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  • sobers
    02-24 09:52 AM
    Another rallly by illegals...this one by Latin Americans in Miami.


    The Miami Herald, Posted on Fri, Feb. 24, 2006 - IMMIGRATION

    McCAIN TOUTS IMMIGRATION REFORM PLAN IN MIAMI: In a Miami rally, Sen. John McCain pushes for reform that would legalize up to 11 million migrants

    BY ALFONSO CHARDY - achardy@MiamiHerald.com

    Pushing for immigration reform that would legalize as many as 11 million undocumented immigrants, Sen. John McCain was preaching to the converted Thursday night at a packed town hall meeting that at times seemed part stump speech for the Arizona Republican who's eyeing a run for the White House.

    ''Our legislation will be taken up in the United States Senate within the next weeks and you've got to go to work,'' McCain told the more than 1,000 cheering and chanting supporters at a cavernous auditorium at Miami Dade College's Wolfson campus downtown, urging all to garner grass-roots support for the bill he and Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass, have co-sponsored. ``You've got to work not only here in Miami-Dade and around Florida but around the country.''

    The town hall meeting, which had the feel of a campaign rally, brought together disparate groups -- Cuban and Haitian immigrants, business and labor union leaders, Mexican farm workers and South American illegal immigrants -- all united behind the common agenda of helping the McCain-Kennedy bill prevail in the coming congressional debate.

    McCain's Miami visit, which included get-togethers with Cuban-American business leaders and young immigrant students, came on the same day that the Bush administration extended for a year a controversial temporary worker program for 304,000 Central American illegal immigrants living in the United States.


    The McCain-Kennedy bill would grant temporary work permits to illegal immigrants and then after waiting six years and paying a $2,000 fine, it would enable them to apply for green cards.

    It is the most generous of the bills now before Congress. A bill passed by the House in December seeks to criminalize illegal immigrants, impose stiff penalties on employers who hire illegal immigrants and target for prosecution anyone, even religious or advocacy groups, if they help undocumented migrants.


    Salvadoran President Elias Antonio Saca, meanwhile, teamed up with South Florida's three Cuban-American U.S. representatives in Miami Thursday to thank President Bush for ordering the continuation of TPS.

    Emilio Gonzalez, the head of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, told The Miami Herald that TPS extension reflected an administration policy to "help our neighbors and do the right thing in their time of need."

    The Miami Herald reported last month that Homeland Security officials were debating ending TPS for Central Americans. That spread alarm in the immigrant community, triggering intense lobbying of the White House by Miami's Cuban- American representatives and Central American community leaders.

    Gonzalez said the program was extended for a year instead of the regular 18 months because that was the ''consensus'' decision.

    Saca said that when he meets with Bush in Washington today he will also urge the president to push for broader immigration reform.

    Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Lincoln Diaz-Balart and his brother Mario Diaz-Balart gave Saca credit for helping to keep the program alive by lobbying hard on the issue.

    ''He is the hero of the moment,'' said Lincoln Diaz-Balart.

    Critics of the TPS program believe it has become an entitlement for certain illegal migrants -- while proponents argue it represents income and stability for poor Central American countries.

    The extension covers about 225,000 Salvadorans, 75,000 Hondurans and 4,000 Nicaraguans. Extensions will expire Sept. 9, 2007, for Salvadorans and July 5, 2007, for Hondurans and Nicaraguans.

    Among the TPS immigrants attending the Saca press conference was Yesi Gonz�lez, 23, of Honduras, who grew up in Miami since she was 7 years old. She now works at Padr�n Cigars.

    ''I'm very happy because I was very worried that I would have to leave my job, and maybe the country,'' she commented.

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  • wikipedia_fan
    03-31 10:19 AM
    More likely cause is that the letter from the applicant notifying his new job never reached/registered in CIS systems.

    Did the person send the letter in time? Was there any intermediate change in status between NOID and actual denial status? This is crucial to know before jumping to conclusions.

