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  • NKR
    09-25 04:21 PM
    Thanks Lasantha for all your help. Even after getting your green card you continue to participate and help others in this struggle. That is Great. For the sake of disclosure here are some of the messages you left for other members. I think that these messages are extremely abusive and very harsh as compared to the message left for you. Although we do not encourage the use of words like moron, stupid, idiot, we see these words being used often on the forum.

    Lasantha 02:39, 23rd Sep 2007 -23 Ass hole !!!
    Lasantha 10:59, 14th Nov 2007 -27 Eat Crap you bastard!
    Lasantha 00:54, 19th Nov 2007 -27 DUMBASS YOURSELF!!!
    Lasantha 17:03, 5th Dec 2007 -28 WTF
    Lasantha 18:05, 14th Jan 2008 -39 WTF is wrong with you?
    Lasantha 16:06, 11th Mar 2008 -45 Wacko???
    Lasantha 21:29, 18th Mar 2008 -52 what the fuck???

    You be the judge the let us know if you want to know the user who left you that remark. We will go ahead and post that on this thread. And for the sake of fairness, we will also post the members for whom you left the above messages. You be the judge and decide.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    I notice that all the remarks have been made before he/she got his/her GC. It is amazing to know what impact GC makes on a person�s state of mind. Waiting forever for GC is damn frustrating.

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  • Struggle
    07-14 12:48 AM

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  • fromnaija
    10-13 06:39 PM
    This may not be related to this issues but I saw an update of 09/25/2007 on my H1 case with a previous employer whom I left in 2004. This case was approved in 2003.

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  • laborchic
    06-05 09:18 PM
    Come on folks. This is the time to be active.

    Dont give up now....lets try and help ourselves...


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  • eastindia
    01-22 10:15 AM
    H1B descrimination - Fighting it legally ?

    Are you kidding me. How can you fight it illegaly.:D:D:D

    The question is who will fight it. Lawyer website are posting information. But none of them have filed a lawsuit if they really cared about this issue.

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  • asterix
    01-30 08:59 PM
    Voted for all 3


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  • lsuk
    07-15 11:26 PM

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  • Lacris
    07-17 09:33 PM
    I agree with your opinion however we might be in the minority here, fellow members(some of them) are just concerned about getting an EAD and AP. They do now know the issues we face after that. Every year renewals, associated risk of not getting AP in time to travel out and not to metion that fact that this will definitely add to the waiting period indefinitely again unless we get together and initiate a campaign for
    1. Recapturing unused visa numbers from past years
    2. Getting USCIS to treat Primary + Derivatives as one Visa number rather than individual.

    any takers?
    cheers - peace

    How about they don't count dependent children under maybe 14 to the annual quota. They don't need EADs and they will not compete for jobs with anyone for a long time.


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  • jkays94
    07-17 10:44 PM
    If you feel you are offended or prejudiced, why not pursue a lawsuit for defamation/moral damages? I think this is perfectly fit for a judge to decide. Only this way the small can affect the big.
    Or, why not try to appear on the show and talk against the lies Tancredo said? I bet Lou Dobbs would love that, as it would increase audience.

    A petition like this, directly to CNN, is, in my point of view, a waste of time and effort. It's not going to be read and will be thrown into the trash can as soon as it is opened there.

    Defamation is hard to prove without Lou Dobbs having singled out a particular individual or company. Lou Dobbs is hiding behind the first ammendment and he obviously knows that. However if someone is harmed, profiled or attacked because of being a H1-B holder and the perpetrator was influenced by Lou Dobbs there could be a case for recovery of damages. Lou Dobbs has been burned before by guests who have argued against his rhetoric, incase you have noticed, majority of his guests are almost 100% in full agreement with his principles thus hopes on appearing on his show are minimal at best.

    Petitions and letters to CNN if delivered through the appropriate mode eg fedex will be read. If CNN decides to ignore the letter then they can only blame themselves when advertisers are the next target. No company would want to be associated with the sponsorship of bigotry or hatred.

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  • ushkand
    07-19 07:00 PM
    Mailed: June 29th
    Service Center: NSC
    Delivered: July 2, 7:55 am (Signed: R. Williams)
    Mode of shipping: Fedex
    Check Cashed?: no
    Receipt: not yet.

    Same as me :D but for the fact that I sent in mine without medical. What do you guys think the chances are of USCIS sending an RFE instead of rejecting the application outright?

    Btw..I did "re-file" with completed medical yesterday. I am just hoping they accept my July 2 app. to avail, if any, advantages of RD.


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  • desi3933
    01-22 10:30 AM
    They can challenge the legality of the memo. You do not need employer for that.

    on what legal grounds, may I ask?

    Not a legal advice.

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  • tsnaresh
    04-19 08:17 AM
    I am happy about OP's Green card. I want to get some answers for some questions, been in this country for 16 years, wan't to get my Green card man(june 2003)


    I know what you are going through...man...I am also in the same boat. I have been on H1 since 1997. It is really encouraging to see the EB3 folks getting the Green Cards.


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  • green007
    07-15 12:59 PM
    Thanks for your great job.Thanks a lot for immigration voice for the superb service they are doing.Iam so happy to have this platform.I just sighned the petition.I encourage all of the members to do the same.UNITED WE STAND

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  • H1B-GC
    02-13 03:40 PM
    Core : keep up the goog Work.


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  • PrinceVA
    03-30 08:39 PM
    good to see you going to homeground but hate to see you go at this stage though.

