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  • natrajs
    09-24 11:35 PM
    Good to know..I had a soft LUD 9/23 after the hard one on 9/22 (approval notice sent email, 5th step) - still waiting for cards....anyone with SLUDs after the approval notice sent updates?

    Soft LUD on 9/21/09, - TSC, The cards were mailed on 9/21/09 from TSC and we recd it on 9/23/09 - NJ

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  • kevinkris
    06-24 08:46 PM
    Hi All,

    I want to share my exp. regarding visitor insurance for my parents.
    we took ICICILombard in india itself. My father has to see the doctor for
    a small procedure done on this toe. He developed because of injury as he is diabetic.

    And after reading so many negative reviews i was afraid whether i will get my 1200$ claim accepted or not. As i thought diabetes is a pre-existing condition.
    And we also mentioned it in the insurance policy when we took.

    But surprisingly we got the claim approved by ICICI Lombard last week and we got all the money (minus 100$ deductible).

    So it's better to have some kind of insurance (to be on safe side) if you think the patriot and KV Rao are expensive.

    Good luck.


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  • gjoe
    12-07 11:31 PM
    Two thumbs up to whoever came up with this idea. I would suggest some of us should apply for jobs in his administration since we already have our EAD. We can submit our resume on the site.:)

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  • virald
    11-13 10:43 AM
    Although we cite the cost savings (from renewal of EAD) most people if not all who prefer to keep H1 status will definitely renew their EAD/AP just to be safe. On the AP case, I got 3 copies of multiple entry APs. My attorney told me to make copies of it and give only copies at the POE and point out that it is a multiple entry document if the officer wants to keep the original, so that the original stays with you.

    This is interesting. I am trying to understand the reason why we should give copies. If you have three copies, and at POE they take one and return two, how does that harm you. I mean what is the point of keeping all three if there eligibility is 1 year and you don't expect to go out of the country a second time.


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  • waitingGC
    02-06 04:07 PM
    Until EB3 ROW becomes current....

    I really don't understand here.

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  • coopheal
    04-28 05:27 AM
    Added to Wiki here After GC Dos and Donts (


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  • mhathi
    12-13 09:29 AM
    I am not able to start and feel that there is already hidden membership is there. Is there any thuth in this feeling? How does IV is working in terms of access rights?

    IV is already not member friendly. With 25,000 members, raising 30,000 is getting so difficult. Why so? I once posed the question and moderators conveniently deleted it.

    We collected 30,000 in eight days. I would not call that so difficult...

    Sure it could have been better... but thats the question members should ask themselves, not the CORE or the volunteers.

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  • chaanakya
    08-13 06:22 PM

    Attack the argument, not the argumentor.


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  • suriajay12
    01-14 11:36 AM

    We dont see any action from core members anymore. I am watching so many threads. We expect more action items even week or 2 weeks. There are so many ideas floating around and which can get better attention if core works by putting some in agenda. I dont intend to hurt anyone.But we can do more.
    I hope I participated more, but hooked up with internation travel every 2 weeks and its sucking my time.
    If core is unable to do anything due to lack of money, please let us know that, and there are many who will come forward, but we need soem action that takes care of EVERYBODYS interests.

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  • alterego
    03-10 07:10 PM
    This data is ambiguous from the USCIS. It very well could represent pending 140 petitions, in which case all the euphoria would turn to shock. We must try to get clarification about this before anything else.
    One of the tables there mentions the NIW, that is determined at the 140 level, after that a 485 is a 485 and it goes into the EB2 queue. So when they list that in the breakdown, I suspect if they may be referring to 140s here. Additionally they list either no NIW140 or NIW-based 485s from the NSC. If they are referring to NIW based 485s, this is incorrect, since I am one of those with an approved NIW and pending 485 at the NSC. There are others like me on IV physician forum.
    So lets try to get more information about this response. This data does not give the whole story. In a worst case scenario it is indeed pending 140s they have given.


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  • hatighora
    07-18 10:44 AM
    For me I have to renew H-1 visa every year wich will be same as EAD/AP. Each time I would go for H-1 visa I will be stuck for security clearance making me stay outside US without work for unknown number of months which is the worst experience that can happen to anyone not the grey area of AOS.

    But to get EAD/AP I do not need to step outside US neither do I need to wait for security clearance and I hope to travel home when I want.

    So to me EAD/AP is better than H-1visa.

    If I get EAD/AP can I go for H-1 stamping?

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  • VMH_GC
    07-19 10:19 AM
    Message from Pappu:

    Yes this is not a typo. This is true. Aman has made more financial sacrifices and time sacrifices than anyone else. Not a single penny has been reimbursed to him for his trips to DC, food and stay in DC or car rental in DC. He even risked his job and went to DC on unpaid leave at critical times because lobbying was important for getting our work done. We in the core team know this and when we see the kind of contributions we get from members, we feel disappointed that our efforts are not valued. When we started the $20 contributions people felt $20 was too high and wanted $10 per month or less. The kind of work and effort that is needed to push a single provision is phenomenal and needs lot of capital. The more the better. Sometimes reading posts that say IV core is selfish also disappoints us. People do not know the effort that goes in getting anything done. This website is simply a tool for us to communicate to everyone. The big effort is the lobbying work. We hope the Buisnessweek article helps people realize our hard work and people value it by contributing to it and helping us in all action items.

    In my opinion, we should reimburse AMAN for all the cost he incurred during last few years.


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  • ash0210
    03-10 07:51 PM
    Yes...The REAL POWER of this organization will lie in its state chapters..

    I called local Senator & his office was sympathetic towords problems of "Legal" immigration & stagnation of GC process for India & China..