    Here is my case trail

    worked with employer A from June 2005 on h1b visa.
    Employer A applied for GC under PERM EB2 with PD - March, 2nd 2006 - labor approved in a couple of weeks
    Employer A applied for i 140 in June 2006 and got approved in July 2006
    Filed for i 485 in July 2008 never received FP notices
    Project got over in last week of February 2008 and unable to find new project.
    I switched jobs in last week of April 2008 using EAD - using AC21
    Sent AC21 letter to USCIS in July 2008 about job change.
    Employer A requested 140 revoke in August 2008.
    Spouse got FP notice in August 2008 whereas I (primary) got NOID asking for new employment details.
    Responded to NOID in a timely manner and on August 25th, 2008 - my status changed to "Response received - case processing resumed"
    In Jan 2009 I got my FP notice.
    In Jan 2009 - I travelled using AP and got back fine.
    In March 2009 - I got a denial notice saying "485 is denied because 140 was revoked on August 2008. No appeal only MTR" - thisletter comes from a different officer id than the one who sent the NOID.

    My question to UN and other gurus. Does it have anything to do with a changed interpretation? My lawyer says "This is a training issue - the new officer did not know about AC21 and as soon as he/she saw 140 as revoked - just ignored your other details on the case and issued a denial notice. This is very common and can be resolved using MTR"

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  • PlainSpeak
    04-19 08:19 AM
    That is one more guy in front of me who is gone from the line enabling me to be closer to the GC dispensing window :D

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  • va_labor2002
    07-27 10:04 AM
    If you have secure permanent job with a solid Company,it is better to buy a home. I have a well secured job and I bought the house back in 2002. Home prices were less in 2002 compare to 2006.

    But, if you are a consultant or working for a small company ,it may be better to wait till you get GC. But remember one thing, even if you get GC or Citizenship,if you loose your job and have a big mortgage to pay off,you will be in big trouble to make the monthly payment. This is true for even US Citizens !

    But, if you are optimistic and ready to take some risk,you may be making some Good amount of profit in the future ! I was very optimistic and took some risk in 2002 and now I am in a Safer Side ! Think about it

    Buying a house is a risky proposition on H1 specially considering the fact that if one is laid-off and needs to relocate within a short-time then one may end up loosing money. Besides getting into the hasseles of home maintainence is trouble-some and expensive and probably not worth the time and effort if one is uncertain about their future in this country.

    Having said that if an individual is good at taking calculated risks and has a secure job then rewards are truly exceptional. I would rather wait atleast till the time of filling I-485 before making any long-term investments in this country. I know lot of my friends are probably going to do the same.

    Good luck.


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  • gumpena
    07-17 05:40 PM
    Our next struggle must be to capture lost visa numbers...

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  • vikki76
    10-29 11:23 AM

    Could you please send me the letter that you sent to Sec. NAPOLITANO-

    PraveenKumar, can you fill in your profile info? How long is your case pending and where?Members won't be able to help you otherwise.


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  • kshitijnt
    07-17 10:29 PM
    Since Visa numbers trickle down, the more visa numbers there are available, the more will trickle down to countries with high demand... recapturing visa numbers might be easier than taking a poke at per country limit.. IMHO...

    I am thinking about future generations as well.

    1) Remove per country cap.
    2) Remove dependant number count

    Recapture of visas is good but its only 1 time thing. Unless its automatic recapture by law.

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  • CreatedToday
    04-19 03:48 PM
    but please do let us know once you talk to a lawyer and get it evaluated.


    Looks like this Sheila is in her new avatar, from 3 year degree people trying to make $$$ in others troubles! She threatened to sue IVians for exposing her tricks when she tried to advt her service in her posts, as friendly posts.

    USCIS does not buy her evaluation anymore. Go to her and lose your valuable time and few thousand dollars in addition to your I-140.


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  • nixstor
    05-23 07:32 PM
    When I called Lucille Raybal Allard's office last week, a rep from the office had an extensive conversation with me about both the bills and they have not heard about them before. He recognized me when I called him back to check if they made a decision.

    Alright Folks, Let us not get distracted. We have lots of work to do.


    Right on. Thanks for confirming my hunch


    Watch out for stuff coming out after Memorial day. We will have more similar work to do.

