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  • perm2gc
    05-24 09:42 PM

    Can we lobby to add an ammendum to pay huge penalities($50K) when all the current GC holders apply for Citizenships.

    We are not illegals to pay fines.

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  • axp817
    03-31 11:25 AM
    USCIS could be making a determination that the 140's company is now revoking were approved iun error and people are not eligible for ac21.

    If it is determined that that is indeed why they (USCIS) denied a certain 485, and then the applicant proceeds to hire/seek the help of competent lawyers and accounting professionals (I�m not naming anyone here :)) to file an MTR where the old employer�s ability to pay for that particular employee (from the time of filing the labor until the employee left the old employer/submitted AC21 documents) is demonstrated via the employee's W-2s, do you think the applicant has a chance to get the 485 re-instated?

    I'll keep everyone posted of what happens to this case.

    Thanks, highly appreciated, as always.

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  • B3NKobe
    06-01 08:06 PM
    @musicwithcolours: that is AWSOM!! Love the skin all the way!! Greatjob!!

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  • desi3933
    01-28 04:50 PM

    Please refer [URL=""]AILA memo ( as they have already detailed the law points in it.

    Did you even read my post and the pdf link. BTW, pdf link refers to Aug 21st, 2009 much before this memo came out. Even if memo is withdrawn, how that is going to change the points agreed by the court?

    Here is the pdf link again ation%20or%20Fashion%20Model%20%28H-1B%29/Decisions_Issued_in_2009/Aug212009_09D2101.pdf

    I suggest that you go thru pdf links in my other posts for this topic. All these decisions refer to issues pertaining to H-1B working at the end-user client thru multiple layers. This memo does not make any difference that way. Like I said before, this memo just make the interpretation public knowledge.

    Why these H-1B cases have been denied in last years and why these denials were not reversed by appeal court? These answers should enlighten you.

    Just harping "illegal memo" does not change anything.

    Not a legal advice.


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  • ThinkTwice
    07-12 10:08 AM
    We should update the question in the poll and make it specific only for people who live in and around of bay area, else the 'no I cannot attend' will be from all IV members who have no way to attend since they dont live in the bay area.

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  • pappu
    06-13 10:01 AM
    EB3 India is in a bad shape because of lot of backlog. I do not see relief for people with latter PD in many years to come.
    EB2 India is also not expected to have good movement for the next few months.

    So people who spend time on sites to track are wasting their time in my opinion.

    IV is people affected and not just core members. Core members , chapter leaders also have their own jobs that pays salary and life and each one of us can only devote so much time to IV. The best strategy for all of us is to work on resolving the problem and not leave it for others to deal with it.

    What each member can do:

    1- Take part in IV action items. We currently have a couple of bills. There is a slim chance with this bills if only we can get more cosponsors and get CHC support.

    2- Raise awareness of IV. More members will mean more people will take part in our campaigns.

    3- Contribute to IV. We have a funding drive that is currently begging for attention. With meager funds we cannot even afford to do our limited lobbying.

    4- Be an active IV member: If nothing at else, be regular on IV. More visitors on IV means more revenue for IV from banner ads. This revenue is used towards lobbying and website maintenance expenses. Other sites with banner ads use that money for their own, but IV uses that money for lobbying. Several thousand visitors everyday means a good amount of money generated via ad revenue ( I could not believe it when I heard it the first time). If you like tracking, then use IV tracker and help make it successful. PLEASE Put your real dates in your profile.Money from ads on it will be used for our lobbying .

    5- Develop state chapters furthers. members can get active and build their state chapters further themselves. It can be great for making friends and networking too. We want to develop this further and need member's help.

    6- Do not leave IV when you get your greencard. IV is a community and be a part of it. Help others who are suffering like you yourself suffered once. When we have lot of greencard holder members, we can even expand the scope of our work and include items like 'I140 approval date should be counted as a date for 5 year citizenship eligibility' etc...

    7- Consider IV as your home and join the effort in whichever way you can. Bring in new ideas and take leadership to implement them.


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  • sidbee
    06-13 08:31 AM
    I am 2007 PD EB3. I know i am screwed :-) , but our discussing out unfortunate luck here , wont change it.

    I am not even dreaming about my GC. I am just enjoying my life today, as i have no control over tomorrow. The irony , i was qulaified for EB2, but my lawyer didnt want to do an extra work(BS + 7 Years) , so he put me in EB3.