    Look in diffrent angle, instead of calling Senators office, if bunch of 10 state chapter guys visit local senators office, it will carru lot of weight...

    By the way, any local chapter for Ohio? Is it in - Cincinati, Cleveland or Columbus?

    Please realize that

    b) The REAL POWER of this organization will lie in its state chapters. Trust me. If you sit with ten people you know, and talk about these issues, and resolve to do something about the situation, and come up with an action plan and an operating mechanism, that will be where the strength of IV lies.

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  • surendraz
    06-15 06:22 PM
    Thanks for the information sharing that has been triggered by the marvelous move by INS by making the dates current....

    This may be a rudimentary question, before I ask this Q to my attorney, I wanted to get some information from the public who are in the same boat as I am...

    My PD is Dec 2005. I have 2 more years of valid H1B visa time.

    Lets assume that I apply for my 485 in a month or two and that I get my EAD by november. I hunt for my "right" partner and get married after november and I plan to get bring her to US of A... here are my Q's

    1) Is my H1 going to be valid after I get my EAD approved?
    2) Do I "have" to use my EAD card and discard my H1 at all? Can I travel back and forth to India on my H1 even after I have my EAD?

    3) Suppose that I bring my wife on a valid H4 through my H1 (even though I have my EAD - I am assuming that for question #1 & #2, the answer is 'YES')
    I can file her I485 as long as the dates are current (or current to my PD atleast). Now, in a case if the dates are not current, I can still have my H1 in a valid state so that my wife's status is not in jeopardy.... Now the big question is .... if my I485 gets approved without my priority dates getting current to my PD, what would be status of my wife?? Can this ever be possible?

    The gist of all my Q's is... can I maintain my H1 status and use that to bring my wife on H4 even though I have my EAD approved? Does having a EAD card pose any additional queries at port of entry and the american consulate when I apply for H4???


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  • satyab7
    04-17 11:16 PM
    I hope others who have not contributed will come forward and contribute.
    I think IV need to explain , may be one more time , why is it important to contribute, to me links about contribution look little old and members who are not contributing may not see them important. I very much appreciate all efforts of IV !!!

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  • chanduv23
    07-19 07:25 AM
    Remember, most people are working hard and chances are that they may get fired for jobs doing this.

    SO many IV members have been risking thier jobs to work hard on these things.

    So many people have taken unpaid vacations, spent valuble time on this.

    Kudos to Aman, Himanshu, Jwalant, and all other folks who are helping the community.

    A lot of people are free riders, they come to IV for informartion only. A lot of people do not want to do anything, just because someone else is doing it for them. I have heard excuses from people saying "Don't you have anything else to do??? You will be fired from your job, I bet you, don't get disillusioned by these folks at IV, they cant move a stone"


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  • arc
    02-01 12:09 PM
    We have to keep doing this... Senetor Obama mentioned 1 line about fixing Legal Immigration process, also both Senators mentioned that ILegal Immigrants will be last in the line of the process so that is a huge progress for us... These candidates have an army of people working for them, they do a lot of research go to forums, go to debate websites to see what are the pain-points, if we can get our questions in top 10 in every debate now on then Legal immigration will be in the spot light, that is half the battle won... regardless who is chosen by voters they will all have legal immigration on their agenda. Good job guys! Keep posting the questions we will make this issue popular!

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  • gceverywhere
    01-31 07:46 PM
    thanks for leading this effort

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  • seahawks
    02-14 01:20 AM
    We totally believe in the cause, we believe in the hard work all of IV members, core and volunteers do. Ignorant are those who don't see them now and will they ever. Everyone wants quick results, just like fast food. Hats off to all of you who work so selfless and time you guys put in. Keep up the good work.

    09-24 01:00 AM
    So where did you learn your English? Do you even know how to read sentences? I suggest you learn how to join words and make sense of what is being said. Then and only then comment on what is being posted.

    Also, Before you call others stupid, make an assessment of your own stupidity.

    If you want to argue, then argue how is the removal of quota limits fair for ROW applicants. Don't throw out unrelated arguments.

    sorry man, my hinglish is vrey vrey vrey poor. so plaese bear wtih me.

    Lets not argue, lets discuss, maybe I could agree with your views. So heer it goes, how is quota limits fair to anybody? I thought we are all equals, unless you think you are challenged in anyways - physically or otherwise, in that case I agree, you are 100% right, there must be a special quota for you. For all others who consider themselves to be equal shareholders to the free society, isn't preferential treatment for any set of people "wrong" and "unfair"? Just asking? I mean are we not equals, if yes, then there should be no quota for any country, if no and you think you are superior, which maybe true, then I should get preferential treatment, if no, and you think you are inferior or otherwise challenged in anyways, well, in that case yes, you sure should be treat better than others.... you know....

    So what do you think you are - equal? inferior? or superior? I mean it has go to be one of those, right?

    09-16 08:06 PM
    I am going to submit an issue with CIS Ombudsman @ DHS | CIS Ombudsman - Case Problems (

    I have also asked the attorney to send an email @ Texas Service Introduces Streamline Procedure for I-485s and I-140s
    Labor Immigration Law � Texas Service Introduces Streamline Procedure for I-485s and I-140s (

    Attorney got back to me and said we will have to wait until 1st October, as he opened a SR on 1st September and TSC asked him to wait for 30 days.

    At this point, I am running out of options....maybe a letter to the first lady??

    Hang in there @cali...dont loose hope. Did you talk to IO...? you were going to yesterday...I did send an email to streamline (NSC) myself from my work address - Gone into the SINK. No reply whatsoever. Thought of letting you know.

    I think lawyers are just another hurdle in getting the right answer at this stage - they dont get our urgency and many a times I just dont know why we hire them - may be a topic for some other time :)

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