week), but I do not need to open account with them. Instead, I can send money home (only to an existing SBI India account) directly from my credit card, using a specific remittance form. I find this arrangement convenient, but mailing the form for each such transaction adds to delay. I find your suggestion better instead, and also probably quicker.


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  • Openarms
    06-17 02:55 PM
    I have talked to IMG sales rep, he said they won't cover for pre existing conditions. He also said that as far as his knowledge is concerned there is no company out there that covers pre existing conditions when I asked him about it.

    My final assumption is that any insurance we buy anywhere, just covers illnesses that are developed after the coverage starts.

    Any corrections??

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  • looivy
    07-19 08:16 PM
    It is easy to read...


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  • anukcs
    04-03 08:16 AM
    Donated $50. Thanks to all volunteers. Wish i could be there in DC but I won't be able to make it.

    Thank you.

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  • immi_twinges
    07-15 07:38 AM
    singed and done!

    It was mentioned in the other thread.

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  • chanduv23
    03-13 10:00 PM
    I am still on H1 (not utilized EAD), the visa on my passport expired last year. Planning to visit India next week, should I be getting a visa stamped or use AP?

    APPRECIATE INPUTS. Any USCIS link will also help.


    Though it is not related to this thread, it is a decision that only u can make. A friend of mine whose priority date is nowhere close and is still on h1b used his AP to reenter the US and when I asked him why he did not want visa stamping - he said "who will go through all the hasstles of appointments, stanidng in queue, wasting precious vacation time when you have a AP to reenter" . Now thats him - but u can make ur own decision based on ur corcumstance.

    02-01 02:14 PM
    In my view H1B problem is directly related to Retrogression problem. Lets step backwards and analyze this.

    Why so many GC were applied at the first place that caused retrogression. Because a large number of people came on H1B to US. All these people who came to US on H1b did not actually had any extraordinary skills. These people somehow got in touch with these Desi Consulting companies and came here without any skill and without any projects. These desi consulting companies applied there GC irrespective of the fact that these guys have a job or not. Some of the people I know have sat on bench for years, living with their relatives, unable to get any job. But they had their labour filed. These knid of people would not have made to US, if these fadudent companies were not there.

    Also big companies, have a policy not to apply GC before one year of service. The point was that these companys will file GC only if they feel that the employee adds value to the company. But with these desi companys people have filed GC even before joining the companys.

    In essence if the GC process was working without these Desi companies, I can bet that the number of GC applied would have been much lower than what have we currently have.

    Substituted labor has further added to this problem.

    I cannot agree with u more. Exactly what I want to say.

    06-07 11:12 AM
    is not right.

    The hardships we have chosen to enter united states and struggle here is of our own choice. It was an option. You can come to office at 9:00AM and leave by 6:00PM. No body asks you to stay late unless you work for a consultant. No body asks you to relocate unless you again work for a consultant.

    You could easily get a legal immigration if you opt an easier path 'Marry a local'. So, again you have opted a hard way of going through labor certs, I-140, I-48 etc.

    We all have options and it depends what you choose.
    Just because few centuries ago someone entered this promised land just like that, you can't expect that to be existing now or atleast a modified version of it now.

    Again, i believe the immigration system can be improved only if senators can taken into confidence about our hardships. Striking the way illegal mexicans did and or raising slogans like 'immigration is a right and not a privillege' may play against us.

    just my 2 paise.

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