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  • gimme Green!!
    01-22 12:07 PM
    My wife and I had our interviews on Jan 3rd. Consulate handed the passport to VFS on Jan 4th. DHL (i think) delivered at home on Jan 5th.

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  • desi3933
    08-20 11:23 AM
    I agree and actually this is a time wasting thread. it is good that he got this citizenship and I guess he is happy but what about others who are struggling to get a gc? and this statement really irritated me "I know, the wait time is long, but it is worth it every bit."
    maybe they should make new citizens apply for passport every year and tell them to renew DL every year and after few years I will ask him if the wait was worth it ??

    I will still say "it is worth it". This is my opinion and you certainly can have a different opinion.

    If you think that the GC is not worth the wait then I suggest that you withdraw your I-485 application asap. ;)

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  • WaitingUnlimited
    05-12 04:57 PM
    First of all...Welcome to Immigration Voice.

    Nitin, how do you think that people who are here in this forum does not know about the other options available? Where in this world you get as many opportunities as you get in USA? Where can you get the flexible life like here?

    How many IT jobs are there in Canada (assuming most of the members in IV are into IT)? Canada Alberta program increased processing times to 8 months now and it excludes federal processing times. Federal application method takes more than one and half years.

    So its good that you have chosen an alternative and worked out well, but your alternative many not be an alternative or not even option to all!!!

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  • viva
    02-06 07:59 PM
    First off, i have mentioned above that this is NOT a solution to retrogression. Secondly, the USCIS does not care what we say to them, they are going to take exactly how much time they want to take to process our Green cards. All I was suggesting was, we ask for interim relief. Now like Logiclife mentioned we are trying for smaller bits of interim relief and that is a reasonable answer. However please do not make remarks like "this person is here to make money and is not after GC". Are we not all after making money? Is that not why we want GCs? We certainly dont want the GC to frame it and keep it next to our other trophies do we? Then why are people accusing me of wanting to "make money"? The problem with some people on this forum is the lack of respect for an alternate view. It is one thing to disagree and it is another to make ridiculous off topic remarks about what someone said.

    Getting a GC will ensure that you can sustain your money making efforts in the USA. By getting diverted to interim relief for spouse, people will be able to make money, but not for too long without a GC. That's why the focus should be on an action that permanently fixes the situation, rather than a band-aid approach.

    Your original comment was ," let temporary be temporary." Frankly, temporary solutions to the US immigration system have made it what it is now. What we need is a permanent fix. Please do not consider that your views are being disrespected. It is just a matter of figuring out the priorities : GC or temporary fixes.


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  • sc3
    08-14 01:06 AM
    For those who care to read...the fact that I am suggesting that people should port their priority dates before that door closes shows that I believe that people who have played by the rules (ie actually put in the 5 yrs experience or find a job with EB2 requirements) should get preference !!

    I call this the plight of EB2 india because as the rules are set up, in theory, if majority of EB3 ported priority dates, then yes, EB2 with later dates would truly get the short end of the stick.

    Having said that, the backlash against people like SunnySurya is unfair. From his perspective, he is right and the law grants him the right to sue if he feels so.

    THe problem in these forums is that any mature discussion is not possible because any dissenting voice is soon suppressed with ad hominem attacks such as the gentlemen who wanted to buy me tickets to india.

    Seriously, how much more immature can we get?

    Even reading this discussion, NOT ONE PERSON has attacked the argument on a legal basis. INsults are aplenty though.

    Legal arguments were already dealt with in the other thread, there is no basis to sue, as the porting is well established law. So is the requirements for EB2.

    Regarding the EB3 to EB2 shafting EB2, well, you already know that most people will not be able to port because they are not willing to change jobs, or that the company is bit too strict about playing with immigration laws.

    Also, a point to be noted when you say EB3 has had the opportunity -- you too had similar opportunities. You too could have been EB3, gained experience and converted to EB2. Instead you decided that it was in your best interests to follow your dream of getting a PHD -- a choice, I dont think you are be ruing, but for the fact that you find yourself placed behind all the guys who did not do PHD.

    Plight of EB2? I think not. Even with EB3-to-EB2 porting, priority dates are well ahead of EB3 (even without the current jump, EB2 was around mid 2004), and now, I guess when it returns to normal, would be around 2005. So while not exactly current (like EB1, shouldn't they be "similarly entitled" to have a superior lead times), the wait times for EB2, compared to EB3 hardly justifies it to be called "plight".

    But then again, to each his own. EB3ers other EB2ers waited almost 3 years for our LCs, people with 2006PDs did not even wait 6 months for it (both EB2 and EB3) -- and worse still are people stuck in BEC (who waited 4-6 years). And yet people in 2006 complain that they have "horrendous wait times".