    We have many helpers here on this forum. I still suggest you to find another H1B holder, start h1b transfer and it will take 2-3 months to get the approval or denial, you have some time to find a job here. At least make money that you have spent for getting H1B.
    If you work here for 6 months, you will at least get what you have paid.

    I know you have made up your mind strongly, but just asking you to think over it again.

    And if you decide to stay back and try for 2-3 months, Please let me know. I will share your email id with all recruiters and see how it goes. I will try my best, and sure there are many other helping hands here.

    And as far as your employer matters, I say SCREW that B***, M***F***. Many of us, including me, do want to do but unable to do that either because we are at some stage of GC or some financial reason or frankly saying.. are little coward to go through that process and investigation. Only way I see is help one another.

    I ask you to think over again and ping me if you decide to stay back and try before calling it off. Nope, you are not a looser, not the one afraid to fight, but this is frustating process and this is how it works here. Some good people come together, form IV like non-profit organization and fight for us but still number is very low and people like me come on this forum when in trouble (And then stays here for long :) and believe me IV has helped a lot.
    Not only fighting for GC cause but also to boost your morale, make you confident and provide with all the good advise that they have learnt from experience.

    What ever will be your next step buddy, All the BEST and there is a bright, very bright future awaiting you.


    Yes i do have the entire H1B application in originals with LCA and offer letter from employer

    Yes friend i have decided to go back , and i am not looking anymore i will rather have this energy saved for myself finding jobs in my homeground again

    However does anyone have the first hand experience of reporting to DOL, please share your experience too with the kind of paperwork that should aid your application.

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  • GCSOON-Ihope
    12-12 02:18 PM
    Again, thank you all!
    As a matter of fact, I am going back to France for 2 weeks next Sunday.
    That's my first time there in 8 years...
    I haven't told anybody yet about what happened recently.
    They don't even know the whole story. Yes, all those years I had to lie, especially to my parents:I didn't want them to worry about me.
    I was always saying: "I am fine, just fine.."
    I am waiting for my friends and family to ask me the usual question:
    "So, how come you don't have your GC yet? What are you doing?"
    Then, I will have something to show them!


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  • file485
    04-19 05:59 AM
    contributed 50$...

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  • creativeskills
    06-12 07:57 AM
    here is my first post to the battles ever... !! hope i do this good ... :sigh:

    It�s " The Grunge Pod" ....


    I hope u guys will come with comments...


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  • sparuthi
    08-10 09:19 AM

    How can i get in touch with congressman to dicuss my namecheck


    03-29 03:35 PM
    @snathan, sorry pal i thought you must those fake identities in disguise who could pull you back from filing a complaint since they were one from the run, anyways with your suggestion the consular processing i understand there is a chance to come back, but to be true these 3 months have set me back by 3 years, with the consultant not picking my call when i want to ask him about the situation, running from company to company to attend an interview, they all taking a 5-6 hour interview and then then getting back 2 months later only to tell you that
    they had another senior in line from the company for promotion , they gave him the job and no outside candidates are being considered, other companies also making a mockery of the process of hiring. I would be better going to australia and working from within there, yes i did pay for my H1B but to be so true as i want to be i though it was a procedure at the companies and only realized after i had handed it over by reading this forum that i had also become in cohoots with this consultant. I am not a cry baby here , just that people flying in from all parts of the world , India, Australia, Canada and god knows from where, should be made aware that such things could happen to you and beware, for me the beware sign a little late as i believed at first started my research later.

    @uma thanks for the support but i have already decided to fly back, i appreciate this forum and the people who are willing to help

    @roseball well got no breath left to do another set of visa interview at the US consulate and answer those questions

    @poorslumdog when i started to research i found that this company has done this to many Indian guys, many Canadians by charging visa fees and charging some extra dough and sat on it like a vulture, did nothing to call them to the country and some have never reported to work after 3 years of visa filing, now why is this whole tantrum of filing then, they have been expanding with offices in various areas in US and it acts a good mark on
    their company in terms of view from a outside and successful visa filing with candidate money with no responsibility of placing then is a goldmine, they are like half hits in terms of placing and calling people here, i met with an Indian guy who had come here on his own and changed the company finally as he went thru the same scum of this company.
    Seems like there are victims falling for this modus operandi time after time.

    @HRPRO thanks for the suggestion

    @GCvivek thanks for the analysis of my situation, i feel that its tough to put him to trial but somebody is going to have to do that someday, let it be me, atleast if only a black mark
    it will add to his database and track record of black marks and i am sure many more would have tried but never complained against him, makes him immune everytime someone passes without doing it as i agree they want to be safe, but i want to blow the whistle.

    I need help on the procedure of documents to be submitted , please help me on that as well.

    Believe me if he is doing this as a pattern...he is already on the hook; you just need to call the Hour and wage division at DOL and give the employer details. They will take care of it and it will take 2-3 years.

    Also if you file complaint, you will get the whistle blower protection means you would be able to do the transfer without even the pay stub. If you are lucky, you would not need to go out of the country.

    Most of the time the end client would not be able to hire you though they conduct interview (the interview might be an eye wash or GC interview), you need to find their primary vendor/any vendor and go thru them. It all depends on your skill set and contacts.

    06-06 04:38 AM
    I am sorry I haven't done it either. I am gonna get this done tomorrow. I am deeply buried in work right now (hope you will trust me on this given the time of the day now;-) but this action item is way too important to miss out on!!!

    Thanks Santb1975 and everybody else who is making this happen!

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