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  • pbojja
    10-02 11:12 PM
    EB2 india/china... see this..

    and then see this

    ab bajao ghanti... aur chup chap baithe raho
    (translation: sit there like a paraplegic in the line and do nothing ... while a massive line jumping is in process... you will keep seeing while all these EB3 "bodyshopped consultants" will continue to slowly port their PDs and get approved ahead of you.. EB2 I/C is in for a really really long wait.
    Honestly, these consultants don't even have an H1B worthy job: its not a permanent job offer. They don't get paid fulltime. Let alone their eligibility for a GC ....what a scam!


    Can you please give a back ground of yours before talking about others ? Are you CEO of some company ?

    First learn to complete your profile ...look at the 485 mailing and receive dates ..


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  • soma
    03-13 10:06 AM
    Are we sure that consular processing dates are mirror of AOS bulletin?

    I am sure it is, I am a CP candidate, till now AOS dates mirrored CP dates and vice versa, so this time also it has to be true!!! Usually consulates get the dates b4hand from DOS, as they have to schedule interviews. I hope I'll be scheduled for the interview this april.

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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    04-28 12:06 AM
    Dang! I need to hire a secretary to track all the stuff that N-400 needs :(


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  • waitingGC
    01-31 10:41 AM
    Hi waitingGC,

    Could you please elaborate? I am not talking about I-485 at this point, and I do not know what cut-off date you are talking about!

    I'm talking about the cut-off date in VB. No one can get GC if his/her PD is not prior to the cut-off date. The DOL will determine the cut-off date every month basing on how many 485 applications are submitted for processing in that month. Without substitution, VB might move faster.

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  • walking_dude
    03-13 12:49 PM
    I, for one, am unable to join a state chapter, because , the nearest chapter is 400 miles and 2 states away. What good would it do to me to join something that I can never be part of. I wanted to start a state chapter here in my place, but I couldnt find any useful resources on how to do it. May be eb3_nepa has some reasons like it.

    I was also unable to find a state chapter just a few months back. So I started one. Now we have around 60 members. Someone needs to take the initiative and set the ball rolling. That someone can be you.

    Here's an excellent resource on how to start a state chapter.


    The Admin Fixes letter campaign was a good initiative. But, the target date got moved twice, and now I dont even know when the end date is.

    The end date is the date when the fixes get passed.

    IV moved the target dates to get more letters from members. It paid back richly as thousands more letters were got through the hardwork of volunteers who collected these letters. As pointed by paskal work is in progress on the campaign and more stuff is getting done.

    May be IV should be a top-down organization. Any organization as big as IV would probably be better served with a Top Team. That team could probably elected by the community. I am confident, that most of our members wouldnt even mind spending a few extra bucks to pay a honarary amount to this team for their efforts and time. Then there will be more structure and accountability and action going on around here.

    If you really think you can get someone like Aman Kapoor - who visited DC 18 times last year spending 60k of his personal money - by paying a few extra bucks, be my guest!

    IV is a volunteer organization. Its strength is volunteers who believe in the cause and ready to spend their efforts and money for a cause that benefits not only them, but also the slackers who do nothing and sit on the forum badmouthing/belittling those who do.

    A paid person will not do all that for you for the few extra bucks you are ready to pay.

    I came to know about IV pretty late. When I did learn about IV and joined IV, I was a very enthusiastic participant. Of late, I do believe IV is fading away. I dont see so many activities going on around here. Like eb3_nepa and few others said, IV is right now becoming just another Immigration portal. It is starting to lose its identity.

    After doing all the hard work to gather a mass or like minded people, it will be shameful, if IV drifts away from its stated aim. So, may be it is time for every member, including core members like you to refect upon things and come up with ways to make this organization more transparent and more accessible for people like me.

    Don't judge IV by what's posted on the forum. IV is more than a forum. A lot of action happens off the forum (in fact most of it). Like Morpheus told Neo in Matrix, 'No one can tell you what it is. You need to experience it yourself'. Participating actively in IV activities through state chapters is the only way to know all IV activities happening.

    It will never get posted here in a forum full of anti-immigrant trolls. IV is transparent in its finances as it gets audited as a tax-exempt organization and held accountable to its expenses. Transparency is bi-directional. IV expects its members seeking updates to be transparent too (by providing complete contact details and valid E-mail ids). When a large number of members aren't transparent themselves, asking IV to be transparent is a moot point.