    EB3s saw tons of people getting through substitute labor, people who have no right to cut into the line ahead of us, significant portion of these cases (including EB2 substitution) are fraught with fraud, however the law was weak, and there was nothing that we could do to prevent such things. Lawsuits are useless for us to weed out such applicants, or even question their earlier PDs because they are protected by the then current laws.

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  • jsb
    02-18 10:55 AM
    Congratulations to all!

    Dont see this thread active anymore - are most of you approved now?

    Any suggestions on what to ask at infopass appointment ?


    This thread is for October 2009 Approvals, which is long gone. I don't even see a thread "March Bulletin Out", which usually should have showed up within seconds of Bulletin publication.


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  • fide_champ
    12-11 10:33 AM
    I went for the visa stamping in chennai consulate on Dec 5th. After a few questions, the officer granted me the visa and said i will receive the passport in a few days. But so far haven't yet received my passport. Does anyone know what is happening? is anyone faced such situation before? I heard about this admin processing and delays in stamping but i thot the officer would usually give out some kind of form to you during the interview if your case goes thru such processing.

    The web-site says we can send an e-mail to the consulate regarding any questions for NIV if it's pending more than 5 days. Has anybody done that and what would be the response?

    Please respond. i am running short of time as i have to travel back to US soon.

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  • nixstor
    10-02 11:24 PM

    Please refrain from fighting on EB3 and EB2 issue. We all know how difficult retrogression has been to every one here. As some one has already said, If interfiling was so easy and every one was fortunate enough to file another Labor/140, EB-2 would have been in 2002 or along with EB-3. AFAIK, Interfiling is some thing the law allows and as long as one does what the system allows and is not gaming the system, its perfectly fine. Don't rub salt on others wounds. Do what you can to improve the system. IMO, the backward movement was a knee jerk reaction to the false demand, shown by USCIS with a huge movement in PD. As you may know, this is purely demand and supply based DOS will move dates forward as soon as they realize that there is not much demand. DOS keeps track of all visa number requests and approvals based on PD's. The problem is DOS just does not know how many applications are pending per country per category to stop the back and forth movement of dates and make the date movement strictly forward. DOS clearly made this a requirement in OCT 08 bulletin and lets see what happens in the next few months. 2nd Q will be key as the over flow will start to trickle based on demand in EB-1+EB-4+EB-5


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  • indio0617
    04-07 01:35 PM

    Excellent suggestions. We definitely have to think creatively on these lines..

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  • s_r_e_e
    06-03 12:12 PM
    any one?


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  • smisachu
    07-30 11:12 PM
    I replied but it did not get posted so here it goes again.

    By asking me to recommend books you are signing up for trouble.;)

    I will list in the order of mathematical knowledge to stat arb and high frequency trading and building your own model based trading platforms.

    A good starting point for any financial engineer are these two books from my Professors.

    Principles of Financial Engineering- Neftci

    Benchmark approach to quantitative finance- Platen - this is very academic.

    For practical quant knowledge:

    Paul Wilmott on Quantitative Finance
    Tools for Incomplete Markets, 2nd Edition Ales Cerny
    Quantitative Financial Economics, 2nd Edition Cuthbertson

    Now for High frequency and stat arb:

    High Frequency trading- Aldridge
    The econometrics of sequential trade models- kokot
    Staticall arbitrage- pole
    Building Automated Trading Systems: With an Introduction to Visual C++.NET - I have personally not red this one as I am not a code writer/programmer but programmers I know say this is very good.

    Applied quantitave methods for trading and investments- Dunis

    I also recommend reading Volatility trading- Sinclair. Good book for options

    I can go on and on but I thing this should keep you busy for a couple of years:D


    Where can one learn about high frequency trading ? Can you suggest books that mathematically model various instruments price movements such as stocks, options and futures ?

    Thanks in Advance!

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  • gsvisu
    07-12 09:35 AM

    How about start or finish the rally with US National Anthem ?

    This will get a lot of attention. Above all it will show 'Legal Immigrants' different + communicate a lot.

    Also encourage to get more American friends.

    You can have a CHAI after the rally !

    Good Luck.


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  • Buran
    02-08 11:37 AM

    When you post about ability to pay RFE please specify your company size and how old your company is.

    My employer has 2000 employees and was established very long time ago, right now they have financial difficulties and are loosing money. They pay much more then a prevailing wage. Although they are loosing money now, they\'ve been around for almost 100 years. Is the ability to pay will be an issue with USCIS?

    I think maybe I should invoke AC21, to avoid ability to pay RFE?

