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  • Dhundhun
    10-17 06:20 PM
    Wonderful with BOA!!! but always looked bitter due to high wire transfer fee.

    4-9 years ago, when used to send large amounts ($4000, my family was in India), I used BOA because I had bank account with them. They would charge me US$45 per transaction. Seeing that others are charging $10 or so, I reached Manager about such descripency. He explained that after taking $45, BOA becomes my representative and works in my best interest. He showed that last conversion rate was $1.50 more than any bank published rates in India on that date. So I made effectively $40-50 even after paying us $45. BOA manager explained that they gave Times Bank Indian Rupee. Had they given US$, Times Bank would have eaten all the profits.

    With others money transfer agencies:
    #1. I always got approx. $1 less than published rates.
    #2. There has been delays
    #3. They have deleberately taken more number of days to do transaction on that day, when rates were worst.

    I never lost money by sending through BOA, it used to be $4000-5000. But since BOA charges $45, I could not use their services for money less than $2000.

    $45 had made trustworthy partner, free/$3/$5/$10 made stealing partners.

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  • trueguy
    08-12 01:11 PM
    Now the country limit rule applies only to EB3-I and EB3-C.

    Since EB2-ROW is always current, all the spillover goes to EB3-I/C and so they are not affected by per country limit rule.

    EB3-I is the only sufferring category. Guys, we have to do something. Any suggestions on how to voice our concerns?

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  • kubmilegaGC
    09-16 07:49 PM
    What to get out of these SR responses (received by email)
    Your case is currently under review. You should receive a decision or notice of other action within 60 days of the date of this letter.
    Your application is currently with an officer; you will be notified when a decision has been made or if additional information is needed.

    Infopass for #1 - had an answer of with an officer since 9/11

    WHEN the wait will end?

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  • jamesbond007
    09-17 01:39 PM
    If today its approved in the house..we are done..it goes the Prez for signing and we all add another card to our wallets:o


    The above thread helps understand the legislation process.
    HR5882 is currently going thru step B.

    A little ways to go after that step, before it becomes law.


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  • permfiling
    12-13 11:43 AM
    As there are now many people who are actively posting in the group. Identify and rotate the maintenance of the membership among these members on a weekly basis.

    The ideas are good and in the past we have contemplated having a paid member area on IV site too. However the biggest problem we have is - who will manage it?
    We all have full time jobs and already have our hands full. Adding anything extra to the current workload will be too much work for us.

    Either we hire someone to do it. And to hire we need money. We find it hard to even raise money for Lobbying every other month. There are other important areas like publicity we can look at too if we get more funds. So we cannot hire anyone to manage this.

    Now can someone volunteer for it? Yes but how many people come forward with a commitment in a 25k membership? You can see from the thread
    So if people are not willing to make a commitment and have their spouses to help us from home for this cause, we cannot take our ideas any further. We can only do what our limited time, funds and manpower allows.

    This is a reality and is the reason why we all do not have greencards till now. Solving this greencard issue is not difficult. Its only a matter of gathering enough people and people wanting to make an effort. IV has been around for 2 years now and only 25K people have signed up. We should have had about half million signups by now and millions of dollars to spend on large scale lobbying, media publicity and several initiatives to draw the attention of lawmakers on this issue. That has not yet happened and will not happen until we all indicate how badly we want greencards.

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  • desi485
    02-18 04:06 PM
    Niether many has tried this option (entering on AP and filing H1B transfer to different employer other than GC sponsers) nor USCIS has strong history of approving/dealing with these type of cases. After entering in AP, though one can very well contine the H1B with the same employer to whom any one work on H1B before leaving US. There is a memo for this type of situation. However, there is no specific memo to address this situation (Transfer). It is all depends on the individual adjucidator's logic. If they see your latest I-94 with parolee stamp, then they may deny (or issue a RFE )the H1B transfer, by the applying the the logic of one must be in the smae status to seek extension. If the deny/issue RFE, you can not counter act as there is no secific memo or policy by USCIS in this case.


    if the transfer/extension of H1B gets rejected after travelled on AP, is it possible to move on EAD and continue working legally? I am talking worst case scenario here.

