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  • franklin
    07-12 11:21 AM
    We should update the question in the poll and make it specific only for people who live in and around of bay area, else the 'no I cannot attend' will be from all IV members who have no way to attend since they dont live in the bay area.

    At this point, I am assuming that everyone that said "no" its because they don't live nearby :)

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  • StuckInTheMuck
    05-03 12:17 AM
    If we had stayed back in india, we don't have have to do any of these.:rolleyes::confused: . After GC also no freedom. As one of my american co-worker was telling, In America only the statue of liberty has the freedom.
    The mistaken notion "GC = freedom" seems so pervasive that I am also tempted to take a whack at this much maligned equation. Lot of anguish can be spared by keeping our expectation from this 3" X 2" plastic somewhat grounded in reality. There is no denying that having GC makes life easier than before, specifically by opening up more job/career opportunities. But these have nothing to do with the constitutional freedom that you presumably allude to with your Statue of Liberty analogy (I should say though, as a metaphor this quote of your colleague is pretty lame). Not only GC does not give us the right to vote, it cannot even protect us from deportation risk on relatively minor legal grounds (http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/12/us/12naturalize.html?_r=1). It is perhaps wise to remind ourselves that GC is a privilege (http://www.wr.org/media/pdf/immigrationassistance/permanentresident.pdf), not a right.

    Here is the other thing I do not get. What is so hard to do in the list that raises such heckles of hair loss, back-in-good-ole-days-life-was-better, and whatnot? It is all about doing little day-to-day things such as maintaining documents (that you would do anyway), or carrying PR card in your (already bloated) wallet, and other mostly mundane stuff. I do not find this such a tortuous existence, despite being a lazy bum myself.

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  • GCwaitforever
    03-13 09:59 AM
    Defintely good news. Now that namecheck problem is gone, we see bit of movement.

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  • c9411010
    07-20 10:52 AM
    guys - i want to start a new forum on 401K ..

    want to discuss what happens to people who have 401k contribution and want to go back to india

    do we have to withdraw the 401K when we leave or can we withdraw it at a later date..

    can some one start a new thread since i cannot figure out how.. thank you


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  • rimco99
    11-02 09:28 PM
    Why are u coming up with such vague ideas.

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  • hyddsnr
    05-01 03:10 PM
    No dude, its not 6 months, it more like 15 years...tough crap dude..you are now a bonded slave....:-(


    Looks like you are used to work as a bonded slave, and expecting same from others. Be a free bird at least after getting GC.


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  • pcs
    07-19 09:32 AM
    I know Aman has made a no. of trips to DC & these are not cheap.

    Let us all contribute to pay back all his trips .

    I am serious about it as people have no idea what people like Aman & others have done / sacrificed. If fact, we should authorize the Money Manager of IV to immediately release the entire amount Aman & others have spent since 19th December 2005.

    I am sure IV must have funds to handle this... if not, atleast start a part payment each month immediately

    I do not know, what is IV's internal procedure for these situations.

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  • waitin_toolong
    07-17 03:12 PM
    I applaud you for starting this effort but the petition needs correction, You are calling Lou Dobbs of lying but all the instances you quote are from Sen Tancredo . You may accuse Lou Dobbs of supporting these lies by letting them stand unchallenged not correcting them.

    When we fight we should get our facts straight so that no one can point a finger at us.

    I am saying all this at the risk of being ridiculed and abused by some of you. But before you do read the petition again and read my statement with cool head.

    Victory will come to those who are righteous not impetuous

    We need to document all the inaccuracies floating around and patiently with the backing of facts dismantle each and every one of them.


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  • return_to_india
    04-28 11:28 AM

    But advocates for skilled immigrants�many of whom remain stuck for years on H-1Bs waiting in the long queue for permanent residency�worry that the bill is a political maneuver rather than an earnest effort at reform. Aman Kapoor, president of the skilled immigrant advocate group Immigration Voice, says that a more effective bill would ensure H-1B visa workers are on a level playing field with U.S. workers. "Skilled immigrants on H-1Bs don't get the same rights and protections as everyone else," says Kapoor. "So wouldn't the solution be to empower and enable the skilled immigrants on H-1Bs such that�skilled immigrants on H-1s have adequate protections so that no one can take advantage of [them]? But no one wants to talk about protections for skilled immigrants."

    Employers don't want H1Bs that flexible ( or want be invisibly bonded. )
    in fear of bargaining and jumping the ship.

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  • mirage
    09-17 02:19 PM
    I've been seeing all this cr.ap for 4 years now. My American dream turned out to be a nightmare...


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  • gccovet
    04-28 11:32 AM
    Stuck(no more)intheMuck,
    Nice compilation, thanks for doing this for all of us here.
    Just a note( i am not trying to deter anybody or argue against your compilation) that by law all foreigners are required to carry their passport, how many of us follow that, on that note, I will not carry original with me at all. just my 0.02 cents.

    Thanks again.


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  • gchandu
    01-19 08:39 AM
    Hi snathan

    Please count me in for money or time or anything to fight on this. Can you please point me or share me the infor on this new rule /memorandum of employer-employee relationship...



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  • anandrajesh
    03-26 04:49 PM
    I got an LUD on 485 when i got AP approved.