    Like Waldenpond said, it is probably not wise to list all the items going on in the portal. The work around to that would be, we can add another membership type which is more restrictive. This membership group will have only members whose identities have been verified. Once this group is created, IV can post all the happenings accessible to them. This will help people like me who are unable to be part of any state chapter to know what is happening at IV. Keep our sprits high.

    Sorry to be blunt here. IVs aim is to motivate members to participate in the activities and achieve the goal. Keeping spirits high for everyone is not a part of the deal.

    Creation of such a value-added paid membership was discussed earlier. Most of the IV members don't want it. So it didn't happen.


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  • whitetiger0811
    01-08 04:43 PM

    My I140 was denied on Ability to Pay....my company 2006 profit is in negative...but company is saying that the have a lot in Accounts Receivable which was not considered by USCIS....

    any cases similar to this???

    input will be greatly appreciated.

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  • smartboy75
    10-01 01:36 PM
    Another intresting update...

    I just checked the USCIS website and found out that the approved H1 which has been reopened has a Last Updated date of 09/30/2007....

    09/30/2007 was a Sunday...why is USCIS working on the case on Sunday ???


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  • trueguy
    08-12 05:52 PM
    Just went thru Ron's forum -
    what does this mean-

    Re: HR 5924 relief for the shortage of nurses


    The Congressional Hispanic Caucus again reiterated its opposition to any immigration legislation that does not address an amnesty for illegals and said that they will block any attempts to pass smaller immigration bills.


    Very bad. They do it all the time. :(

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  • nitinboston
    05-12 04:43 PM
    This might come as a surprise to some of you, but someone needs to say it out loud. GET A LIFE FOLKS!!!! there is more to life then EB, GC and all. it seem all we desi's can think of is how to get a green card so we can live here with peace and never have to worry bout getting laid off or anything.

    Few points:

    1) having gc is a privilege not a right.

    2) US has every right to choose whom they want to have in their country.

    3) If getting PR or citizenship of a western country is the goal there are many countries which have a fair point based system.

    4) Considering the number of fraud's committed by Indian body shoppers and people who use them, i am not surprised USCIS is extra careful when it comes to Indian applications. Anyone who got his wife with no exp with software dev an h1b visa from some cheat in Jersey knows what i am talking bout . My freind got his wife an H1 after showing she knew software testing even though her major was fine arts and all she was good at was web surfing :)

    5) have a back up. i came here in 2001 as student and have seen it all. I am on h1b since 2004. i knew we have too many people whose sole aim in life is a American GC. to avoid becoming one of those who check processing dates first thing in morning, i applied for Canadian PR, got it in 8 months and i am not even gonna bother applying for labor, i-140 and all those precious life controlling documents.

    Wake up friends, you have options. Don't let your life depend on you application status.


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  • srikondoji
    08-25 12:26 PM
    Joke on Free-money-transfer was even highlighted in a movie. Its open secret as to how they offer free-money-transfer service.

    I advise you to close ICICI account and open another account with Federal credit unions. Before you do that, ask if you could use their debit cards in India to with draw money from ATM machines. The conversion rate you get via this method matches with the current rate and you would loose nothng. However, you can only withdraw upto 25 thousand rupees per day.

    ICICI deliberately delays the money transfer so that they can pick a day with lowest conversaion rate. Again the conversion rate they display on their site is off by almost a rupee from the live conversion rate.

    All banks are well protected from laws and you can't do anything about it.


    02-13 11:59 PM
    After some success in the Senate last year, many of us had become very hopeful and we had high expectations. But things have not gone so well in the past few months.

    I think it time to lower the our expectations. We should hope for the best and prepare for the worst. If we keep on working some day success will be ours. Long live IV.

    04-15 08:36 AM
    Suggestions to everyone wanting to file I485 when their date is not current:

    - Talk to the leaders of this campaign. Do not just sit back after voting. Ask what help they need and what work you can do as a volunteer. People affected need to take lead and work hard for any fix. This will not cost you any money. All you need to give is your time.
    - Consider signing up for recurring contributions every month. It takes lot of resources to run an advocacy effort and your support is critical.

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