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  • Lollerskater
    09-17 02:36 PM
    did he just say HR5882? lol wut


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  • jungalee43
    12-11 01:52 PM
    I'd posted a detailed message last month under "immigration" on about the completely broken employment based immigration system.
    I am receiving auto e-mails from them, I am talking about those e-mails which everyone receives from John Podesta.

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  • PlainSpeak
    04-20 02:45 PM
    dude, ignore her.

    Why waste your energy arguing with her?

    So you are agreeing with all the BS which getgreensoon1 is saying
    Man you guys need to grow up


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  • akhilmahajan
    03-13 02:28 PM
    IV Core is the best and selfless. They started something, which is going to help everyone in the long run.

    I am a memeber of state chapter and very much believe in this concept. Its all about sharing information and thats what the whole idea is about state chapters.

    The information flows from top to bottom. There are a lot of things which go in the background which you and me are not aware of, but only the people who are working on it and in our case it is the IV Core. Over the period of time they have encoraged people to come forward and take up the cause. A lot of selfless people have come forward and started helping them out in one way or the other.

    What the Core has started is a revolution and it is picking up and a lot more people need to educate themself and join the cause.

    If someone does not understand or does not have any motivation, then one can only try to make them understand and motivate and hope for the best.

    I dont think IV has ever stopped anyone from saying what they want to, but there is a limit to everything. We are educated immigrants so we all need to act like one. If we dont agree on things we need to come forward and discuss them, instead of starting to criticize.
    If you dont share your thoughts then how do you expect people to understand and resolve those issues. So, i will request everyone to come forward with an open mind.


    "You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist." - Indira Gandhi

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  • StuckInTheMuck
    05-01 09:50 AM
    I heard it is six months. But someone should clarify whether its 6 or 1 yr. And also it is really necessary to work for 6 months/1 Yr or not??
    I doubt if any one can clarify this question more than what is already said so far. Neither DHS nor USCIS specified the minimum time one should stay with the (GC-sponsoring) employer after becoming PR. At the end it comes down to establishing your intention, that is, making sure your decision does not raise a red flag when USCIS pulls up your employment history later (during your citizenship interview, or if something else triggers a background check, e.g. your employer being investigated for a potential fraud). There are mitigating circumstances that should help if you leave early, such as being laid off soon after becoming PR, or as someone pointed out, if you invoked AC21 while waiting for GC etc. (These are things I admit I do not know much about, as my own GC was self-sponsored.) We are talking intangibles here, and you are unlikely to find any set-in-stone rule.

    Having said that, your decision should not (read never) be dictated entirely by how USCIS may interpret your intention. There are other priorities, such as family, that should come first and foremost. After years of letting USCIS be the lord-and-master while we waited for GC, it is high time we step up and take control of our life. Besides, after looking up several threads over quite some time, I did not come across a single case of anyone being denied citizenship, or having GC revoked, on employment history alone. (The biggest deciding factor has almost always been "moral character".) Knowing the importance of this issue, if any of you have read (not heard from a friend of a friend of a friend of a...) a counter example where someone indeed faced problem because of employment, please post the link.

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  • imh1b
    01-10 05:22 PM
    Sending letters is a waste of time. I did many in the past and nothing happened. We will only make post office richer and lose money on postage. Nobody reads or replies to letters.

    Anyone willing to do hunger strike?

    07-16 01:58 PM
    signed..might also be a good ideal to start a e-mail chain asking people to sign it and also create some awareness about this pest...

    I plan to send this petition to all senior executives of Time Warner Inc by Priority Mail and Fax. CNN is a fully owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc.

    09-17 01:23 PM
    I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS...this morning 10:00AM CST we got the CPO emails for both of us...

    I just can not thank Aall of you enough and the IV community for the support they have provided over the last few years - especially since Sept 1.


    I will be around - not going anywhere and will support IV efforts!

    BEST OF LUCK FOR THOSE WHO ARE WAITING...Believe me "appka bhi number aayega" I was loosing hopes - since Sept 1 when saw number of approvals after my PD/RD/ND etc..but there is really nothing that can predict this system.

    Here is my journey - encapsulated:

    PD- June 04
    I485 files on July 2nd 2007 - NSC
    RD 8/4/2207
    SR #1: 9/4/2209
    SR #2" 9/11/2209
    Senator contact: 9/10/2009 and 9/11/2009
    Infopass: 9/15/2009
    CPO emails: 9/17/2009

    Hang in there - open SRs and contact your senators!!!

    anyone would be when they get this email ..I meant 2007 and 2009 wherever there is mistake of 2207 and 2209. Thanks!

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