    Dont even try to rationalise how the f*** those systems are inter connected and how they roll :o

    OK I will stop wondering abt how the F*** this systems are inter-connected and stop rationalising all this. I see the point in worrying only abt things we can control.

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  • laborchic
    12-09 05:33 PM
    Bump Bump..

    Folks dont let this thread die..

    Moderators can we have link of this thread posted on the homepage????


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  • ramanka
    07-16 01:14 PM

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  • saimrathi
    07-11 09:06 PM
    I had to answer as NO as i live in northeastern PA... the poll should have had an option "I would love to but I live too far away.. but I'll be there in spirit" .. :)


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  • ronhira
    07-18 06:54 AM
    dear mr. "audience",

    one more "highly skilled" immigrant thinks she/he is "audience".... "audience"!!!! nice

    life is going waste in gc backlog but .... "audience", oh and someone forgot to ask, while you are watching this movie titled 'my life is being wasted in gc backlog'.... would you like to get some popcorn and coke with it..... why? because that's what "audience" do..... they enjoy the game and movie when someone else is doing something..... but the "audience" sit on the sidelines and watch

    you seem to very much enjoy this movie 'my life is being wasted in gc backlog'? with your kind of star cast it has got to be a grammy winner... thank you mr. "audience" for the wonderful performance.... time for you to speak out your garmmy winner speech, and don't forget to thank all the people on that list.... aila aila aila aila aila aila, and btw, and whom are we forgetting, did you miss out aila

    Paskal, You are right - I do not understand. But mostly I cannot understand because as an organisation - you do not explain. Frankly, all I can do is register my disappointment at both your response and your attitude.While I get it that IV is actively involved in doing things over the years aimed at resolving this issue, I might feel that I could respect and maybe even understand these efforts better if IV kept its website up to date and all members who sign in updated on what's happening.

    I have often seen threads on this site that have members complaining that IV is not doing anything - to which invariably the response is that one should join the donor forum. On the other hand we get newsletters from admin that ask up to tighten our belts etc. - and get more involved. Well, that cannot happen unless IV provides more updated information on what IV is actually doing, veiled references to behind the scenes activity and years of hard work are not enough to involve all those who have signed up here to become 'more involved'.

    As for this discussion going nowhere I could not agree more - you see to have an open discussion or indeed debate - there must be at least 2 willing participants. And since you have already decided that you do not have time for the Qs of a mere non-paying member of this forum, I do not expect any better.

    By the way, the way ahead is not to close doors, but to welcome questions and encourge those on this forum with curiosity to be more active. More often than not, I have seen that those who Q on this forum, are mocked, ignored, and treated as if they are wasting CORE's time. Sad for a forum that hopes to involve a wider audience in this issue.


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  • Chanda
    08-12 12:59 PM

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  • singhsa3
    07-14 07:57 PM
    Why do we need this thing?
    Let him say what he want to . This pettion against him will not accomplish anything. He is not a government official. Albeit, if you want you can sue him.
    So guys focus please.
    Please channel your energy, we need it now more than ever now. Noises like Lou or O'reilly will always be there. They are good source of revenue for these news channels so most likely ur pettion will fall on deaf ears. Moreover, these guys can use these things against us and we cannot afford to open several fronts at this time. SO Ignore them.

    I plan to send this petition to all senior executives of Time Warner Inc by Priority Mail and Fax. CNN is a fully owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc.


    12-03 05:49 PM
    I like your idea but the minimum is 50$/ month or 100$/ month.
    Infact i like the idea of 5$/ month.

    If 20,000 people donate 5$/ month = 1.2 million $/ year.
    = 1 million $ (after loosing transaction charges)

    So next step enable 5$/ month to 100$/ month RECURRING contribution arrangements ASAP.

    To avoid transaction charges let users pay quarterly or half-yearly recurring.
    i.e. if one wants to donate 5$/ month so it will be 30$/ 6 months etc.


    I was thinking about this today.

    All great Ideas and we are never short of Ideas on this website. However, we are always short of commited people who are willing to put in time and make their Ideas become a reality. We sure are 25,000 real members and If each of us commit 10$ every month diligently we have a consistent cash flow of $250,000 every month and committing 10$ every month is not hard at all. All of us in here are highly skilled, we all have decent paying jobs and we are definately not cheap labor because we have US Department of Labor (DOL) certifying our salary before we take up any Job in this great land.

    Would you be willing to the lead on making your Ideas become a reality. We have very few highly committed members in here who can provide support and guidance.

    We have already guided a few people on how to donate amounts less than the ones that are posted on this website and it is really simple. Any amount can be sent in as a donation through paypal to donations@immigrationvoice.org

    11-10 02:25 PM
    Did I understand wrong?

    After 6 yrs on H1 with pending AOS, if 485 gets denied, H1 is not renewd. So far so good....
    I am under impression that aftet the denial, person still has whatever time left on his H1 to stay and work till H1 expires. No futher extension will be possible due to denial.

    Is above statement wrong????

    I had checked with my attorney, he had mentioned that I could keep on working till my H1 expired.... I will recheck with him.



    I saw somewhere on other site clearly mentioned that once 485 is rejected, H1B extension based on pending 485 also becomes invalid. If a person keeps working, it it considered as illegal. I do not have link right now, but I guess I found it on some lawyers website, posted link on IV in some other thread.

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