    Although my lawyer confirmed that one can still have a valid H1B status after travelling using AP. My co-worder is still in doubt. Our corporate attorney seems to be clueless for this tricky situation.


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  • rimzhim
    02-05 04:18 PM
    I think this is great idea EB3_NEPA. We need to work on this!!! A good interim solution. That way we can actually show the contribution that we can make to the society as a family. Does anyone have an idea where we can start?

    How about sending letters to our representatives and then contacting the media on the plight of our spouses rather than on us!!! May be the human rights folks can help us on this.
    can the H4 not apply for a new H1B? Is H4 barred from applying for H1B? If not, I don't see where the prob lies. plus how will this solve the retrogression issue?

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  • jnraajan
    03-13 01:28 PM
    When you join a state chapter or a group in your area, it is not necessary to conduct face-to-face meetings everyday/every week, although in person meetings wouldn't hurt. The idea is to create a channel to dissipate information through channels other than WWW. Believe it or not, there are lot many folks from anti-groups who lurk around just to keep an eye on us. Participating or becoming part of the group near to you and encourage others to do the same will also help to build/strength a group of like minded folks in the area who could then team-up to meet with local lawmakers from your area/state. We are a grass roots organization and we need to have a stronger grassroots in order to continue to be more effective. As I said earlier, this channel also is very useful to dissipate information which cannot be shared on world wide web.

    Now a days when everybody has presidential election on their mind, immigration issue is not on the list of things to do for most lawmakers. As such, it takes time for the updates and the there are updates that cannot be disclosed on www. We continue to work on our issues in manner we have always worked in the past. And in the absence of Congress not taking up our immigration issues, it some how becomes our fault even though it is ok if some folks would show up from time to time and suggest that they have reasons not to join a google or a yahoo group. And all of a sudden the problem is with organization and the manner in which we work and then there is an urgent to create a �process�. Although you seem to be suggesting that you want all the ducks in the row and world peace issues sorted out before you will start accepting updates in exactly the manner in which you like to receive them. Is that correct? How about the idea of getting actively involved in your area and create an active chapter, which was your idea to begin with, and one I would agree is an excellent idea.

    It is of'course a valid question - �what is going on�. Also it is a very general statement and one which can have a very long answer and one which can be answered in few words. If you become part of a group in your area, you will know what is going on. Please understand that a significant number of members are putting lot of effort, if others are not able to participate actively, is it not fair to ask others to help in organizing in groups in the local area and be regular communication so that action items could be handled effectively?

    I agree with most of your comments here. I am more realistic than most people here in the forums. So, I dont want all ducks in a row and world peace issues sorted out. Because, I know that is not happening anytime soon.

    True, in a election year and with all the anti-immigration sentiments around, it is highly unlikely that something will happen in the near future. So, NO. I am not waiting to see some success, before I join the band wagon. When you started IV a few years back, I am not sure you envisioned this many members today. Inspite of having over 25000 members, the admin fix compaign only seem to have received about 10% letters. So, What are the other members doing? Why are they not participating? what is holding them back? That is a question for everyone of us. That is something, I thought every member should reflect upon. We have around 25000 members here in IV. But, we know for a fact that there are atleast a million people waiting in line. How do we reach them and how to get them to actively participate in IV action items?

    Like you said, IV is a grass roots organization and it is up to the members to make things happen. But how? Apart from these action items for admin fixes etc, Can't IV have a membership drive? Get more people to join IV and contribute.

    I know for a fact, that there are so many people here in Nebraska who have no clue about IV. I have been educating them when I get an opportunity. A Local Chapter could easily solve the problem. But, until now, I had no clue as to what is required to start a chapter. (Thank you Walking_dude). Answers to questions like this is what I meant by transaparency. Not the accounts or donations, as someone suggested in this forum.

    Also, When I suggested about honarary payments to core team, I am not trying to belitte anyone in the team. I just thought, that you and other members of the core team should be compensated for all the efforts you put in. After all, these efforts and money you spend is going to benefit me and every other aspiring immigrant of this country. So, It was just a thought.