    Let EB2 get there GC's first , and may be the illegals also get it before EB3, I really dont know the point of discussion of this thread.

    Thank God somebody didnt write , thats its really unfortunate that we were born in India.

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  • pv2715
    05-20 05:08 PM

    Do you know if they cover pre-existing conditions?


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  • vdlrao
    04-19 11:07 AM
    Hi hur11

    Please let me know which category you have applied EB2/ EB3. Below is my qualification

    Degree : B.Com ( 3 years)
    PG : M.C.A (IGNOU - 3 Years)
    Experience - 8 Years in India and 3 years in USA with different employer.

    Thanks in Advance


    Just a 3 years in USA, getting a GC by porting into EB2 with a B.Com and some online degree!!!!!! What a pathetic situation for us!!!!!!!!!. Wake up USCIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • gccovet
    06-11 04:00 PM
    I am already financially/emotionally drained out due to my accident. I guess its going to be deja-vu for me again.

    Now I have hardly any money in my bank accounts(around 14K to be precise), and no house , which seems to be a good news and they cannot rip off much.

    Only questions I have now are:
    1. Any idea generally how long these things can go on?
    2. During the trial will there be any restrictions on leaving the country (In genuine emergency situations)?
    3. In the worst case if I am willing to give-up my GC..would it still make sense for us(my spouse and 2 kids) to go thru all this emotional stress all over again by staying here and thinkign about what will happen tomorrow...?
    One more suggestion:
    1. Start withdrawing cash from bank accounts and leave the cash with someone whom you trust.
    2. US can put pressure Indian counterpart to freeze your Indian bank accounts, hence don't tranfer monies in any of your or your wife's accounts.
    3. Keep liquid cash on hand (not even in bank's safe deposit box)

    Just thinking out loud.
    Hang in there.



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  • rksaigal
    07-30 01:11 PM
    What would you recommend to enter this field on a long term basis and to supplement one's income?

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  • bugsbunny
    04-17 03:00 PM
    Looks like you are one of the beneficiaries of H1 who does not have good education. You can console yourself with the word 'skill' and all that computer jargon The bottomline is H1B visa is for professionals.

    Stop making personal attacks.
    You know nothing about me or my education or my skills.
    By resorting to personal attacks to try and support you arguments you have revealed your level of character and intelligence in how debates are conducted.

    I don't support IT bodyshops and that fraud should stop.
    If you believe you have proof of shady practices then report them to USCIS.


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  • 485Mbe4001
    06-17 04:03 PM
    Please make the calls, recapture of unused visas helps all the affected parties, irrespective of country or categories. It will help EB3-I

    Do we have any agenda for EB3-I?

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  • snathan
    04-20 02:23 PM
    what makes you think i have a website and I evaluate?? Moron, I was asking the person to get the documents evaluated and let other know, so that others who are in same position can benefit from that.

    Have you ever seen the Moron in real life...go and see the mirror. I have asked you the website as I didn’t want to assume and your name 'Sheila' resembles the Sheila from an evaluation agency. She used to say the same thing – ‘Ask your attorney to get it evaluated’. Obviously you didn’t want to answer my question. Still I was saying ' I was suspecting'.

    Now do you understand Who the real Moron is.?


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  • copsmart
    08-25 02:51 PM
    ICICI is good at advertising false figures (with our money of course) and SBI is little delayed in updating their websites - does that solves the equation :)

    SBI rate is 43.21 for $4001 but i'm sure that's not latest because the website is not updated hour by hour ( like ICICI/R2i/C2i at least do for AD) but I've seen honesty in SBI's dealings when they actually convert $ to Rs. Even if the website shows lower rates they converted my money with higher rates because the market rate was higher during conversion.

    I agree with you.

    I am using SBI M2I for several years and I have no issues, in fact I have an NRE account in India with SBI and my father also has a SB account with SBI. So, the money transfer process in whole happens with no hassle compared to any other method.

    Intially I had some issues with them when I was trying to setup an online account for our bank accounts (NRE & SB) in india. The officers at the branch were we have our accounts are not well versed with computers, so they had a tough time setting up our accounts. In fact they weren't aware of the bank's online system until I told them, and they first refused to setup the accounts. So, I had to contact the bombay office and they helped them figure out the setup procedures.