    I will try my best to lay the foundations of IV presence here in NE. I would welcome any suggestions and comments.


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  • cool_guy_onnet1
    05-24 01:07 PM
    Dude, you have no Idea, I calculated this morning and I have spent.......
    $56,500 on Green card (20% of my salary for last 3 years) + lawyers and other $hit.. Let Emplyers pay this.

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  • inskrish
    01-30 05:23 PM


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  • kerstbrd
    07-18 02:02 PM
    Its not my fault that someone from Europe doesnt want to come here and not so many from Africa or south america qualify for the EB visas.

    As one of the 'not so many from south america that qualify for the EB visa', this comment just further draws me away from this forum.
    Do you really think the 10k or so wasted visas will honestly make a dent in the demand? I highly doubt that the wasted visas are caused by ROW not applying or 'qualifying' because last time I checked there was still retrogression.

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  • trueguy
    08-12 02:02 PM

    Once the Break is Over in 2nd week of September, We all should call members of congress , as many as possible, to get their Support for Visa Recapture Bill. If that bill passes, it will help all the EB categories.

    Chances of this bill passing through all the steps are very slim in this year.


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  • WhenIsMyTurn
    10-09 03:59 PM
    I have a valid H1 approval till 2011 and used AP for my previous india visit. Right now i am transfering my H1 to a new company.
    I asked my lawyer if i was on H1 status or not? She replied, Unitl you use EAD, i will be on H1B Status.

    and also we can transfer our H1 to new company also. thats what i am doing now.

    hope this helps!! and this was the answer from 2 lawyers which i asked.

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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-23 05:57 PM
    You WILL BE fine !

    My company got an RFE for ability to pay from USCIS. we are responding back with my companies 2006 tax returns and w-2 which shows more than proffered wage determined by Dept of Labor during PERM. I hope this should be fine and I will get a favorable response.

    My concern is whether I should apply for 485 or should I wait till 140 approval to apply for 485.

    please advice


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  • belmontboy
    04-20 02:28 PM
    plainspeak saying this.....

    dude, ignore her.

    Why waste your energy arguing with her?

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  • trevor
    01-14 02:39 PM
    filed a WoM (writ of Mandamus) in New York..what a joke..FBI Name check delay for 5 years !!!!

    Time to wake up FBI/USCIS


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  • leo2606
    07-19 12:14 AM
    I do have the same name.
    Pd: Jun 2006
    Reached Nebraska: 7/2 10:25 am
    Rejected: Don Know
    Ck Cashed: Not Yet
    Name of the person signed: J.BARRRET

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  • unitednations
    03-30 10:21 PM
    unitednations, you making this statement makes me scared. :eek:
    Shouldn't they release some memo or something before making a drastic change like this???

    They should...

    What is confusing is that in the notice of intent to deny; uscis officer stated that person may be eligible for ac21 and to give a job letter.

    The only thing I can think of is that there may have been something wrong with the I-140 (ie., too many cases file by the 140 company and company revoked it in response to an ability to pay query, etc.).

    This particular company is pretty large staffing company. i do not have any interaction with them but from what I know; they have been cancelling a lot of people's h-1b's and telling them to find other employers to transfer to. Don't know if there is a story within a story.

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  • Khujaokutta
    03-26 10:44 PM
    People may get LUD (not trying to demoralize just facts), but with this recession....koi chance naheeen of any date movement.......bullietin or no bullietin...just cut and past of past month.......as far as i am concerned, first my id was kutta, now its Khujao Kutta due to the itch caused by the GC wait....dont know what the id will be next...in short wait will continue....:D

    11-04 06:05 PM
    Got an email on Sunday, Nov 1, saying that I got greened last Wednesday, Oct 28. I have been calling customer service about once a week since Sept. Thanks guys. Without IV, I wouldn't have called.

    07-15 12:59 PM
    Thanks for your great job.Thanks a lot for immigration voice for the superb service they are doing.Iam so happy to have this platform.I just sighned the petition.I encourage all of the members to do the same.UNITED WE STAND

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