    Having said that, there is been a transaction delay lately with online SBI as well. My last 2 transfers took more than 8 days. I opened a ticket yesterday and waiting for their response. But overall I am okay with SBI so far.

    P.S: I have used ICICI in the past and I still have the account, but I don't use it anymore, just maintaining the minimum balance in the NRE account. IMHO they are not very good service providers.

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  • ras
    07-02 12:53 AM
    following few more reasons may be added.

    - When a new employee arrives his/her knowledge of immigration matters is quite less and doesn't intend to take risks of going against the employers wishes. This is being exploited by many employers by way of threatening to cancel H1, intimidating that they will have to return back, instilling fear in all ways and means in the employees about the negative aspects. This leads the employee to think and step back in going against the employer.

    Soln : Better educate the new employee about his rights as soon as he arrives. This could be either through forums, websites or even an official supplement from USCIS which should be handed over to the employee when his H1 is approved. ( It could mention and clear all myths officially by USCIS). This instills courage in the employee to question the employer if not go ahead with law suits. Also, this even may reduce threatening by the employer.

    - Further most of the employees want their career slate to be clean without any law suit, dots, etc until their life is secured by way of GC approvals or some form of assurance from the Govt. This makes them step back on taking action against the employer.

    Soln: Well if there could be a system where anonymous complaints/whistle blowers are allowed, they probably may come out. However, rarely employee wants to reveal his identity though he suffers.

    - The immigration matters are so complicated with so many RFE's people are scared to add another their event to their history. Any transaction with USCIS is kind of a risky feel for the employee.

    Soln: This feeling should be removed.

    - immigration decisions are uncertain so people want to be cautious in taking bold steps.
    Soln : There should be assurance from USCIS that provided everything on the candidates side is good that his GC will be approved. If an employee believes that based on his/her good credentials in all respects they should assured be of a GC, they may come forward to fight against the erring employers

    Soln: How do we make employee believe if everything is right on their part, an appropriate decision will be taken by USCIS. People still dont have confidence in USCIS decision making process.

    - And for GC applicants, they fear anything against the employer would affect their GC process. At every stage (Labor, I 140 and I 485 ) they are being exploited in one or the other way. Always it the employee who is at the loosing end. I have never seen an empoyer loosing because of an employee...
    These are some of the thoughts...


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  • RDB
    09-17 12:59 PM
    They are discussing some other bills.....something to do with Kinship and welfare for children.

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  • fide_champ
    12-13 11:36 PM
    Could you please let me know when was your visa appointment and how many days it took before you got your passport. Mine was 6th Dec and no update from consulate yet.

    It took 7 working days for me to get the passport back. My wife also applied for H1B and it took only 2 days for her. I think it differs by case and how complicated your situation is. The reports in murthy said they should have every information after 2004 in PIMS database. Any query for the record before 2004 may not be present and it takes a couple of days atleast to update the database if a query is made. It's better if you have atleast 10 days time after the visa interview.

    The officer questioned me about my employer in US during the year 1999-2000. So it is entirely possible that they may check your old H1s/L1s etc., So plan accordingly to avoid any further grief.

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  • smisachu
    07-30 02:08 PM
    for options there any site you will suggest which provides daily alerts???

    Many sites. What kind of alerts are you looking for? Vols? Greeks? You can also customize most of the alerts depending on spreads you might be trading. This is possible even in simple option accounts with Level 4 approval.

    08-19 02:05 PM
    Congrats! Well, in my case, I would become a Senior Citizen before I become a Citizen of this country. :D My signature says it all.

    :D:D good one. But isn't that nice to get both GC and social security at the same time.... ?

    03-03 03:51 PM
    I bought Patriot America by img global for my parents. We had to take my mother to ER. The total claim was close to 10k and to my surprise imgglobal did pay exactly as whatever it said. It is not a pre existing condition. Based on my research, nobody covers a pre existing condition.

    The advantage of using the american, comprehensive policy is, the hospital took the insurance card, no questions asked. Send me a PM if you want more details as it was really painful in the first place to go to ER, let alone worry about insurance.

    I think your question should be "Could members who had to use this insurance for ER visits post their experience?"

    It�s good until you file a claim, but you should look for what happens after that.

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